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  • So when I give a training, for instance Presentation Skills, I make people come in front of the

  • group and present themselves.

  • And that goes rather well most of the times until they come at the end of their presentation

  • and then they go like.

  • "Well, that's about it".

  • And they disappear.

  • There's no ending.

  • Let me give you some tips and tricks on how to end your presentation in a good way.

  • First of all get rid of some clichés like "Thank you for your attention" or "Are there

  • any questions?"

  • That's not really an ending.

  • What you need to do is think about your key messages.

  • The take home messages that you want your audience actually to remember.

  • Sum them up at the end of your presentation and then you'll have a good conclusion

  • A good ending.

  • What you can also do is actually stop where you started.

  • Start with a strong statement, work your way through that presentation

  • and end with that same statement.

  • That actually helps to get a good ending.

  • Now those are tips and trick on the content of your presentation.

  • But here's also the form, the style.

  • Make use of your intonation, your tone of voice, your pitch to lay down the sentences

  • at the end of your presentation.

  • So they audience knows, hears and feels it's actually coming to and end.

  • I'll give you an example.

  • If I say "That ladies and gentlemen, was what I wanted to share with you".

  • Then you can actually hear that I'm laying my sentence down.

  • And also at the end of your presentation, ad a smile.

  • When you actually thank your audience and you do it without a smile they won't feel

  • any gratitude.

  • They won't feel that you're sincere.

  • So in stead of saying "Thank you for your attention".

  • Just say "Thank you" and then they will know that your presentation has finished.

So when I give a training, for instance Presentation Skills, I make people come in front of the


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如何結束演示(How to end a presentation)

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