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  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10, awesome 2000 songs we still listen to For this list will be looking at the most memorable singles from the years.

    歡迎來到Watch mojo,今天我們來盤點一下我們挑選的前10名,令人敬畏的2000年歌曲,我們仍然在聽 對於這個名單,我們將關注這些年最令人難忘的單曲。

  • 2000-2009, did we forget another musical highlights from the 2000s?


  • Let us know in the comments below Number 10, hips Don't Lie.

    請在下面的評論中告訴我們 10號,臀部不說謊。

  • Shakira featuring Wyclef john, one of the queens of Latin Pop, is forever known for this international smash hit.

    夏奇拉(Shakira)和威克爾夫-約翰(Wyclef john)是拉丁流行音樂的女王之一,因這首國際暢銷歌曲而永遠為人所知。

  • She brings a bright sound and a reggaeton beat to this famous track.


  • It only takes the opening horns to get people excited signaling the fun loving energy to follow.


  • Such as exciting additions from Wyclef john.

    如Wyclef john的精彩補充。

  • The artist proves the title, hips don't lie in a production that encourages listeners to dance along with Boy, I can see your body moving topping the charts around the world.


  • The peace crossed international barriers In its initial release to this day, there's arguably no other number that captures the spirit of Shakira stardom.

    和平跨越了國際障礙 在最初的發行中,直到今天,可以說沒有其他數字能夠捕捉到夏奇拉明星的精神。

  • Number nine Yeah.

    九號 是的。

  • Usher featuring lil Jon and ludacris.

    Usher以lil Jon和ludacris為主角。

  • Usher is one of the best singing dancing, double threats of his generation.


  • A claim that's only bolstered by this artistic masterstroke.


  • His song yeah, is built around an insanely catchy groove in a hook that keeps people coming back after all these years.


  • The inclusion of the two featured artists only increases the fun factor, lil Jon in particular only needs to yell a few words to get his point across while ludacris gets his own verse to shake things up in the club.

    兩位特色藝術家的加入只增加了有趣的因素,特別是Lil Jon只需要喊幾句話就能表達他的觀點,而ludacris得到了他自己的詩句,在俱樂部裡搖身一變。

  • All these ingredients come together for a hip hop track that infuses all the finest elements of the burgeoning crunk genre.


  • Number eight.


  • Mr Bright side.


  • The Killer's alternative rock received a major boost in the early two thousand's with bands like the Killers riding the wave with hits like mr Bright Side and just this debut single from the group captures everything that's great about their sound.

    殺手樂隊的另類搖滾在2000年代初得到了很大的推動,像殺手樂隊這樣的樂隊以mr Bright Side這樣的熱門歌曲乘風破浪,而該樂隊的這首單曲就抓住了他們聲音的所有優點。

  • From the notable guitar riff to Brandon flowers vocals.

    從值得注意的吉他riff到Brandon flowers的人聲。

  • The song establishes a high bar for the genre.


  • The lyrics recount a scandalous sighting of a partner with another man in a visceral tale that gives the entire piece an emotional hook.


  • Those looking for a nostalgic trip to the best rock of the early century can return to this single for its intriguing vibes.


  • Number seven, Welcome to the Black Parade, My Chemical Romance.


  • While they weren't the first or the last emo band, My Chemical Romance arguably defined the genre.

    雖然他們不是第一個或最後一個情緒化樂隊,但我的化學浪漫(My Chemical Romance)可以說是定義了這個類型。

  • In 2000, when I was a young boy, my father took me into the city.


  • Some consider their greatest achievement to be Welcome to the Black Parade.


  • An assembly of all their best features rolled into one singer.


  • Gerard way guides the production along with poetic lyrics and incredible vocal ability.


  • The songwriting still holds strong with a richly painted tapestry of serious themes.


  • There are multiple sections to this well paced song, each of which display their hold on, complex instrumentation using rocking guitars and a wicked beat.


  • The second half takes on a punk style that doesn't quit Number six in the end, Lincoln Park.


  • Not everyone expected new metal bands from the early 2000s to survive changing music trends.


  • It starts with Lincoln Park, not only capitalized on the genre, but they also stayed in the public's consciousness because of hits like in the end, combining the best of rap and metal.


  • This multi genre release encapsulates the fury of a modern anthem.


  • Both mike Shinoda and Chester.


  • Bennington provides stirring performances to this song.


  • Sonoda versus Elevate detention until Bennington lays down one of the most celebrated vocal parts of his entire career together with an eclectic mix of instruments.


  • This track hits hard with a nuanced set of words that continue to influence generations of fans.


  • Number 57 Nation Army, the white stripes, sometimes all you need is a steady beat and a simple riff to create an iconic release, Seven nation army counts as one such example being one of the most well known rock songs in the 21st century meg White's drums create a strong foundation for Jack White to deliver a memorable guitar line the ladder then turns the lick into a solo, which gives the track one final push to the finish line, proving that two people can rock out just as hard as a four or five piece act.

