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  • What's up, lovely people? Terrific Tuesday to you.


  • I'm Coy Wire, this is CNN 10, where we put together the best 10 minutes in news for you.

    我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10 節目,我們會集結最棒的 10 分鐘新聞給各位。

  • So, let's maximize these moments to get a little smarter and wiser and have a little fun while doing it.


  • We start today's episode by talking about the air up there.


  • Is it just me, or does it feel like America just can't escape these mysterious threats we've been seeing from the sky?


  • It started a week ago, with the incident involving a suspected Chinese spy balloon, which was shot down off the South Carolina coast on February 4th.

    它從一週前就開始,有一起涉及可疑中國間諜氣球的事件,該氣球在 2 月 4 日在南卡羅來納州沿岸處被擊落。

  • And the deepening national security mystery keeps evolving, with US fighter jets blasting three unidentified objects out of the skies three days in a row now.


  • The latest incident was a high-altitude object shot down on Sunday by an F-16 over Lake Huron, which lies between Michigan and Ontario.

    最新事件是一個高海拔飛行物於週日在密西根州與安大略省間的休倫湖上空被 F-16 戰鬥機擊落。

  • On Saturday, a missile took down an object flying at 40,000 feet over central Yukon, way up in northwestern Canada.

    週六時,一顆飛彈擊落飛行在遠至加拿大西北方育空中部 4 萬英尺高空的飛行物。

  • And that's just some of the aerial action that's happened in the last few days.


  • No one within the Pentagon, the White House, or the Government of Canada seems to be able to say what exactly in the world is going on.


  • We'll hear from CNN White House reporter Natasha Bertrand, who's been following this story.

    我們接下來會聽到 CNN 白宮記者 Natasha Bertrand 的追蹤報導。

  • And in the coming weeks as this story continues to unfold, you know we'll keep you up to date right here on CNN10.

    而隨著事件持續在接下來數週發展,相信各位都知道,我們會在 CNN10 繼續提供大家最新消息。

  • The US (is) on edge, dispatching fighter jets to shoot down yet another mysterious object near Michigan's Lake Huron on Sunday.


  • The incident is the third time in as many days that the US military has shot down an unidentified object that was assessed to pose a risk to civilian aircraft, an unprecedented series of events.


  • I believe this is the first time within United States of America airspace that NORAD or (the) United States Northern Command has taken kinetic action against an airborne object.


  • On Friday and Saturday, US jets shot down two more objects near Alaska and over northern Canada.


  • Those objects were flying at around 40,000 feet and had balloon-like features, with a small metal cylinder underneath, officials said.

    官員表示,這些飛行物飛行在約 4 萬英尺高空且有類似氣球的特徵,且下方有小型金屬圓柱。

  • Sunday's object over Lake Huron was flying at around 20,000 feet, and it was described by officials as octagonal, with potential surveillance capabilities.

    週日在休倫湖上方的物體飛行在約 2 萬英尺的高度,並被官員形容為八角形且具有潛在監控能力。

  • The incidents have sparked confusion and prompted bipartisan criticism from lawmakers.


  • I have real concerns about why the administration is not being more forthcoming with everything that it knows.


  • But part of the problem here is that the... both ofthe second and the third objects were shot down in very remote areas.


  • So, my... my guess is that... that there's just not a lot of information out there yet to share.


  • After a Chinese spy balloon transited the US earlier this month and was also shot down,


  • the North American Aerospace Defense Command re-adjusted its filters to better spot slow-moving targets operating above a certain altitude, officials said, which may be leading to more detections.


  • But officials say they won't know more about the objects until they can recover and analyze all of the debris.


  • The incidents have also raised questions about whether similar objects have simply gone undetected in the past and whether shooting each one down is the right response.


  • What's become clear in the public discussion is that we don't really have adequate radar systems; we certainly don't have an integrated missile defense system.


  • We're going to have to begin to look at the United States airspace as one that we need to defend and that we need to have appropriate sensors to do so.


  • 10-second Trivia.

    10 秒快問快答。

  • Of the original 13 colonies, which was the last to be established?

    在原始的 13 個殖民地中,何者是最後被建立的?

  • Georgia, Rhode Island, North Carolina, or Virginia.


  • Founded in 1732, Georgia was created as a buffer between South Carolina and the Spanish in Florida.

    建置於 1732 年的喬治亞州是做為南卡羅萊納州和佛羅里達州西班牙人之間的屏障。

  • Up next, we're headed to the barrier islands off southeastern Georgia.


  • The region is home to miles of undeveloped beaches, seaside forests, salt marshes, and a proposed spaceport hoping to launch rockets directly over the national seashore.


  • This has been quite the controversial topic, as you can imagine, for nearby communities.


  • The residents, they don't want their serene and undisturbed lands to be altered.


  • Let's go on the ground to this beautiful region for more.


  • Directly across the river, right there in those trees, that's the spaceport site and, actually, the proposed launchpad site.


  • It's crazy to propose to launch rockets over Cumberland Island National Seashore.


