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  • What's up, lovely people? It's Tuesday.


  • Time to shine; hope you're ready to rock and fuel your mind.


  • I'm Coy Wire, this is CNN10.

    我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10 節目。

  • Let's get informed and uplifted with the best 10 minutes in news.

    讓我們用新聞當中最棒的 10 分鐘來獲取新知、提振精神。

  • We're gonna start today with the latest news on the suspect in a recent leak of classified Pentagon documents posted on social media.


  • On Friday, in Federal Court in Boston, Jack Teixeira, a former airman of the Massachusetts Air National Guard,

    週五在波士頓的聯邦法院中,麻州空軍國民警衛隊前飛行員 Jack Teixeir

  • was charged under the espionage act for the unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information as well as the removal of classified materials.


  • According to court documents, Teixeira worked as a low-ranking IT official and held top-secret security clearance.

    法庭文件指出,Teixeira 曾擔任該組織的低階 IT 官員,並擁有最高機密的安全許可。

  • He allegedly posted about the documents online in December and shared photos of them in January.

    據稱,他於 12 月在網上發佈了關於這些文件的資訊,並在 1 月分享這些文件的照片。

  • Detailed intelligence assessments were among the leaked US documents.


  • Now, CNN has reviewed some of them and they contain a wide array of highly classified information,

    CNN 已經看過其中一些文件,它們包含大量高度機密的資訊,

  • such as info from eavesdropping on important allies and adversaries as well as evaluations on the status of the Ukraine War.


  • CNN Pentagon correspondent Oren Liebermann has more.

    CNN 在五角大樓的記者 Oren Liebermann 帶來更多報導。

  • In a federal courtroom in Boston, 21-year-old Jack Teixeira faced his legal fate for the first time,

    在波士頓的一個聯邦法庭上,21 歲的 Jack Teixeira 首次面臨他的厄運,

  • charged through the espionage act with unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents and national security information.


  • The Airman First Class at the center of an investigation into a leak of top-secret information.


  • In court, his father yelled out, "Love you, Jack."


  • The response, "Love you, too, Dad."


  • Are you surprised by this?


  • Outside the courthouse, Teixeira's family, thrust into the spotlight with national security interests at stake, said nothing.

    在法院外,因為涉及國安利益受威脅而被推到聚光燈下的 Teixeira 家族什麼也沒說。

  • Teixeira was an IT specialist with the Massachusetts Air National Guard.

    Teixeira 曾擔任麻州空軍國民警衛隊 IT 專員。

  • He enlisted before graduating high school.


  • His senior year photo had a quote that now appears prophetic: "Actions speak louder than words".


  • He's had a top secret clearance since 2021 and access to sensitive compartmentalized information in a job that requires a lifetime-binding non disclosure agreement.

    他從 2021 開始便擁有最高機密許可,能夠接觸到敏感的分門別類資訊,而這份工作需要具終身約束力的保密協定。

  • People who sign agreements to be able to receive classified documents acknowledge the importance to the national security of not disclosing those documents.


  • And we intend to send that messagehow important it is to our national security.


  • One day earlier and one hour south, Teixeira was spotted on his back porch reading a book.

    前一天、往南約一小時處,Teixeira 被目擊在其後院閱讀。

  • Moments later, an FBI tactical team closed in on Teixeira, taking him into custody outside his house.

    不久後,一支 FBI 戰術小組包圍了 Teixeira,在他家門外的將它逮捕拘留。

  • On Discord, an online platform frequently used by gamers, Teixeira built his own group of friends and followers.

    在電玩玩家常用的 Discord 線上平台上,Teixeira 建立了自己的朋友和追蹤者群。

  • Court documents allege that late last year, he began sharing classified information.


  • A user in the chat group telling the FBI at first, it was just paragraphs of text, and then photographs of documents that contained what appeared to be classification markings.

    聊天室中的一名使用者告訴 FBI,一開始只有文字段落,接著是看似含有機密標記的文件照片。

  • The fact is, it's quite easy to do if you are a person who has decided to violate your oath, to violate the training and the rules that you operate under, and to proactively make a decision to break the law.


  • In the days before his arrest, court documents say Teixeira used his government computer to search classified intelligence reporting for the word "leak".

    法庭文件也指出,Teixeira 遭逮捕的幾天前,用了政府電腦在機密情報報導中搜尋了 leak(洩密)一字。

  • An attempt to find out if investigators were onto him.


  • After Teixeira's first court appearance on Friday, he'll have a detention hearing on Wednesday.

    在 Teixeira 於週五首次出庭後,即將在週三參加拘留聽審。

  • This whole legal process, it seems, moving forward very quickly.


  • About a week from when President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and others first learned about the leaks to the arrest and the prosecution now moving forward for Jack Teixeira.

    從拜登總統、國防部長勞埃德·奧斯汀等人首次得知洩密事件到進行 Jack Teixeira 的逮捕和起訴,大約只花一週時間。

  • Oren Liebermann, CNN, at the Pentagon.

    CNN 記者 Oren Liebermann 在五角大廈的報導。

  • 10-second Trivia

    10 秒快問快答

  • Where did Napoleon Bonaparte crown himself Emperor of the French?


  • Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, Champs-Elysees, or Notre Dame Cathedral.


  • Napoleon was at Notre Dame in 1804 when he took the crown from Pope Pius VII and placed it on his head by himself.

    當拿破崙於 1804 年從庇護七世手中奪下皇冠並自行戴到頭上時,人處於聖母院。

  • Notre Dame, an 860-year-old cathedral in Paris is one of the most iconic churches in the world.

    聖母院是位在巴黎、具 860 年歷史的老教堂,也是全世界最具指標性的教堂之一。

  • But a massive blaze in 2019 destroyed large parts of the relic, including its idyllic spire and its roof, which collapsed as firefighters battled the blaze.

