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We are all busy. All of us have work to do,
but hold on a second,
why do people work?
Well, the most common answer is that people work for money.
They need money to buy food, to buy clothes, to buy gifts for loved ones,
and there are others who work for their family, but that essentially means they also need the money,
but what if they have a pot load of money?
What if they are like Steve Jobs?
Then maybe they work because they love their work or want to revolutionize the world.
And then there are others who work for betterment of science or humanity.
And then there are those who work to break records, like athletes and sportsmen.
And then we have politicians who work for…
But do politicians actually work?
Hmm…or let's assume they do.
So, there are those who work to go higher up.
And we have those that work for their nation.
We also have people who work for God or religion.
And of course there are those who want to be known and work for fame.
So we have a lot of reasons why people work.
They work for money, for family, for passion, for humanity,
for a sense of achievement, for position, for nations, for God, and for fame.
But why do people actually work?
In the end, we work because we feel good.
Yes, all of us work like that.
Just to feel good about ourselves!



我們到底為什麼要工作? (Why Do People Work?)

185841 分類 收藏
Gisele Sung 發佈於 2014 年 11 月 11 日
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