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  • Hello, everyone; terrific Tuesday to you.


  • I'm Coy Wire, this is CNN10, and you are awesome.

    我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10 節目,而你們棒呆了。

  • We have a great show for you today, so, let's get to it.


  • We're gonna begin with the latest news on the protests in Israel.


  • For the past 11 weeks on Saturday nights, protesters have taken to the streets in Israel to call for a government overhaul.

    過去接連 11 週的週六晚上,以色列的抗議者會走上街頭,呼籲政府改革。

  • Roughly half a million Israelis each week voicing their opposition to the governmentthat's 5% of the total population.

    每週大約有 50 萬名以色列人表達他們對政府的反對,那佔了總人口的 5%。

  • Protesters are angry at the government's plans to overhaul the country's judicial system, which would give Israelis' Parliament the power to overrule Supreme Court decisions.


  • Critics accuse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of pushing the legislation in order to get out of a corruption trial that he is currently facing.


  • But Netanyahu denies that, saying that the trials are collapsing on their own and that the government overhaul is necessary.


  • On Monday, though, Netanyahu announced a key change to part of his plans due to the massive public protests and international pressure.


  • The concession would give Israeli governments less power to select new judges but, still, more power than it has now.


  • About 66% of Israelis believe the Supreme Court should have the power to strike down laws incompatible with Israelis basic laws.

    大約 66% 的以色列人認為最高法院應該有權力取消與以色列基本法律不相容的法條。

  • And about the same proportion, 63%, say they support the current system of nominating judges.

    而大約同樣比例的 63% 人口說,他們支持目前的法官提名制度。

  • As surely as night follows day, Saturday night these past 11 weeks in Israel has meant mass demonstrations against the government's judicial overhaul.

    就像夜晚跟隨白天一樣,過去 11 週的週六晚上的以色列意味著反對政府司法改革的大規模示威。

  • Protesters are concerned it will remove pretty much all checks and balances on the government,


  • allowing it to appoint allies as top judges and removing the Supreme Court's ability to strike down laws except in very narrow circumstances.


  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who leads the most right-wing and religiously conservative government in Israel's history,


  • says his overhaul is required to restore the balance between the government and the judiciary.


  • But the protesters don't buy it; they worry it will road Israel's claim to be a liberal democracy,


  • and that will damage the economy and infringe upon their freedoms of expression, worship, and the right to demonstrate.


  • President Isaac Herzog's attempts to broker a compromise unveiled earlier this week were rejected by the government,


  • and though his warnings of civil war seemed far-fetched for now, so long as the overhaul continues its passage through parliament, the protest will continue.


  • Now, for another installment of our CNN series "Call to Earth",

    CNN《Call to Earth》系列節目的最新一期,

  • we're traveling to Sydney, Australia, where one organization called "Living Seawalls" is changing the way we think about building infrastructure in the ocean.

    我們將前往澳洲雪梨,那裡有一個名為 Living Seawalls 的組織,正在改變我們對在海洋中建造基礎設施的看法。

  • Experts are engineering seawalls to create critical habitats that are more hospitable to marine life that grows there.


  • We're gonna hear from marine experts who believe it's just as important to save the little creatures in the ocean as it is the big ones.


  • I started getting into marine science when I was in my 20s and was doing a lot of scuba diving.

    我在 20 多歲時開始接觸海洋科學,並且很時常潛水。

  • I was really interested in the tiny critters that were living in the marine environment.


  • There's a lot of attention with biodiversity and conservation around the large fish like the sharks and the whales.


  • But you have to remember that these organisms rely on smaller organisms in order to survive.


  • We really need to start at the bottom and build up a really strong base on which to build up this food web.


  • My name is Dr. Aria Lee, and I'm the project manager for Living Seawalls.

    我是 Aria Lee 博士,我是 Living Seawalls 的專案經理。

  • The problem in urbanized areas such as Sydney Harbor is that so much of the shore line has been built over with artificial structures.


  • Over 50% of the shoreline in Sydney Harbor has some sort of structure built upon it, whether it be a seawall, wharf, or pontoon.

    雪梨港 50% 以上的海岸線都建有某種結構,無論是海堤、碼頭還是浮橋。

  • And these artificial structures have taken away the, sort of, microhabitats like rock pools, crevices, (and) tiny holes that you would see on a natural rocky shoreline.


  • So, what Living Seawalls is doing is bringing back these natural habitat features to a... an artificial structure such as the seawall.

    Living Seawalls 所做的事是將這些自然棲息地的特徵帶到如海提的人工結構上。

  • We, as marine ecologists, went out and identified features of a natural shoreline that are missing from a flat, featureless seawall.


