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  • Manaslu is the world's 8th highest mountain standing, at 8,163 meters.

    馬納斯魯峰是世界第八高峰,海拔 8,163 公尺。

  • For climbers looking to summit eight-thousanders, Manaslu offers a great first step.


  • Manaslu allows you to test your body and your skills in a more controlled environment, before progressing to higher peaks such as Everest and K2.


  • Our expedition runs for a month throughout the whole of September.


  • We meet in Kathmandu before we fly to Samagoan via helicopter.

    我們會在加德滿都會和,然後搭乘直升機飛往 Samagoan 這個村莊。

  • