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  • what's up guys Lu here back with another video and today we're gonna to be doing the official iphone 6-plus bended test


  • now normally I wouldn't do a video like this but I woke up this morning and saw a number of reports claiming that the iphone 6-plus was bending inside people's pockets

    通常我不會做這樣一個影片,但我今天早上起床後發現一些報告顯示指出iPhone6 plus在人們的口袋裡彎掉

  • so I decided to pull mine out of my pocket , I've been using it as my regular phone for the last couple of days


  • and upon inspection I actually noticed a tiny little indentation toward the center of the device


  • which kind implies a little bit of the bend, not much, nothing conclusive but some other images I've seen from


  • other people show a far more significant bend


  • and the claims are that people are just using it in their front pocket


  • which normally wouldn't result in a bend aluminum phone, but in this particular case we have such a large device I could see this being a significant concern for people


  • so for the sake of science today, I'm gonna bend this iphone 6-plus to see how much force it actually takes

    今天為了科學,我打算要彎曲我這隻iPhone6 plus來看看需要多少力量它才會彎曲

  • to make this thing unusable or essentially bend in such a fashion you would be pissed off as the owner of one of these devices


  • so without further do , let's get into the iphone 6-plus bend test

    所以省去了麻煩,我們現在就來做iPhone6 plus的彎曲測試

  • so there you have it guys unfortunate but under the pressure of my hand it does band quite significantly specifically around this portion here


  • were the buttons. My focus was more in the center portion but it seems to be a weak point up here near the button cut-outs


  • bottom line here is it's an aluminum phone it is going to bend


  • if you apply enough pressure like I just did, now will this happen in your front pocket that probably depends on how tight your pants are


  • and how often you've wearing this in your pocket


  • I think it could. This was painful to do but for the sake of science that let you guys know if it's an actual possibility it looks like


  • it will be a possibility on the iphone 6-plus . Not necessarily the piece of information that you guys want to receive is brand new owners

    這是有可能發生在iPhone 6 plus。這可能不是你們這些新拿到這麼全新裝置的人想知道的訊息

  • of this device. It's probably not gonna be the most durable from that standpoint but it's a huge footprint


  • look at the footprint in that thing is a huge piece of aluminum and we all know that aluminum is incredibly malleable but now we have


  • actual evidence on a camera not just a picture of a band phone


  • after the fact, yes, it bends under the force of my hand pressure, just pushing on it the aluminum bend even with this robot piece of glass


  • It's time to see how Apple response to this if I get any updates I'll let you guys know in an upcoming video and quick reminder


  • I've got an extra iPhone , regular iPhone 6 there may be giving away shortly so subscribe for that


  • maybe this is not enough information to push you in the direction of picking the six over the six plus

    或許這些資訊還不夠足以讓你買iPhone6而不是iPhone6 plus

  • bigger footprint, bigger piece of aluminum, greater likelihood of bending , they have it little bit approve right here on Unbox Therapy


  • thanks for watching guys. It was painful like I said before but it's all for the sake of science

    謝謝你們的收看! 這是一件痛苦的事情但就像我之前說的,是為了自然科學阿

  • so that you can a little bit more info about this investment that you're about to make

    如果你要投資(買)iPhone6 plus的話,這邊提供你一些資訊

  • Alright. Catch up in next episode later .


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