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  • hello I'm Chris and I'm Emily and I'm here to  see if I can become best friends with anyone  


  • on the street we'll only have five minutes  to get to know each other using questions  


  • from this deck of cars before we go head  to head in a trivia challenge I'm doing  


  • this because the pandemic has just eliminated  my social abilities and we need to rebuild I  


  • know I could anyone like I could move  to anyone and become besties all right  


  • so I have about five minutes to find my new  best friend on the street let's go foreign


  • no okay excuse me


  • sorry to bother you I'm just looking  for someone who's going to take five  


  • minutes to try and become best  friends with me on the street


  • okay I understand I appreciate it though thank you  you don't have five minutes to try and become best  


  • friends with me on the spot okay I appreciate  that I'll take that do you have five minutes to  


  • try and become best friends with me right now  sure I've only got a few minutes oh yes okay  


  • excuse me do you want to be  best friends sure okay cool


  • I did it I'm Emily oh my God wait I think  where'd you get it the Dr does Dominican  


  • Republic I'm Dominican shut up oh my God I know we  are instantly best friends Arthur we have about 30  


  • questions in only five minutes mathematically  it's gonna be a little tight but we need to  


  • get to know each other okay all right ready what  is your favorite movie everything everywhere all  

    互相瞭解 好了,準備好了,你最喜歡的電影是什麼?

  • at once mine is part and Prejudice what is your  middle name Adams Adams Russell Adams Russell that  

    我的是 "部分和偏見",你的中間名字是亞當斯-亞當斯-拉塞爾-亞當斯-拉塞爾。

  • should be easy to remember right we'll see we're  killing we're moving here we go do you have any  


  • siblings in what are their names Karen Mark Sandy  Karen Mark Sandy Kirsten younger sister Kirsten  

    兄弟姐妹的名字是什麼 凱倫-馬克-桑迪 凱倫-馬克-桑迪-克爾斯滕 妹妹克爾斯滕

  • what is your most impressive skill aerial artscan sing a word okay Karen what were your name I  

    你最令人印象深刻的技能是什麼 空中藝術 我可以唱一個字好嗎 凱倫 你叫什麼名字?

  • won't let myself forget that how are we doing on  time I feel like I'm going too slow I'm going to  


  • run out of time what is your most annoying habit  I don't know this question is kind of weird next

    沒時間了 你最討厭的習慣是什麼 我不知道這個問題有點奇怪 接下來

  • what is your middle name Rose Carmen okay oh my  God I'm not moving fast enough uh what is your  

    你的中間名是什麼 羅絲-卡門 好吧,我的上帝,我的動作不夠快 呃,你的名字是什麼?

  • favorite band artist slash musician I'll  go Elvis for just a favorite uh I love it  


  • let's double up let's double up this isn't  cheating we're just already excuse me very  


  • aligned what is your biggest goal in life to  win an Oscar wait minus win an Academy Award  


  • hey see you there see you there best friend  okay what do you do to get rid of stress sex  


  • it's a good answer that's a great answer  my family watching maybe I agree uh  


  • uh the PG answer is watch TV January 20th okay  so your birthday's coming generation mine is  

    呃......PG答案是看電視 1月20日 好吧,那麼你的生日快到了,我的生日也快到了。

  • April 7th April 7th yeah my most impressive  skill playing drums okay yeah there you go

    4月7日 4月7日 是的,我最令人印象深刻的技能是打鼓,好吧,是的,你去那裡。

  • okay what is your favorite oh I think I answered  everything what was your favorite movie proud  


  • and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice uh everything  everywhere all at once yes best friends all right  

    Pride and Prejudice 傲慢與偏見 呃,所有的東西都是一次性的,是的,最好的朋友都是這樣。

  • I think we have a few more here um we barely got  to know each other I have uh I trust that we were  


  • just like in sync zoning it yeah it doesn't matter  irrelevant we're gonna nail this okay let's do it

    就像在同步分區一樣 是的,這無關緊要,我們會搞定的 好的,我們開始吧

  • wasn't


  • uh if you know you know do you know are  you guessing no I know I also know Brown  


  • hey good job having brown eyes brown eyes uh


  • uh January 5th wow April 7 and I'm an  Aries very interesting yeah two to two  

    呃,1月5日,4月7日,我是白羊座,非常有趣 是的,二對二

  • she puts up her fists I don't know  I'm hearing a lot of excuse excuses


  • drums I'm a drummer technically oh so you don't  think drums are interesting okay aerial arts  

    鼓 我是一個鼓手,在技術上,哦,所以你不認為鼓是有趣的,好吧,空中藝術

  • aerial arts three to two no word at all  yeah oh I'm trying to think of what I said

    空中藝術3比2,完全沒有字 是的,哦,我正在努力想我說過什麼。

  • what if I don't remember but I know I agreed  with Arthur whatever it was doesn't sound like  


  • it's a point leaving New York yes an airplane  I don't know if I would count that one spiders  


  • oh my God 100 confident in my bestie loser excuse  me excuse me uh this is as good as we're gonna  


  • get three siblings two sisters one brother Karen  Mark Sandy I got two and points shaking their head  


  • off camera I have a sister named Kirsten and  she only had to memorize one his middle name  


  • that's what you want obviously I know middle  name's middle name my middle name is Russell  


  • so close Andy so close Razor's Edge Carmen oh man  we're ahead by Five Points ten yeah yeah it's like  

    如此接近安迪,如此接近剃刀邊緣的卡門,哦,我們領先5分之10 是的,是的,這就像

  • I think it's much closer it's much closer the  math is not math win or lose what we've built  


  • is so much more important than this game I just  want to let that go on record so true oh dude  


  • hold on a very long year 3 000. I did  the far future the year 2700. that is not  


  • only 300 that's that's enough they ever  take 300 years the Golden Age of Hollywood  


  • Golden Era pretty pretty broad pretty broad  yeah I mean yeah give or take 300 years yeah  

    黃金時代相當相當寬泛相當寬泛 是的,我的意思是,是的,給或採取300年 是的

  • that's fine that's golden age that's  nothing of the universe oh my God yeah


  • show us the shoe old man Reeboks dress shoes


  • adorable adorable oh oh I want  to know what's going on over  


  • here because it's bordering  on uh suspicious my dog Bella

    在這裡,因為它已經接近於 呃 懷疑我的狗貝拉

  • oh yeah my sister Kirsten with the heart wow  there's like so easy six four I'm guessing  


  • somewhere around six foot four oh what an insane  question to get a spot on five three oh wow


  • I feel like I disappointed you in some  moments there though you could never  


  • disappoint me that means right here you  can't lose if you've got a best friend  


  • now we're not friends anymore thanks for  this video we will never be friends ever


hello I'm Chris and I'm Emily and I'm here to  see if I can become best friends with anyone  


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