  • This is Cumberland Island and Little Cumberland Island; they're two barrier islands that form part of a wildlife sanctuary off the southeastern coast of Georgia.


  • But a proposed spaceport is hoping to send rockets directly over the National Seashore, altering the horizon and stirring controversy in the secluded community.


  • The proposed rocket would also travel over private homes on Little Cumberland Island.


  • This is something that's unprecedented.


  • My house is five miles downrange from the launch pad.


  • My understanding is, I'm directly in the middle of the cone.


  • The fear of rockets going over my head is the failure rate.


  • And, with a high failure, the concern is debris falling on my property, on me.


  • Small-class rockets, like the one Spaceport Camden hopes to launch, can have up to a 20% failure rate.

    像坎登太空港希望發射的小型火箭,其失事率可高達 20%。

  • Several of these small-class rockets have experienced issues in recent years, showing what can happen when these types of rockets fail.


  • The odds of a direct impact crash are extremely low.


  • But many residents feel there is no acceptable amount of risk when humans are in the rockets' path.


  • This is part of the Cumberland Island National Seashore.


  • And the idea that Camden County thinks they can safely launch rockets over an area like this where there's no opportunity to monitor whether people are here or not,


  • there's no opportunity to bring firefighting equipment on here and to fight a fire in maritime forests like this,


  • it's... it's just ridiculous.


  • So, this is a fire box, one of several that we have stationed along the trails around Little Cumberland Island.


  • This is our fire station.


  • We've got flappers for putting outif there's uh, you know, flames in a... in a ground fire, rakes, and they've got a hand-operated pump.


  • So, take that, exploding rocket.


  • There's all kinds of, you know, risks that you have to look at, and you have to evaluate it.


  • All of those things will loobe looked at when a company comes forward.


  • You have to prepare for all those things, but they're very remote that that would happen.


  • The likelihood of somebody getting hurt, the worst numbers I looked at range frombetween⏤1 in 10 million to 1 in a billion with a B.


  • This is more than just launching rockets.


  • It's about all the opportunities to inspire the next generation; Spaceport Camden will become the Silicon Marsh of the East Coast.


  • In addition to the safety concerns, skeptics point out that the outcome of Spaceport Camden is by no means guaranteed and, therefore, not worth the hefty price tag.


  • Camden County has spent more than 12 million dollars on the project over the last decade.

    坎登鎮在過去十年已經花費了 1 千 2 百萬在這個計畫上。

  • That's taxpayer money some residents say they wish could be spent elsewhere.


  • The FAA has licensed 14 spaceports across the United States.

    美國聯邦航空管理局(FAA)已經核准在全美成立 14 座太空港。

  • But Spaceport Camden would be the first private spaceport to launch rockets vertically over US citizens a few miles away.


  • And then there's the potential ecological risks, with the national park in the proposed trajectory.


  • What you do in a launch site application process is really a representative rocket.


  • We hope some of those companies, at some point, will actually come here, you know, in the future, but at this point, it'd be representative.


  • It was never about the rocketsthat becomes the catalyst economic driver,


  • but you want all this innovation, you want all this high-tech opportunity, you want to drive that innovation and lift up the whole coast of Georgia.


  • After a series of delays, the county secured a spaceport operator license from the FAA in late 2021,

    經過無數延誤後,該鎮在 2021 年末期終於取得 FAA 發布的太空港營運許可,

  • but Camden County residents petitioned for a special election, where they overwhelmingly voted to block the county from purchasing the land for the spaceport.


  • In February 2023, Georgia's Supreme Court unanimously rejected an appeal by Camden County officials, preventing the coastal community from moving forward with the spaceport.

    2023 年 2 月,喬治亞州最高法院一致通過駁回坎登鎮的上訴,預防該海岸社區繼續進行太空港計劃。

  • Today's story getting a 10 out of 10, hooty-hoo!

    今天的 10 秒趣聞,咕咕!

  • An owl taking up residence in the library of Agnes Scott College in Georgia for almost a week after flying in through a chimney.


  • It took days for the school to remove the feathery friend before it was finally released outside on Friday.


  • Students were finally able to use the library again.


  • And I'm telling you, the whole ordeal has become a joke around campusthat poor bird just didn't want to be like Celine Dion.


  • "Owl" by myselfoh, gosh, I should never sing ever again.

    只有我獨自一「鳥」——天啊,我真的永遠都不該再唱歌了。(譯註:出自席琳·狄翁《All by Myself》一曲,all 與 owl 音近)

  • All right, lovely people, special shout-out to Woodbridge High School in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

    好了,各位可愛的觀眾,我們要特別跟紐澤西伍德布里奇鎮的 Woodbridge 高中問好。

  • And happy Valentine's Day to you and you and you from me and my team; we're putting up our heart-hands for you.


  • Today is a great opportunity to spread some love and appreciation, so, go on out and make someone smile today.


  • I'm Coy Wire and we are CNN10.

    我是 Coy Wire、這是 CNN10 節目。

What's up, lovely people? Terrific Tuesday to you.


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