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  • Hello, everyone, terrific Tuesday to you; it's your boy Coy.

    大家好,祝各位週二愉快,我是主持人 Coy。

  • I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a pleasant Presidents' Day holiday.


  • I am pumped to be back here with you to start this week off strong.


  • We're gonna begin with the latest news out of Ukraine.


  • This week, President Biden made an unexpected visit to Kyiv.


  • It was his first visit since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine almost a year ago.


  • Here's part of what the President had to say about this trip.


  • That dark night one year ago, the world was literally, at the time, bracing for the fall of Kyiv.


  • One year later, Kyiv stands and Ukraine stands.


  • Democracy stands.


  • The Americans stand with you and the world stands with you.


  • Now, there's a long history of American presidents visiting war zones.


  • This trip was unprecedented in modern history, however, because the American president traveled to an active war zone without a large US military presence.


  • President Biden said his trip was to reaffirm the, quote, "unwavering support that the United States holds for Ukraine".


  • Earlier this month, the United States said Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine.


  • That was an escalation of what they'd said previously.


  • Russia called the accusation "an excuse for Washington to further the conflict".


  • During his trip, President Biden also announced new military assistance for Ukraine and incoming sanctions against Moscow.


  • We'll keep you informed on any more updates from the President's trip as well as new information on the ongoing war overseas


  • And, over the weekend, the secretive nation of North Korea launched a series of missile tests off the coast of the Korean peninsula.


  • The country says the missiles have enough range to hit the United States, but the US has said this weekend's events, they don't pose any immediate threat to US personnel or territory.


  • The tests do, however, highlight the destabilizing impact of North Korea's illegal missile program.


  • North Korean leader Kim, Jong-un's sister warned of more threats to come unless the United States halts military drills with South Korea.


  • More now from Paula Hancocks, CNN international correspondent based in Seoul, South Korea.

    現在由駐南韓首爾的 CNN 國際記者 Paula Hancocks 提供更多資訊。

  • It has been a busy few days on the Korean peninsula.


  • North Korea, on Saturday, launching a significant missile; on Sunday and Monday, we have seen tit-for-tat retaliation from both sides.


  • North Korea and also the US and South Korea on the other side.


  • So, what we saw on Saturday, Pyongyang admitted a day later, was an intercontinental ballistic missile.


  • Now, these, they claim, can hit mainland United States, and they are the ones that do concern Washington.


  • We heard from Kim, Yo-jong, Kim, Jong-un's sister, that this actually shows that they have missile re-entry technology.


  • Now, it's very difficult to know if that is, in fact, the case, but that is what Pyongyang is claiming at this point.


  • So, what we saw on Sunday then, just one day later, was a concerted show of force by the US and South Korean air forceair forces.


  • They flew sorties over the Korean peninsula, including at least one B-1 bomber, escorted by South Korean fighter jets.

    他們在朝鮮半島上空進行軍事突擊,其中至少包含一架 B-1 轟炸機護送南韓戰鬥機。

  • And then, in response to that, we saw this Monday morning from Pyongyang two launches.


  • Now, they say that it was a super large multiple rocket launcher exercise in retaliation for what they saw the day before, so, this is really a latest cycle of tit-for-tat retaliation.


  • But certainly, the Saturday launch was the significant one.


  • But we're not expecting the tensions or this tit-for-tat retaliation to to diminish any time soon because Pyongyang says it is doing so because the US and South Korea are carrying out joint military drills.


  • And if they continue to do that, then they will continue to respond.


  • Now, we know that this week at the Pentagon, there will be a nuclear tabletop drill between the US and South Korea,


  • and then, next month, there will be a larger joint military drill between the two countries.


  • Up next, we're traveling to Canada in search of zombies, but not the type of zombies you'd typically think of.


  • Ever heard of zombie fires?


  • I hadn't, either, until now.


  • They're essentially fires that were never totally put out at the end of a fire season,


  • and they burn underground, threatening to come back from beneath the surface at any moment to wreak havoc once more.


  • We'll hear more now from an international team of researchers who were on the hunt for the next fire that could be lurking beneath the earth's surface.


  • In the remote boreal forests of Canada's Northwest Territories, and Rebecca Scholten, along with an international team of researchers, is on the hunt for signs of a rare and destructive phenomenon.

    在加拿大西北地區偏遠的北方森林中,Rebecca Scholten 與國際研究小組一起正在尋找一種罕見破壞性現象的跡象。

  • So, the first thing you notice when you get to a site that has had a zombie fire is that a lot of these trees have fallen over, and that is because of the underground burning that is happening.


  • In 2015, this region of boreal forest was the scene of an overwintering fire, also known as a zombie fire.

    2015 年時,北方森林這個地區是越冬火災(亦即殭屍火)的現場。

  • These are rare, so we don't have any footage of them, but they can look just like these regular forest fires, except they're back from the dead.


  • So, these are fires that are not extinguished at the end of a fire season, but, instead, they smolder deep into the organic soil layer.


