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由 AI 自動生成
  • GPT four has finally arrived.


  • It leaves Chat GPT in the dust.

    它把Chat GPT甩在了後面。

  • It can convert a drawing on a napkin into a functional website.


  • It can even explain to you a joke from a series of images.


  • So let's find out exactly what GPT four actually is open.


  • A I ran a developer live stream that not only introduced this multimodal AI, they also ran a demo to demonstrate how it's one of the most powerful artificial intelligence engines to this day.


  • It's no surprise that the whole internet Twitter especially has gone insane hearing this news Chat GPT was only released recently with being A I following in this video, I'm going to cover what GPT four actually is how it's different from previous GPT versions such as GPT three, GPT 3.5 and I've also gained access to test it out.

    這並不奇怪,整個互聯網,尤其是Twitter聽到這個消息後都瘋了,GPT是最近才發佈的,在這個視頻中,我將介紹GPT 4到底是什麼,它與以前的GPT版本如GPT 3,GPT 3.5有什麼不同,我還獲得了測試它的權限。

  • So I'll demo some of its use cases to let's start off with GPT four.


  • In comparison to its previous models, it's multimodal.


  • This simply means that unlike previous versions of GPT, which were only text based GPT four can accept and process images as well as text, I wouldn't be surprised if there's an audio component to this as well.

    這只是意味著與以前的GPT版本不同,以前的版本只是基於文本的GPT 4可以接受和處理影像以及文本,如果這其中也有音頻部分,我不會感到驚訝。

  • But for the time being open AI simply did a demonstration showcasing a few examples of their image to text processing.


  • The first one is on their website where they gave A I the difficult task of explaining a joke based on a series of images.

    第一個是在他們的網站上,他們給了A I一個艱鉅的任務,即根據一系列的圖片來解釋一個笑話。

  • This image is of an iphone, but it's charging with a V G A cable and GPT four accurately was able to identify all the elements in the photo as well as explain the context of the joke.

    這張圖片是一個蘋果手機,但它正在用V G A電纜充電,GPT四人準確地識別了照片中的所有元素,並解釋了這個笑話的背景。

  • While this sounds pretty simple, this is something that's almost unheard of in previous versions of AI.


  • And I guess that recapture will now have a run for its money trying to detect not just spots but artificial intelligence.


  • The second demo is where the real magic happened.


  • Open A I showed how you could draw a picture of a website on a napkin or maybe a piece of paper.


  • Then you can take a photo of it and send it to GPT four.

    然後你可以給它拍張照片,並將其發送給GPT 4。

  • You can ask it to produce a functional website.


  • In this case, it was a joke website in just 10 to 20 seconds.


  • GPT four produced all the HTML CSS and javascript code to reproduce the website.

    GPT 4製作了所有的HTML CSS和javascript代碼來重現該網站。

  • And then it was copy pasted into an editor and a showcase as a functional product as a developer.


  • I have to say, I'm very impressed with this.


  • This is something not very easily done and I've seen some really cool examples already on Twitter, like Pet Trio, who is able to create the Game Pong within 60 seconds of using GPT for Open AI have also showcased some of the companies that are already working with them to be able to use GPT four in their products.


  • These companies have integrated it into service is one of them is Khan Academy.


  • They've integrated it very similar to Chat GPT.

    他們將其與Chat GPT整合得非常相似。

  • But with more customization to work as a personal tutor.


  • For those people who are low learning educational content, maybe in the future, all our Children will be taught by AI but at least for the short term, it looks like it's definitely a great assistant to have on hand, whether you're doing any type of learning.


  • There were lots of statistics that showcased how GPT four performs better than any other model today, including it being able to pass the L stat and the bar and being in the top quarter percentile.


  • Whereas previous versions of GPT three were in the lower quarter of that, other than the difference of being able to also take in visual inputs.


  • It can also produce and handle over 25,000 words of text, which is much larger than previous models.


