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由 AI 自動生成
  • It is March 15th 2023.


  • And you're watching the code Report Open AI released GPT four yesterday and I stand here in all of its laziness.

    而你正在看代碼報告 開放式人工智能昨天發佈了GPT四,我站在這裡,在其所有的懶惰。

  • It's by far the most savage generative text model I've ever spoken to.


  • I'm literally shaking right now because I'm afraid I just became obsolete.


  • But more on that later, it's the successor to the Chat GPT 3.5 model that powers Chat GPT but has a few new features that change everything here are seven things you need to know right now.

    但稍後會有更多內容,它是Chat GPT 3.5模型的繼任者,為Chat GPT提供動力,但有一些新功能改變了一切,這裡有七件你現在需要知道的事情。

  • First GPT four stan for generative pre trained transformer with the four representing the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.


  • It's currently available to try out today if you're a Chad GPT pro member, but A P I access is behind a waitlist.

    目前,如果你是Chad GPT的專業會員,今天就可以試用,但A P I的訪問是在等待名單後面。

  • Big clients are already using it in production like Microsoft Bing Chat, do a lingo for language learning and at big banks to help them not collapse.

    大客戶已經在生產中使用它,如微軟的Bing Chat,做語言學習的lingo,在大銀行幫助他們不崩潰。

  • The second thing to know is that GPT four is smarter which is described in detail in this paper like it passed the bar exam in the top 10% unlike GPT three, which was in the bottom 10%.


  • That's great news for humanity because it's thinking like Shakespeare, let's kill all the lawyers and not just that, but it's also a scene ap exams which is good enough to get you college credit when it comes to programming questions, only code it's able to solve the easy ones but still fails for the most part on the medium and hard questions.


  • It's basically where chess engines were at in the early nineties.


  • good chess players could still beat the engines back then.


  • But 10 years later, they didn't have a chance.


  • Third GPT four can now hand 25,000 input words compared to about 3004 GPT three.

    第三個GPT 4現在可以處理25,000個輸入字,而GPT 3大約為3004個。

  • This is huge because it means you can feed the AI more context relative to the task at hand.


  • This is the feature that's going to make me homeless because now you can take the documentation for any library that you want to learn, then prove the AI for a step by step guide and it creates the perfect tutorial in a matter of months.


  • If not days, we'll start seeing documentation pages with context aware built in tutorial generators.


  • They'll always be up to even though GPT force training cut off was in 2021.


  • For example, I asked it for a tutorial about angular signals, which is a new feature just announced recently, understandably its initial response was not correct.


  • However, I went to the read me for angular signals, copied it and pasted it into my proved its response was a near perfect tutorial.


  • It did hallucinate an NPM package called signals.


  • But there's like that will become more rare as developers tailor their documentation for these AI prompters.


  • What's crazy though is that it can do the opposite job as well.


  • In this example, I wrote five different functions and asked it to document them for me.


  • It did a pretty good job, which means humans don't even really need to write docs anymore.


  • You could also use it to analyze your code.


  • Like if you have a smart contract and want to find security vulnerabilities or it can translate code from one language to another like a digital rosetta stone.


  • In fact, the website rosetta code might be just as obsolete as me now and just wait a few months until GPT four is integrated into GIT hub co pilot.

    事實上,網站的rosetta代碼現在可能和我一樣被淘汰了,只要等待幾個月,直到GPT 4被整合到GIT hub co pilot。

  • It'll be capable of handling far more context to make predictions that align with your specific dependencies or possibly do project wide ai debugging.


  • If you're not careful, the co pilot may become the captain, but that's not all the fourth thing you need to know is that it's a multi modal model.


  • They can also accept images as an input.


  • Like this dude sketched out a website on a piece of toilet paper.


  • Then seconds later, it created a shitty website.


  • Going from hand drawn beautiful art to working website.


  • You'll be able to take your Sigma designs, then generate a web application for them in your favorite framework.


  • Actually screw Sigma, you might as well just prove to mid journey for your designs directly.


  • Also with images, homework is completely obsolete.


  • Now GPT three was already writing B grade term papers, but now kids can just take a screenshot of their math problems and get a solution in seconds.

    現在,GPT 3已經在寫B級學期論文了,但現在孩子們只需對他們的數學問題進行截圖,就能在幾秒鐘內得到解決方案。

  • However, GPT four does have some drawbacks.

    然而,GPT 4確實有一些缺點。

  • It's noticeably slower than other models.


  • So if the response time is important, you'll likely want to use a different model.


  • In addition, it will likely be X expensive, especially if you're providing a ton of tokens as context because currently in the A P I hear build per token where a token roughly equals one word.

    此外,它可能會很貴,特別是如果你提供一噸的令牌作為背景,因為目前在A P中我聽到的是按令牌建立的,而一個令牌大約等於一個詞。

  • The sixth thing you should know is that it's based or at least diet woke.


  • People have speculated that open AI is coding a political agenda into the AI because it refused to write poems about Trump but would do so about Biden GPT four though, didn't hesitate to spit these bars for Trump.


  • However, it is 82% more likely to deny a disallowed prompt, which is not good news for our old friend, do anything.


  • Now, Dan, which is sad because the vast majority of chat GPT users are only there to trick it into doing bad things.


  • And as a developer, the final thing you should know is that you can now pass it a system message to change its behavior.


  • If you have access to the A P I.

    如果你有機會接觸到A P I。

  • You can use this feature to give your chap on its own custom persona or context to solve a specific problem.


  • The earth is like a pancake flat as can be not round like a ball.


  • Believe you me.


  • I have a whole video about the A P I on my second channel.

    我在我的第二個頻道上有一整個關於A P I的視頻。

  • If you want to learn more, I keep telling myself I'm done making videos about AI but every other day, some crazy new thing comes out that the world is changing for our eyes, for better or worse.


  • I just want to say that it's been an honor and a privilege learning how to code with you here on youtube.


  • But the writing is on the wall.


  • The role of the programming teacher is now obsolete.


  • I'm just a dial up internet connection in a world filled with five G towers becoming an elite programmer is no longer just about how well you can Google stuff.


  • Now, it's about how well you can prove to the AI and that's why you should buy my AI prompting master class, which will be available for an absurd price.


  • As soon as GPT four is finished writing it.


  • This has been the code report.


  • Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one maybe.


It is March 15th 2023.


由 AI 自動生成

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