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  • I just want to say this is (really) a fun night; thank you, thank you.


  • Jennifer Coolidge had the crowd in tears of laughter, Ryan Murphy delivered an empowering speech, and "Abbott Elementary" won big.


  • We're breaking down all our favorite moments from the 80th Golden Globe awards.

    我們今天將解析第 80 屆金球獎中,我們最喜愛的時刻。

  • This episode of THR news is brought to you by Netflix.

    本集 THR 新聞由 Netflix 協助播出。

  • The telecast and kickstarter to awards season returned to NBC after the network declined to air the 79th edition of the awards show

    頒獎季的電視轉播和 Kickstarter 回歸 NBC,此前該電視臺拒絕播出第 79 屆頒獎典禮,

  • due to an industry-wide boycott after multiple controversy surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association came to light.


  • But after the HFPA announced numerous reforms, the show was back on.

    但在 HFPA 宣布多項改革後,節目又重新開始。

  • This year's Globes host, Jerrod Carmichael, kicked things off for the big night with an opening monologue that wasted no time addressing the controversy head on.


  • I'll tell you why I'm here.


  • I'm here 'cause I'm black


  • Then next, you're invited to be the black face of an embattled white organization.


  • The night was off to a hot start, with Ke Huy Quan taking home the award for best supporting actor for "Everything Everywhere All at Once",


  • and Angela Bassett for best supporting actress for her work on "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever".

    而安琪拉·貝瑟則因《黑豹 2:瓦干達萬歲 》的表現獲得最佳女配角。

  • We showed the world what black unity, leadership, and love looks like beyond, behind, and in front of the camera.


  • On the comedy side of the night, big wins went to Jeremy Allen White for best actor in a comedy series for "The Bear",


  • and Quinta Brunsonn for best actress in a comedy series for "Abbott Elementary".


  • Thank you for believing in this show about a group of teachers from Philadelphia.


  • It is resonated with the world in a way that I couldn't even imagine it would have.


  • But let's be real: I did imagine; that's why I sold it to you.


  • Thank you for believing in it.


  • Other big wins included Colin Farrell for best actor in a comedy or musical for "The Banshees of Inisherin",


  • and Michelle Yeoh for best actress in a comedy or musical for "Everything Everywhere All at Once".


  • All the shoulders that I've stand [sic] on; all who came before me, who looks like me; and all who are going on this journey with me forward.


  • So, thank you for believing in us.


  • Among the night's most memorable moments were Jennifer Coolidge,


  • who, prior to winning for best supporting actress in a limited series for "The White Lotus", hilariously recounted her nerves ahead of the big night while presenting.


  • My biggest nightmare is reallyit's just the pronunciation of people's names and I said,


  • "I can't do it, you know, once I say someone's name the wrong way, I'm screwed."


  • We got multiple shoutouts for one of the night's biggest stars, Rihanna.


  • Rihanna, I love you and I dressed up as you for Halloween; I just had to say that.


  • Rihanna, you take all the time you want on that album, girl.


  • And MJ Rodriguez earned a long-awaited and much-deserved standing ovation this year,


  • after becoming the first trans actress to ever win a Golden Globe at last year's untelevised ceremony.


  • I was so thrilled when it was announced that MJ Rodriguez from my show "Pose" had been awarded best actress in a drama series.

    當宣佈我節目《艷放80》中的 MJ·羅德里奎斯獲頒電視劇最佳女主角時,我感到非常激動。

  • So, MJ please stand up, and let's give her the ovation that she deserves to hear.

    那麼就請 MJ 起立,讓我們給予她應得的掌聲。

  • Over on the drama side, big awards went to Austin Butler for best actor in a drama for his work on Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis",


  • and Steven Spielberg for best director for his work on "The Fabelmans".


  • Elsewhere, Ryan Murphy was this year's Carol Burnett Award recipient,


  • giving a resounding speech dedicating his award to his specific heroes in Hollywood like Billy Porter and Jeremy Pope.


  • For those kids watching tonight, I offer up MJ and Billy and Niecy and Matt and Jeremy as examples of possibility.

    我要向今晚收看的孩子們推薦 MJ、比利、奈西、麥特以及傑里米等人,作為可能性的代表。

  • And Eddie Murphy received the coveted Cecil B. DeMille Award and shared some wise words of advice for all the dreamers and up-and-coming notable names in Hollywood.


  • Pay your taxes, mind your business, and keep Will Smith's wife's name (out of your f******) mouth!


  • And, finally, closing out the night on a high note,


  • "Abbott Elementary" took home the award for best comedy series, "House of the Dragon" for best drama series,


  • and "The Banshees of Inisherin" and "The Fabelmans" were given the top honors of the night,


  • taking home the award for best comedy or musical and best drama, respectively.


  • For the full list of winners, snubs, and all things Golden Globe, head to


  • And for the latest entertainment news and updates, keep watching the Hollywood Reporter News.

    要獲得最新娛樂新聞以及動態,請繼續收看 Hollywood Reporter News。

I just want to say this is (really) a fun night; thank you, thank you.


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