    但 2019 年的一場大火摧毀了這座古蹟的大部分,包含其代表性的尖塔以及屋頂,都在消防員與火燄對抗時坍塌。

  • The roof had been said to be made of a forest because of the acres and acres' worth of trees that were made into beams to build it.


  • But Notre Dame is being rebuilt now.


  • Let's meet up with CNN Senior International Correspondent Jim Bittermann in Paris to see how this majestic monument is coming along.

    讓我們將鏡頭轉給在巴黎的 CNN 資深國際特派記者 Jim BIttermann,一起看看這偉大遺跡的重建狀況。

  • It was the most haunting image of a sickening afternoon.


  • The spire of Notre Dame crashing through the cathedral roof as flames burned all around.


  • In the four years since, as giant oaks have been felled and the ashes cleared away, shock and dismay has turned to confidence that the spire and the cathedral will rise again.


  • And soon, if you believe the General who President Emmanuel Macron put in charge of rebuilding the monument.


  • The president say(s) we will rebuild this cathedral in 5 year(s).

    總統表示,我們會在 5 年內重建教堂。

  • If the world [inaudible] and the reputation of France is at stake.


  • The General, once the Chief of Staff of the French Army, went to visit an extraordinary woodshop in eastern France to inspect how the work is going.


  • Here, carpenters are moving around tons of oak like children's building blocks to rebuild the spire that collapsed as well as the rest of the cathedral's roof beams, which were destroyed in the fire,


  • cutting and fitting, precise down to the millimeter.


  • While much care and effort and money are being expended to make sure the reconstructed Notre Dame is just like the old one,


  • the workers who are working on these giant pieces of wood say they are sometimes amazed at how they could have done all this 1,000 years ago.


  • One person who's had a better view than most of the Notre Dame reconstruction is photographer Tomas van Houtryve.

    一位比多數人都擁有觀看聖母院重建更好的視野的人是攝影師 Tomas van Houtryve。

  • His photos are going up along the walls of the Notre Dame work site.


  • He began taking pictures of the cathedral long before the fire, sometimes using an ancient wooden camera as old as the iconic spire itself.


  • Van Houtryve was then commissioned to document the work inside by "National Geographic" and the French establishment charged with the Notre Dame restoration and preservation.

    Van Houtryve 隨後被《國家地理雜誌》和負責聖母院修復和保護的法國機構委託紀錄內部作業。

  • As the monument slowly rose again from the ashes, he emotionally recorded the work inside and outside.


  • When you're inside Notre Dame, you feel something; it's a place of reverence.


  • And when you're inside it, and you see it in its damaged state, you feel something even more.


  • I mean, it goes... it goes straight to your heart.


  • Van Houtryve has watched firsthand as not only the damage from the fire was cleared away, but as well, centuries of grime that had accumulated before the fire.

    Van Houtryve 首當其衝地看到了火災的殘骸被清除,也看到了火災前累積了數世紀的污垢。

  • In some ways, he believes the newly-restored Notre Dame will be even better than what was there before.


  • What would you do if you were outside having some lunch or sipping some coffee, and a motorized robotic trash can just rolled up on you and started staring at you with his little camera lens?


  • Today's story getting a 10 out of 10 is about a recent study in the streets of New York that found,

    今天的 10 秒趣聞是關於最近在紐約街頭的一項研究,研究發現,

  • while robot trash cans promoted social interaction and encouraged recycling, some folks weren't about it at all.


  • Come here, buddy.


  • Thank you.


  • Good job!


  • [Cornell researchers put trash barrel robots on the streets to study how people treat roboticized objects.]


  • When we did this project, we were actually hoping to robotize chairs and tables.


  • Literally, our partners, you know, in the business improvement district said,


  • "Are you kidding? It's New York; you have to do trash."


  • [On-site researchers covertly controlled the robots.]


  • Oh, good boy; oh, there you go, good boy.


  • Oh, it's recycling; oh, you're... you're a bad boy.


  • You don't know what you're doing.


  • [Most people proactively helped the trash bots, but others disliked them.]


  • It's OK. They're learning, they're learning; it still helps.


  • That's creepy.


  • - That's just freaking creepy. - Yeah.

    - 那真的很讓人毛骨悚然。 - 是啊。

  • We're not trying to sell a trash robot.


  • We're trying to understand how people interact with robot objects.


  • Before we do the deployment, we watch how the people who clean the streets actually do their work.


  • There you go.


  • The work they do is incredibly nuanced and difficult and very unlikely to be automatable without completely restructuring the infrastructure of the street.


  • - What does he want? - That cup, bro.

    - 它想要什麼? - 那個杯子啊,兄弟。

  • I will give you my straw.


  • [The study found the robots promoted social interaction and encouraged recycling.]


  • What say you about robotic trash cansrobots or no bots?


  • I want to thank all of you who've subscribed and commented on our CNN10 YouTube channel.

    我想要感謝所有訂閱 CNN10 YouTube 頻道並在下方留言的各位。

  • Our special shout out is going to Godley, Texas today; Godley High School, rise up.

    我們今天要特別跟德州戈德利的各位致意,Godley 高中站起來!

  • I also want to give a special hello to Mr. Moore from David T. Howard Middle School; it was nice meeting you at the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta last weekend.

    我也想要跟 David T. Howard 中學的 Moore 老師打聲招呼,上週末在亞特蘭大的 Dogwood 慶典認識你很開心。

  • Keep crushing that tennis game, and remember, outwork everyone every single day.


  • I'll see you tomorrow, everyone; I'm Coy Wire, and we are CNN10.

    各位,我們明天見,我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10 節目。

What's up, lovely people? It's Tuesday.


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