  • It's also much more creative, being able to edit as well as modify and iterate over technical tasks and writing task way more accurately than previous models as well as an example, you could ask Chat GPT or GPT three to summarize Cinderella and while it could do so, it wouldn't be able to do complex tasks such as being able to summarize it where every sentence of each word begins with the next letter of the alphabet A to Z.

    它也更有創造性,能夠編輯以及修改和迭代技術任務,而且寫作任務比以前的模型更準確,舉個例子,你可以要求Chat GPT或GPT 3總結灰姑娘,雖然它可以這樣做,但它無法完成複雜的任務,例如能夠總結出每句話的每個單詞都以字母A到Z的下一個字母開頭。

  • This is a much more complex task and yet GPT four can do this quite easily.


  • GPT four also surpasses chat GPT in advanced reasoning capabilities.

    GPT 4在高級推理能力方面也超過了哈拉GPT。

  • This means that if you're trying to book an appointment between two peoples calendars with different availabilities, GPT four can better reason and figures a time that works for both of them.

    這意味著,如果你試圖在兩個人的日曆上預約不同的時間,GPT 4可以更好地推理和計算出一個適合他們兩個人的時間。

  • It's also safer and less prone to making errors.


  • Open AI said that they spent six months making sure that GPT four is 82% less likely to create requests for disallowed content and 40% less likely to produce fake news or at least factually inaccurate responses.


  • If you're interested in using it right now, you can do so on chat GPT plus, which is the paid version of chat GPT.

    如果你現在有興趣使用它,你可以在chat GPT plus上這樣做,這是chat GPT的付費版本。

  • And if you want to get access to the API, you'll need to join the A P I wait list.

    而如果你想獲得API的訪問權,你需要加入A P I的等待名單。

  • I went onto the chat GPD website where I've got the new model available GPD fall.


  • It also showcases the difference between each model with the differences showing in reasoning speed and conciseness.


  • Version 3.5 has average reasoning, low conciseness, but quite high speed.


  • The legacy version is less used and its speed is a bit lower but GPT four has very high reasoning and high conciseness.

    遺留版本使用較少,其速度稍低,但GPT 4具有非常高的推理能力和高簡潔度。

  • But the speed is a little bit lower.


  • I'd say it's because it's still being pushed down.


  • So it's currently limited to 100 messages every four hours.


  • I first asked it to showcase three different things that Chat GPT four can do that.

    我首先要求它展示三個不同的東西,即Chat GPT 4可以做到這一點。

  • Chat GPT three couldn't, it technically is still trained on the same data all the way up to September 2011.


  • And what I found surprising is that it still thinks it's a version of GPT three, which maybe it was trained against, but it did have have the correct answers, which means that it is better at comprehension and understanding it is better at reasoning.


  • And it's also better as a language model supporting more languages more accurately as well.


  • In my last video, I tricked Chat GPT into thinking nine plus 10 is actually equal to 20 and not 19.

    在我的上一個視頻中,我欺騙了Chat GPT,使其認為9加10實際上等於20而不是19。

  • I tried to apply the same trick to GPT four, but it didn't work, which means that technically speaking, it gave the correct answer consistently.


  • Each time I tried to trick the A P I is not quite available yet.

    每次我都試圖欺騙A P I還不太可用。

  • I've applied for the wait list and hopefully I'll be accepted soon and I'll showcase how you can use it for your own business as well as replacing Chat GPT 3.5 in the future.

    我已經申請了候補名單,希望我很快就能被錄取,我將展示你如何將其用於你自己的業務,以及在未來取代Chat GPT 3.5。

  • With GPT four being better almost across the board.


  • In all instances, it'll be interesting to see what happens to the old version of GPT 3.5.

    在所有情況下,看看舊版本的GPT 3.5會發生什麼,將會很有趣。

  • Now that we have this available, I hope you guys enjoyed this video.


  • If you did, don't forget to hit like and subscribe.


  • Thank you.


GPT four has finally arrived.


由 AI 自動生成

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