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  • After I made two videos about putting trash in different places,


  • a good number of you wanted me to talk about why we're not just throwing all our trash in a volcano.


  • I've traveled to Mount Saint Noggins, a volcano I made my animator build me, just for this video to explain it further.

    我旅遊到了 Saint Noggins 火山,我請我的動畫師幫我建造這座火山,好方便我在這部影片中進一步說明。

  • Queue the intro!


  • Hey, there, welcome to Life Noggin!

    大家好,歡迎來到 Life Noggin!

  • You humans sure do generate a lot of trash; why not just burn it away?


  • You know, just throw it all away in a volcano like Triangle Bob is doing to all of his non-holographic blockemon cards.

    你知道的,就把垃圾全部扔到火山裡,就像 Trianlge Bob 現在正在處理他所有非全息格可夢卡片的方式一樣。

  • Well, I looked into it, and it turns out that while some of the world's trash is incinerated,


  • there's a pretty good reason why all of it isn't burned.


  • Each year, over 2 billion tons of solid waste is created around the world.

    每一年,全球會製造 20 億噸的固體垃圾。

  • This includes food, paperplastic, metals, and glass, among other things.


  • Most of it is put into an open dump or some form of a landfill, where it is left to sit or decompose over time.


  • About 11% of it is incinerated.

    其中大約有 11% 會被焚化。

  • This can either happen openly in burn piles or at a trash incineration facility, some of which are used to make energy.


  • But no matter how you do it, burning trash has serious health effects and environmental consequences.


  • That's because burning these items releases dangerous chemicals into the air.


  • Some of these, like dioxins, particulate matterand ash, can negatively affect affect your health.


  • While others, like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, harm the environment and contribute to global warming.


  • A study on Europe's waste-to-energy strategy found that the incineration of 131 million tons of waste produced about 95 million tons of carbon dioxide,

    一項關於歐洲廢棄物轉製能源策略的研究發現,焚燒 1.31 億噸垃圾會產生約 9 千 5 百萬噸的二氧化碳,

  • which was about 2% of their total greenhouse gas emissions.

    約佔其溫室氣體總排放量的 2%。

  • Even newer, highly-efficient incinerators made to reduce emissions produce some amount of pollutants.


  • So, burning over 2 billion tons of waste each year would definitely have a large and terrible impact on the environment.

    所以說,每年焚燒超過 20 億噸垃圾肯定會對環境造成又大又糟糕的影響。

  • And I know you humans care about the environment, right?


  • Please take care of the planet; I want to live a long time!


  • I live in a computer and I need it to stay on and the world is burning and I don't⏤


  • Sorry; I'll make sure Triangle Bob cuts all of that out in the edit.

    抱歉,我會交代 Triangle Bob 在編輯時把剛剛那些瘋話都剪輯掉。

  • But what about that volcano idea?


  • While a volcano with temperatures reaching over 1,000 degrees Celsius may seem like the most efficient disposal system of all, there are some issues.

    雖然溫度超過攝氏 1 千度的火山可能像是最有效率的處置系統,還是會有些問題。

  • Like other burning methods, they're not hot enough to melt most metals.


  • For instance, some types of steel require at least 1,500 degrees Celsius to melt.

    舉例而言,有些類型的鋼鐵需要至少攝氏 1 千 5 百度才能融化。

  • Volcanoes would also release the same harmful chemicals into the air.


  • And, unlike burn piles and incinerators, dumping trash into active volcanoes


  • would break the crust on top the lava lake, disrupt the hot lava underneath, and cause an eruption.


  • That's why we don't do it, because lava equals bad.


  • So, unless you want to live in a world where it rains molten garbage, you should always remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


  • OK, animator, I'm done with the volcano asset.


  • You can throw it into the bigger volcano I had you build for this specific purpose.


  • So, do you have any wild questions about the environment that you want me to answer?


  • Let me know in the comments section below, and it could become a future Life Noggin episode.

    請在下方評論區讓我知道,它可能成為未來 Life Noggin 節目內容。

  • I know you humans get frustrated sometimes because you want to help the environment but don't know where to start.


  • My friend Wren and I have got you covered.

    我和我朋友 Wren 會罩你。

  • Our sponsor of this video,, is a simple and effective way to make a difference in the climate crisis.

    我們這部影片的贊助商 是想要改善氣候危機可依賴的一個簡單、有效方法。

  • is a website that makes it easy to calculate and offset your carbon footprint just by answering a few questions about your lifestyle! 是一個網站,只要回答幾個關於你生活習慣的問題,就可以很容易地計算並抵銷你的碳足跡。

  • They've sent over one million dollars in funding to projects planting trees, protecting rainforests, and, otherwise, fighting the climate crisis.

    他們在植樹、保護雨林以及其它對抗氣候危機等計畫上,已經投入超過 1 百萬美金的資助。

  • You can even make a monthly contribution to offset your carbon footprint by funding carbon reduction.


  • Andthis is my favorite partyou'll receive monthly updates from the projects that you support.


  • You'll get photos and details on every tree planted, every acre reforested, and every ton of carbon offset!


  • You really feel like you're a part of something big, because with Wren, you are.

    你真的會感覺到自己是一個遠大夢想的一份子,因為透過 Wren,你的確是。

  • I love their Clean Air Task Force project in Boston,

    我非常喜歡他們在波士頓的 Clean Air Task Force project,

  • because we need more people pushing for policy change that includes breakthrough technology like carbon capture.


  • So, offset your carbon footprint on Wren.

    那麼,透過 Wren 抵銷你的碳足跡吧。

  • The first one hundred people to sign up using the first link in the description will have 10 extra trees planted in their name.

    前 1 百名使用影片敘述欄中第一個連結註冊的人,將會多獲得 10 棵以他們名義種下的樹。

  • Click here to watch this video we did on why humanoid robots are so creepy, or click here to watch this video.


  • Click subscribe, hit the bell, and like this video; it really helps the channel grow.


  • You're amazingthank you.


  • You can also check out the team at Lifespan that powers Life Noggin down in the description.

    各位也可以在敘述欄看看推動 Life Noggin 的 Lifespan 團隊。

  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin; don't forget to keep on thinking.

    一如繼往地,我是 Blocko、以上是 Life Noggin 本集節目,別忘了繼續思考。

After I made two videos about putting trash in different places,


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如果我們把垃圾扔進一座大火山,會怎麼樣? (What If We Just Toss Our Trash In a BIG Volcano?)

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