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  • Thanks, Granddad.


  • Granddad, what do you do when you can't do nothing? But there's nothing you can do.

    爺爺,當你無能為力時,你會怎麼做? 畢竟你無能為力。

  • You do what you can.


  • So, I removed all of my... wait, hang on.


  • I removed all of my followers from Instagram, which was my one social media outside of Youtube that I kept with a big following.

    我刪除了我在 Instagram 上的所有追蹤,Instagram 是我在 Youtube 之外的擁有大量追蹤的社交媒體。

  • Now, I don't have anything outside of Youtube.

    現在,我除了 Youtube 之外沒有別的東西了。

  • I wish I could say that this was a hard decision for me, but in all honesty, this was something that I've been thinking about since the year 2020.

    我希望我能說這對我來說是一個艱難的決定,但老實說,這是我自 2020 年以來一直在思考的事情。

  • And so today, I thought that I just give you guys my opinion on it as I tend to do on this channel.


  • I'm also kind of trying to film in public as you can see.


  • I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone.


  • So first of all, I have a lot of videos on this channel talking about how I don't really like social media, how I don't really endorse people investing their time in it in terms of social status.


  • But at the same time, I feel like it's really important for our generation.


  • Like whenever I meet a new person and we want to stay in contact, whenever I make new friends,


  • the first question to stay in touch, is always, "Oh yeah, what's your Instagram? Let me follow you on Instagram."

    為了要保持聯繫,第一個問的問題總是:「你的 Instagram 是什麼?讓我追蹤你的 Instagram 。」

  • It's the most universal app where you can follow anybody that you meet, right?

    Intagram 就是最通用的應用程式,你可以在上面關注遇到的任何人,對吧?

  • So that's why I always had this dilemma of, I want to be using Instagram for my friends and new people that I meet, new context, but at the same time, I didn't really want to keep it public anymore.

    所以這就是為什麼我總是ㄒㄧㄢ這樣的兩難,我想為我的朋友和我遇到的新的人,新的環境使用 Instagram,但與此同時,我真的不想再把我的帳號公開了。

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again.


  • I've never cared about being an influencer or having a lot of numbers because to be honest, the number of followers has never added any value to my life.


  • I guess the main reason why I kept my public Instagram for such a long time even though I didn't really want to was because there was always the advantage of just announcing my videos to quite a lot of people.

    我想我之所以使用 Instagram 這麼長時間,儘管我真的不想這樣做,主要原因是這對於向很多人宣布我的影片有幫助。

  • But to be completely honest, the cons have always outweighed the pros.


  • So I removed about 25,000 of my followers and I only kept people that I know personally, my actual friends, people that I've met in person at least, my acquaintances.

    所以我刪除了大約 25,000 名粉絲,只保留了我本身認識的人、我真正的朋友,還有至少我親自見過的人、我的熟人。

  • Let me talk about the cons of having a big Instagram and mine wasn't even that big.

    我想討論擁有很多 Instagram 追蹤的缺點,而我的甚至還沒有那麼多。

  • The thing is that I've always used Instagram as if I was talking to a bunch of my friends,

    有個問題是,我使用 Instagram 就好像我在和一群朋友聊天一樣,

  • but the truth was obviously that with every story that I posted, I was sharing it with at least 3,000 people.

    但事實顯然是,我發布的每個限時動態都會跟至少 3,000 人分享。

  • And a couple of years back, I haven't really thought about it that deeply, but as I got older, the desire to share my day-to-day life with people that I don't know, slowly started diminishing.


  • Not only that, but having a public Instagram is a lot different than having a public YouTube channel.

    不僅如此,擁有公開的 Instagram 帳號與擁有公開的 YouTube 頻道有很大不同。

  • I can't express how many instances I've had of my friends telling me, "hey, your fans started following me and DM me, asking me about you."


  • Trying to get my number or stalking my friends and those friends didn't want that sort of attention at all.


  • So I just gotta admit I'm not built for this, I guess.


  • It is a little uncomfortable when some people get invested in your life way beyond the point that you'd want them to.


  • I just want to say that this is, I'm not complaining, okay?


  • I know that there are certain aspects that the influencer lifestyle brings with itself.


  • So I'm just saying that I don't need it.

    所以我只是想說我不需要 Instagram。

  • I value my privacy a lot more than the cool looking number on my Instagram profile, if that makes sense.

    比起 Instagram 上好看的追蹤數,我更重視我的隱私,你們懂的話。

  • I can do whatever I want, right? I got free will.

    我可以為所欲為,對吧? 我有自由意志。

  • I don't have to abide by any requirements just because I like making videos doesn't mean that I have to participate in this social media game, right?


  • But yeah, that's about it.


  • And for those of you who watch this video until the very end, if you really want to follow me on another social media than just YouTube for, I guess a little more frequent posts, I guess you could follow me on Tumblr.

    對於那些把影片看到最後的人,如果你真的想在 YouTube 外的社交媒體上關注我,看我更多的發文,我想你可以追蹤我的 Tumblr 。

Thanks, Granddad.


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我不再是一個有影響力的人了 (I'm no longer an influencer)

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