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  • we begin with the war in Ukraine and the Kiev government's ongoing efforts to provide its armed forces with weapons to fight against Russia, NATO countries and other allies are going to be meeting at America's Ramstein air base in Germany on friday to discuss sending more support including modern battle tanks.


  • Ukraine's president Zelensky says he's expecting strong decisions from the meeting.


  • The U.


  • S.


  • Has already announced it will provide $2.5 billion worth of new weaponry and munitions for Ukraine.


  • Although that doesn't include tanks are defense correspondent Jonathan Beal has more.


  • Is this the week when the West finally delivered the weapons, Ukraine says it needs to win this war, Britain is the first promising to send modern main battle tanks.


  • The army's challenges are already parked in Estonia to reassure a NATO ally, also worried about Russian aggression.


  • Ultimately, this tank was designed to fight Russian tanks in eastern europe and that's exactly what it's off to do.


  • The troops who operate them here believe they will make a difference for Ukrainian battle At the start of the war, the West Focus was on providing weapons for Ukraine to help it defend itself.

    在這裡操作的部隊相信他們將為烏克蘭的戰鬥帶來變化 在戰爭開始時,西方的重點是為烏克蘭提供武器,幫助它保衛自己。

  • That has now changed Britain is giving 14 of these challenger two main battle tanks as well as 30 of these massive self propelled guns used together.


  • The hope is that Ukraine will punch through Russian lines and retake territory from defense to offense.


  • But Ukraine says it still needs more.


  • The UK's Defense Secretary today gathered allies to step up the pressure and some are specifically hoping that Germany will deliver.


  • I hope that tomorrow in Ramstein, that people will all hear the message that, you know, unlocking tanks as part of 2023.


  • We've done our bit, it's it's not a battle winning single change, 14 tanks, but it shows that the glass ceiling can be broken and that we can put these vehicles in.


  • It is the german made leopard tank that could make the difference, hundreds built and operated by many european nations, but all would still require Germany to give the green light to send them.


  • Germany may be looking to America today.


  • It's new Defense Minister met Lloyd.


  • Austin will renew our united commitment to support Ukraine's self defense for the long haul.


  • The US Ukraine's biggest military backer so far hasn't sent main battle tanks either in Berlin.


  • There are still lingering fears of Russian escalation.


  • Moscow has once again warned the west against providing heavy weapons to Ukraine.


  • It's promised to hunt them down and destroy them.


  • Jonathan Beale BBC news tapa Estonia, our europe correspondent, Jessica Parker is in Ramstein ahead of that meeting and it's certainly going to be the central issue, it seems at today's talks in Ramstein and as Jonathan Beale, the Defense correspondent was just explaining, It really is seen as a potentially crucial moment, the coming weeks, the coming months in this war.


  • Of course there are or there is speculation that Russia could try and mount a spring offensive.


  • There is this pressure to try and help Ukraine get ready for the coming fights and conflicts with Russia?


  • But there's a big question over what decisions are actually gonna be made today, interestingly last night, Boris Pistorius, the new german defense Minister seemed to hint that there might be some news on what Germany is going to decide to do on this crucial issue of german made leopard two tanks in the coming hours sometime, maybe this morning.


  • But in a sign of increasing pressure from countries like Poland who have these German made leopard two tanks, it's Prime Minister Matteo Novitzky said yesterday that maybe they wouldn't even wait for german permission in order to send those tanks.


  • Of course, we've also hear these suggestions and these reports that Germany wants the US to step up and provide.


  • It's a But what US officials have been saying is that those really wouldn't be suitable tanks to send to Kiev at this moment.

    這是一個 但美國官員一直在說的是,這些坦克在此刻真的不適合送去基輔。

  • So, a lot to discuss today.


  • And overnight, of course, as you mentioned at the top, the us announcing its 2.5 billion aid package, no tanks in there is air defense systems, armoured vehicles as well.


  • But we'll hear a lot today about what countries are going to pledge to try and help shift the momentum in this conflict.


  • Let's go to Ukraine now, talk to our correspondent James Waterhouse in Kiev James, how critical is this issue of tanks specifically to President Zelensky, why are they considered so important in this war?


  • Well, they're considered a game changer, I think in the sense that, look, Ukraine has got very good at asking Western allies for help and continually asking for more.


  • But the issue of tanks has become one of the most divisive really.


  • When the invasion first broke out, there was a frustration held in Kiev at the speed at which offensive weapons were delivered.


  • After initial hesitancy.


  • The West then went on to provide air defense systems.


  • Long range missiles are automatic weapons, anti tank launchers, which proved crucial in Ukraine's ability or Ukraine's performance really, in in how it defended itself and repelled Russian attacks and even retook territory in the autumn.


  • But we are in a phase now where it is Russia making small, hard fought gains in the east.


  • And what Ukraine is saying and has long said is that Western more advanced tanks would enable its troops to push across this front line across frosty, wintry soil and move through and retake lost territory, take out Russian positions which we did see in the Southern Hirshson region.


  • President Zelensky has reportedly lost his temperament on this issue in the past, but it seems that Germany and the US are waiting to see what each other does on this issue.


  • But for Ukraine, it says there is no time to dwell on this.


  • We need it now.


  • Today is a real significant juncture?


  • I think in the West's support for Ukraine support which is still coming?


  • but its tanks, they want the fighting itself.


  • James we're hearing reports that Russian forces have shelled the town of back mood.


  • What information is coming from there?


  • A blurry picture as ever really on on the city of back moots.


  • Big question marks over who controls solid.


  • Are there is evidence that Ukrainian forces are making a tactical retreat?


  • I don't think that's unexpected, but just to give you an idea of proximity.


  • Russian forces have long been on the east of back moot a kilometer from Ukrainian forces in the center and they've started to make incursions through the front line around to the south.


  • So this is somewhere that has become uninhabitable because of how it is neatly on on the front line now.


  • So I think if we look at other cities along the front line like Nikopol further down on the pro river, these are cities which come under regular shelling and sadly I don't think that is going to stop for some time.


we begin with the war in Ukraine and the Kiev government's ongoing efforts to provide its armed forces with weapons to fight against Russia, NATO countries and other allies are going to be meeting at America's Ramstein air base in Germany on friday to discuss sending more support including modern battle tanks.


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烏克蘭在國防談判前懇求德國坦克 - BBC新聞 (Ukraine pleads for German tanks ahead of defence talks - BBC News)

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