  • And we've translated that onto a Living Seawalls panel.

    而我們已經將其轉化為 Living Seawalls 的面板。

  • The panels are designed digitally, and then a prototype is 3D printed.

    這些面板是以數位設計並用 3D 列印出原型。

  • There are currently 14 Living Seawalls sites around Sydney, and around the entire world, we've installed over 1,000 Living Seawalls habitat panels.

    雪梨目前有 14 個 Living Seawalls 據點,而我們在全世界已經設置了超過 1,000 個 Living Seawalls 面板。

  • We can certainly see the difference that the Living Seawalls panels make.

    我們可以確實看到 Living Seawalls 面板所帶來的影響。

  • The textures can provide seaweed (with) a really strong hold onto the surface.


  • And that's extremely valuable for all the marine organisms that rely on the kelp not just for protection and for homes but as a food source.


  • When there is a new construction, we want the designers to think about how they can design the structure to benefit both humans and the natural environment.


  • Right now, seawalls are really only useful for humans; they stop erosion, they protect the property that's behind it.


  • What we want to do in the future is think about what the marine environment needs as well as what humans need.


  • And, that way, we can build more sustainably for the future


  • 10-second Trivia.

    10 秒快問快答。

  • The childhood home of which fictional character was located at 4 Privet Drive?

    哪個虛構人物的童年家園位於水蠟樹街 4 號?

  • Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Brown, Harry Potter, or Katniss Everdeen.


  • Set mostly in a fictional Britain, Harry Potter lived at his muggle home at 4 Privet Drive.

    背景多在虛構英國,哈利・波特居住在水蠟樹街 4 號的麻瓜家庭中。

  • And for today's story getting a 10 out of 10,

    今天的 10 秒趣聞,

  • we're traveling far from the British movie studios that produced the wonderful world of Harry Potter to Japan,


  • where fans will be able to immerse themselves in some of the series' most iconic moments at our parent company's "Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo - The Making of Harry Potter".


  • Did you know the Harry Potter books series has sold a record half a billion copies and has been translated into at least 88 different languages?

    你知道嗎?《哈利波特》系列小說已售出破紀錄的 5 億冊,並被翻譯成至少 88 種不同語言。

  • - Harry Potter's magic... - You're a wizard, Harry.

    - 哈利波特的魔法⋯⋯ - 哈利,你是個巫師。

  • ... is transporting to Tokyo.


  • It's on this massive lot where fans will see some of the series' most iconic sets, like the Great Hall at Hogwarts and the Forbidden Forest.


  • It's part of the new Warner Bros. studio, soon to open in Japan.


  • What goes through your mind when you... when you see the train, you see the sets, you see the costumes?


  • Wow, I can't believe it.


  • And when I come here, I have to remember that I'm here on a business trip, and not to... not to be looking at this as if I'm just a fan.


  • Jeff Nagler is President of Warner Bros. Worldwide Studio Operations.

    Jeff Nagler 是華納兄弟全球工作室業務的總裁。

  • Why Japan?


  • I think that was one of the easiest decisions for us, actually, because of the whole global interest in Harry Potter.


  • After the United States and after the UK, Japan is the third best area for Harry Potter fandom.


  • The Tokyo studio is modeled after the one in London and will be larger.


  • A big draw? The Hogwarts Express train that was made in London, transported by land and by sea to its new home here in Japan.


  • It's not just about the sets; it's about the accessories, the costumes, the props, like the ones you've seen in the movies.


  • We normally don't get to see what goes on behind the scenes in movies, but here, we get to see how films get made.


  • For example, it shows us how the people who work in the costume, props, movie set departments all work as a team.


  • A glimpse into movie magic, far from Harry Potter's roots in the UK.


  • Do you see Asia as a growth market for experiences like this?


  • Absolutely.


  • We do look at China, and we look at Japan, we look at South Korea.


  • We have a big fan base in Australia and New Zealand as well.


  • All of thit's not Asia, it's the whole Asia-Pacific region.


  • Stories of imagination appealing to audiences around the world.


  • That's all we have time for for now.


  • Wherever you go today, be awesome; do everything with excellence in mind.


  • Remember, how you do the little things, that determines how well-prepared you'll be for life's biggest moments.


  • My favorite part of the day now; I want to give a special shout out to Osceola High School in Osceola, Missouriwe see you.

    現在是我一天中最喜歡的部分:我想特別向密蘇里州奧西拉的 Osceola 高中喊話,我們有看到你們。

  • Go out and be awesome, y'all.


  • I'm Coy Wire, and we are CNN10.

    我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10 節目。

Hello, everyone; terrific Tuesday to you.


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