    第57號《國民軍》,白色條紋,有時你只需要一個穩定的節拍和一個簡單的riff來創造一個標誌性的發行,《國民軍》算得上是這樣一個例子,它是21世紀最知名的搖滾歌曲之一,Meg White的鼓聲為Jack White提供了一個強大的基礎,使他能夠提供一個令人難忘的吉他線,然後把這個lick變成一個solo,這給這首歌帶來了最後的推動,證明兩個人可以像四個或五個人的行為一樣努力搖滾。

  • The single has taken on a life of its own in stadiums around the world.


  • Number four Poker face, Lady gaga among lady gaga.

    四號撲克臉,Lady gaga中的Lady gaga。

  • As many early singles, Poker face stands as a crowning achievement from the fame album type.


  • It's synth pop intro is just one high point in a memorable production gaga used an almost futuristic style to design an elaborate musical statement, showing off her impressive vocal range.


  • Gaga establishes one of her many strengths in this popular track.


  • The song won a Grammy and sold millions of copies for its effective spin on the genre.


  • Anybody who heard this in its first run will never forget the market man on the following decade of music Number three Hey outcast, Hey wasn't the first hit from outcast, but it was among their most popular releases.

    任何在第一次運行時聽到這首歌的人都不會忘記市場上的人,在接下來的十年音樂中排名第三的《Hey outcast》,《Hey》並不是outcast的第一部作品,但它是他們最受歡迎的版本之一。

  • The crossover appeal of the song meant that pop and rap stations both embraced the track.


  • This contributed to its longevity as a cultural and musical Touchstone.


  • Polaroid Pictures might have gone out of fashion decades ago, but they're known to younger audiences almost exclusively because of these lyrics.


  • Andre 3000 also proves himself as a singer, showing that he's a multi talented vocalist as well as a great rapper.


  • In the end, a simple group of companies, a timeless feel good anthem.


  • Number two, toxic Britney Spears with many worthy releases throughout the two thousand's Britney Spears more mature era was punctuated by the electric single, toxic can't just the string arrangement helps set a much different tone than her earlier work.


  • Many devoted fans argue over the best song in her catalog, but this particular one is in serious contention for its revolutionary pops out Spears fierce performance works perfectly for the material in a production that's much more complex than people acknowledge.


  • She's successfully evolved as an artist with this enduring hit, earning her place alongside the genre's leading singers with this classic.


  • Before we unveil our topic here are a few honorable mentions since you've been gone, kelly Clarkson, Clarkson's greatest single has a raw energy and a catchy rock book like no Other Bring Me To Life evanescence.

    在我們揭開話題之前,這裡有幾個榮譽提名,因為你已經走了,凱莉-克拉克森,克拉克森最偉大的單曲有一種原始的能量和朗朗上口的搖滾書,就像沒有其他的Bring Me To Life evanescence。

  • The Gothic masterpiece features a career defining performance from Amy lee in the band, Crazy in Love Beyonce featuring jay Z, the exciting solo debut of one of the great artists of her generation.

    這部哥特式傑作的特點是艾米-李在樂隊中的職業界定表演,《瘋狂的愛》碧昂斯與Jay Z合作,這是她這一代偉大藝術家之一令人興奮的個人首秀。

  • One more time, daft punk and electronic dance class at courtesy of the greatest duo in the genre's history complicated Avril Lavigne, an early single from the Canadian artist on the cusp of superstar status Before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.

    再來一次,daft punk和電子舞曲類在禮貌上是該類型歷史上最偉大的二人組複雜的Avril Lavigne,這是加拿大藝術家在超級明星地位的邊緣的早期單曲 在我們繼續之前,一定要訂閱我們的頻道並按鈴以獲得關於我們最新視頻的通知。

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  • Number one, lose yourself Eminem released in 2002, Eminem won an Oscar for this song off of the eight mile soundtrack.

    第一首,失去自我 埃米納姆於2002年發行,埃米納姆憑藉這首《八英里》原聲帶中的歌曲獲得奧斯卡獎。

  • These weak arms are heavy.


  • This, They're already spaghetti, it's both an anthem and a unique entry in the hip hop genre, implementing rock elements such as a cool guitar riff.


  • Eminem's track reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and confirmed his cultural staying power in the 2000s.

    埃米納姆的這首曲子登上了公告牌Hot 100的榜首,證實了他在2000年代的文化持久力。

  • The universal message at the heart of the single adds to its appeal as an undisputed and inspirational release in a career of brilliant rhymes and vs.


  • The performer lays it all on the line in an unforgettable creation.


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Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10, awesome 2000 songs we still listen to For this list will be looking at the most memorable singles from the years.

歡迎來到Watch mojo,今天我們來盤點一下我們挑選的前10名,令人敬畏的2000年歌曲,我們仍然在聽 對於這個名單,我們將關注這些年最令人難忘的單曲。

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我們仍然在聽的10首令人敬畏的2000年代歌曲 (Top 10 Awesome 2000s Songs We Still Listen To)

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