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  • Welcome to the best time of year Christmas Carol season its beginning of the Republican Party is in the midst of a fight over what it will stand for and who will lead it going forward into the future.


  • Now that squabble will play out most directly in the 2024 Republican presidential race where former President Donald Trump has already announced candidacy.


  • But there are plenty of others including florida governor Ron DeSantis who were expected to get into that race as well.

    但還有很多人,包括佛羅里達州州長羅恩-德桑蒂斯(Ron DeSantis),他們也有望加入這場比賽。

  • But long before we get to that 2024 votes there will actually be a test of what kind of party the GOP sees itself as and wants to be in january.


  • The Republican National Committee will select its chair for the next two years and recently the race just got a whole lot more interesting in late november, my pillow ceo and ardent trump defender Mike lindell said on steve Bannon's podcast that he would seek the position of RNC chair.


  • I am 100% running for the RNC chairman against Rhonda Mcdaniel.


  • 100% I'm all in steve steve lindell has risen the fame and infamy over the past several years by repeatedly insisting without any proof that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald trump lindell has been propped up in these efforts by yes trump who continues to peddle that false idea that somehow the election was fraudulent but lindell told axios that he did consult with trump on running for the RNC chairmanship.

    在過去的幾年裡,Steve lindell在沒有任何證據的情況下一再堅持認為2020年的選舉是從唐納德-特朗普那裡偷來的,是以名聲大振,臭名昭著。Lindell在這些努力中得到了是特朗普的支持,他繼續兜售這種虛假的想法,認為選舉是欺詐性的,但Lindell告訴axios,他確實就競選RNC主席職位與特朗普進行了協商。

  • I did not call him and say what do you think about this lindell said this is my decision.


  • It remains to be seen whether lindell will actually be anything close to a serious candidate for the job or if he could even get trump's endorsement in his race.


  • What we do know now is that Ronald Romney Mcdaniel, who first won the RNC job following trump's win in the 2016 election, is Planning to seek another term in the gig.


  • She's been a staunch Trump ally and he's reciprocated by praising her stewardship of the National Party Committee.


  • But it's unclear exactly how another McDaniel bid will be viewed after Republicans underwhelmed in the 2022 election, they failed to retake the Senate majority and they carried the house by just a sliver a small handful of seats.


  • An op ed in the conservative Washington examiner blasted Mcdaniel for this record, blame starts at the top whether in sports and organizational politics it read there's a reason that players frequently do not get fired from professional sporting teams but coaches get their feet held to the fire because they are the ones who are paid to manage in the same aspect.


  • The chairwoman of the RNC has to be held accountable for the GOP's failures this cycle ouch Mcdaniel announced that the committee was launching a council of outside advisers to help the party improve on its midterm performance heading into 2024 which seems like an effort to quiet those critics.


  • One of her aides also told CNN earlier this month that she had received private commitments of support from about 100 of the 168 R.


  • N.


  • C.


  • Members.


  • Which would be well more than the simple majority.


  • She needs to be re elected to the job.


  • The most serious johnson Mcdaniel is probably not from lindell but could well come from new york congressman Lee Zeldin who narrowly lost a surprisingly competitive race for governor to Democratic incumbent Kathy huckle earlier in november.


  • Now in mid november and an email to our And C members Zeledon indicated that he was very seriously considering a run for the RNC chairmanship adding this it is time for our party to retool transform win back the presidency in 2024 expand our number of Republican held seats in Congress and elect the maximum number of down ballot races across the country.

    現在,在11月中旬和一封給我們And C成員的電子郵件中,Zeledon表示,他正在非常認真地考慮競選RNC主席,並補充說,現在是我們黨重新調整轉型的時候了,在2024年贏回總統職位,擴大我們共和黨在國會的席位數量,並在全國範圍內選出最大數量的下選票比賽。

  • Sounds great.


  • The race for RNC chair looks at the moment like it's still McDaniels to lose but how and whether trump decides to weigh in could have a real impact and deliver an early test of just how much power he still retains among GOP stalwarts.


Welcome to the best time of year Christmas Carol season its beginning of the Republican Party is in the midst of a fight over what it will stand for and who will lead it going forward into the future.


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