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  • Ever wonder whether someone likes you or they're just being extra friendly.


  • Well here are 10 signs that they do like you so you won't be confused.


  • # one.


  • Their friends tease them when you're around?


  • Have you noticed their group of friends being cheeky whenever you're near.


  • When a person likes you, they'll probably tell their friends about you.


  • So their friends may tease you when you're together, trying to see if you will take it positively or negatively.


  • # two, their behavior changes around you.

    # 第二,他們的行為在你身邊發生了變化。

  • Do they suddenly act differently when you're around?


  • According to Clarissa Silva, a behavioral scientist, having a crush can trigger a lot of anxiety and may cause you to behave in a different way to impress the other person.

    根據行為科學家克拉麗莎-席爾瓦(Clarissa Silva)的說法,有了暗戀對象會引發很多焦慮,並可能導致你以不同的方式來打動對方。

  • If they're the silent type, they may get uncharacteristically loud while telling a joke or if they're the wild type, you might be shocked to see the McDole demure.


  • Once you've stepped into the room, this means that your presence matters to them and they become self conscious and don't know how to act.


  • Number three, they're always fixing their appearance.


  • If you catch them adjusting their clothes or touching their hair before protein you, it means that they want to impress you naturally.


  • If you like someone you want to look your best for them and you might be nervous around them to having a crush can bring a lot of emotions all at once, both good and bad.


  • So you can try helping by throwing in a joke or smiling or complimenting them to relieve some of their tension.


  • Number four they say that they like you in a roundabout way.


  • Have they ever asked you out actions like them asking you out, asking for a number or finding your social media accounts all scream that they want to be involved with you more.


  • It takes a lot of courage to tell someone your feelings.


  • So these methods are like little acts of bravery to test out the waters between you two.


  • So if you like them back, text them, ask them out, send them some snaps.


  • These will surely make their day number five, they go out of their way to provide you with assistance.


  • Do you notice that they're always trying to help you out?


  • They might ask you what they could do to help if they notice you're stressed or busy.


  • If you notice it becoming a pattern, like how they're doing these things only for you, there's most likely something brewing underneath their feelings for you.


  • # six, they canceled their plans to spend time with you.

    # 第六,他們取消了與你相處的計劃。

  • Have they ever canceled something last minute?


  • Because they would rather be with you, spending time with you, shows that they prioritize you and they care enough to put you first.


  • They're interested in getting to know you better so they take every chance they've got number seven, they'll find an excuse to touch you or be close to you.


  • If you notice them playfully pinching you ruffling your hair or being just a tad too close when you're talking.


  • They probably really like you if they constantly initiate hugging tickling or even holding hands, then they're probably trying to indirectly tell you about how they're interested in you romantically.


  • Number eight, they're keen to find mutual interests.


  • Do they ask you a lot of questions about the things you like, let's say, you tell them you love Lord of the Rings, do they later send you a truckload of memes about bilbo or Gandalf?


  • They do that because they want to build a deeper relationship with you.


  • They would want to feel that both of you have your own special thing going on goals.


  • Number nine, they initiate communication.


  • The interesting thing to note is that when you're with someone who likes you, you probably don't even question who text first.


  • If you notice that person liking your instagram posts, sending you a bunch of memes or actively interacting with you.


  • That's probably because they want to hang out more.


  • And number 10, they get jealous when you're with others.


  • Do you notice them sulking whenever you don't spend as much time together as before?


  • A little jealousy is not bad in a relationship and it may mean that they do like you and probably want to ask you out, remember you're amazing and whether you do or don't have that person in your life right now, nothing changes that about you as a person, You know, someone who's acting like this, share your experiences in the comments and share this video with others.


  • The references and studies used are listed in the description below.


  • Thanks for watching and see you next time.


Ever wonder whether someone likes you or they're just being extra friendly.


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