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  • Nostradamus predicted a global war that could arrive in the next few years.


  • Does that mean World War III is imminent?


  • Here's why the year 2023 has his followers horrified.

    以下是 2023 年讓他的追隨者感到驚恐的原因。

  • French physician, astrologer, and seer Michel de Nostradame is best known for the prophecies he left behind.


  • Nostradamus lived in the 1500s, a time of plagues and disease when the occult and astrology were part of everyday life.

    諾斯特拉達穆斯生活在 16 世紀,一個充滿瘟疫和疾病的時代,當時神祕學和占星術是日常生活的一部分。

  • For years, he worked as a plague doctor and earned a bit of celebrity status for providing herbal remedies that seemed to, at least, help some of the infected.


  • After the death of his wife and childrenhowever, Nostradamus abandoned medicine and his focus switched to the occult.


  • He eventually started writing down his famous prophecies, publishing them in book form in 1555.

    他最終開始撰寫他著名的預言,在 1555 年以書籍形式出版。

  • By 1558, Nostradamus had published an expanded version of his book of prophecies, which now covered more than 2,000 years into the future.

    到了 1558 年,諾斯特拉達穆斯已經出版了他預言書的擴展版本,此刻涵蓋未來 2 千多年後的內容。

  • Because Nostradamus prophecies were often vague and enigmatic, they can easily be interpreted to fit different events throughout history.


  • The cryptic writing means it's easy to speculate and read what you want to read in them.


  • It is well known that Nostradamus concealed the nature of his prophecies.


  • The ancient seer has been credited with predicting everything from the French Revolution to the atomic bomb to the 9/11 attack.

    這位古老的預言家被認為預言了從法國大革命到原子彈到 911 事件之間的一切。

  • Whether he actually got those historical events right depends on how willing you are to accept the lack of specific details in those prophecies.


  • For exampleNostradamus is said to have predicted the rise of Hitler.


  • His prophecy reads,


  • "From the depths of the West of Europe / A young child will be born of poor people / He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop."


  • This is supposed to refer to Hitler's oratory abilities and his massive army.


  • While the wording is quite vague, many believe this is a good interpretation of his prophecy.


  • Nostradamus had pretty dark predictions for 2022, including things like inflationstarvation, and a potential asteroid strike.

    諾斯特拉達穆斯對 2022 年有著相當黑暗的預言,包括通貨膨脹、飢餓以及可能的行星撞擊。

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic seriously affecting the economy of many nations and issues with gas prices and inflation affecting so many,


  • at least that part of the prophecy seems to have been somewhat correct.


  • But for 2023, the predictions are even scarier.

    但是他對 2023 年的預言更是可怕。

  • They start with a prediction of a large conflict that could potentially change the world forever.


  • The prophecy reads, "Seven months of the Great War / people dead from wickedness."


  • With the war in Ukraine showing no signs of ending anytime soon, the prediction of a great war could refer to the start of World War III in 2023.

    有鑒於烏克蘭戰爭沒有結束的跡象,一場大戰的預言可能指的是 2023 年第三次世界大戰的開端。

  • Some of Nostradamus' biggest prophecies revolve around the idea that the world would see three Antichrists.


  • He didn't see the Antichrist as a biblical figure, but instead, as a tyrant who would start massive wars resulting in the death of many people.


  • Many believe Napoleon and Hitler were the first twoleaving space for the third one to appear.


  • With the Ukrainian War underway and the threat of nuclear war closer than ever, could the third evil figure be about to rise?


  • If Nostradamus' predictions are correctwe are in the right time for the next major tyrant to show his face.


  • He predicted a long global war that modern Nostradamus experts believe would arrive in the next few years.


  • Nostradamus' predictions continue until the year 3797, so, this isperhaps, a sign of good news

    諾斯特拉達穆斯的預言一直持續到 3797 年,所以這也許是一個好消息的徵兆——

  • the world as we know it will likely not end in 2023.

    我們所知的世界可能不會在 2023 年結束。

  • But Nostradamus experts do agree that 2023 is meant to be a year of deep changes and disasters.

    但諾斯特拉達穆斯專家都同意,2023 年注定是充滿深刻變化和災難的一年。

  • A major war is a constant in his predictions for 2023, and so are mentions of the destruction of a large empire

    在他對 2023 年的預測中,一場大戰爭以及提及大帝國的毀滅是常態——

  • which could be interpreted as China oreven more timely, Russiaand the loss of a large number of people in Europe.


  • In addition to a global war,


  • Nostradamus also predicts financial chaos, political instabilitypoverty, a new Pope who will spell disaster for the churchand civil chaos and immigration problems for 2023.

    諾斯特拉達穆斯也預言了金融混亂、政治不穩定、貧窮、一個將給教會帶來災難的新教皇,以及 2023 年的民間混亂和移民問題。

  • While many of these predictions are vague enough to apply to many situations and countries,


  • it's very clear that at least the war prophecy is very much related to Europe, which makes it particularly terrifying if you're a believer.


Nostradamus predicted a global war that could arrive in the next few years.


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令追隨者又懼又怕的諾斯特拉達穆斯 2023 年恐怖預言(Why Nostradamus Followers Fear This Horrifying 2023 Prediction)

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