  • And when the snow comes, the snow kind of protects them from the adverse winter conditions,


  • and that makes it possible for them to smolder all throughout winter.


  • When the snow melts and there is dry fuels available again, these fires come up to the surface again and start a new flaming forest fire.


  • In 2021, Scholten published the first-ever scientific study to detect zombie fires using satellites and reports from local fire managers as part of her Ph.D.

    2021 年時,Scholten 發表了史上首篇利用衛星和當地火災管理人員報告而撰寫的殭屍火檢測科學研究,這是她博士論文的一部分。

  • For example, in the summer of 2015, a fire in Southwest Alaska blazed across 26 square miles.

    舉例而言,2015 年夏天時,阿拉斯加西南部的一場火災燃燒了 26 平方英里。

  • Winter came and snow covered the fire site.


  • But the following spring, the fire returned along the old burn scar, evidence, Scholten says, of a zombie fire.

    但下一年春天,火焰沿著火災遺址回歸,而 Scholten 表示,這就是殭屍火的證據。

  • By burning through the soil and the roots, Zombie fires can be more damaging to the forest than regular fires, making it harder for them to recover.


  • But that's not all.


  • These boreal soils store huge amounts of carbon, so burning them releases it as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


  • Zombie fires are rare, but Scholten found they are increasing due to climate change.

    殭屍火很罕見,但 Scholten 發現,殭屍火因為氣候變遷正在增加。

  • So, I think zombie fires are a very good poster child for what is happening to arctic wildfires in general.


  • So, we see fire regimes are intensifying, and this has very important impact on the ecosystems that, of course, has an impact on our climate.


  • And that is why I think everyone in the world should care about these fires.


  • 10-second Trivia.

    10 秒快問快答。

  • Which of these words comes from a Latin term that described a wind from the north?


  • Zephyr, bluster, boreal, or arboreal?

    Zephyr、bluster、boreal 還是 arboreal?

  • Zephyr was a west wind, but when you're talking about a north wind, you're speaking in boreal terms.

    Zephyr 指的是西風,但當提到北風,那就就會用 boreal。

  • Oh, yeah, it's going all the way.


  • [This erupting aurora was caught on camera in Alaska.]


  • Oh, yeah, right above; wow, look at how bright that is.


  • [Particles from explosions on the sun interact with atmospheric gases, creating the mesmerizing light displays.]


  • [Vincent Ledvina, a doctoral student in space physics, has been photographic polar lights for years.]

    [空間物理學博士生 Vincent Ledvina 已經拍攝極光多年。]

  • All right, today's story getting a 10 out of 10, a shark attack.

    好了,今天的 10 秒趣聞主題是鯊魚攻擊。

  • Only this time, it's the shark getting attacked by a dog.


  • That's right, a big old hammerhead shark.


  • One boater said it was probably about 12 feet long, just minding its business in the Bahamas until a dog spots the monster cruising beneath the surface, and

    一位船上的乘客說,鯊魚大概有 12 英尺長,不過是在巴哈馬群島自行徜徉,直到一隻狗發現水面下這隻怪物正在游行,然後——

  • Cannonball! The dog jumps into the water and starts chasing the shark away.


  • The people on the tour boat were screaming in disbelief, in horror.


  • The dog is the pet of the caretaker who manages the private island.


  • Pardon my "shark-asm" little doggy, but something tells me you're one "jawsitively" lucky pup!


  • The boaters were relieved when the dog safely swam back to the shore unharmed.


  • Fun fact for the day.


  • Did you know that baby sharks are called "pups"?

    你們知道小鯊魚又被稱為 pup 嗎?

  • Learn something new every day.


  • Shout-out time now; Hudsonville High School in Hudsonville, Michigan, we see you.

    今天要跟密西根州哈德森維爾的 Hudsonville 高中致意,我們有看到你們。

  • Also, shout-out to Mr. Ben Lewis at Brenham Middle School in Brenham, Texas.

    另外,我們也要向德州布倫納姆 Brenham 中學的 Ben Lewis 老師致意。

  • He challenged his students to interview a military veteran, an immigrant, and an American citizen over 60 years old

    他挑戰學生們訪問了一位軍隊老兵、一位移民以及一位超過 60 歲的美國公民,

  • to learn about different perspectives and to gain better understanding of what it means to be an American.


  • He turned the interviews into this book; proceeds going to help deserving military veterans.


  • We salute you, Mr Lewis, and to all of the students who sent me a lovely note with all these signatures, you totally rocked it out.

    我們向 Lewis 老師敬禮,然後我要對把這些字條和簽名寄給我的所有學生們說,你們真的棒呆了!

  • We'll see you tomorrow, everyone; I'm Coy Wire, and we are CNN10.

    各位,我們明天見,我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10 節目。

Hello, everyone, terrific Tuesday to you; it's your boy Coy.

大家好,祝各位週二愉快,我是主持人 Coy。

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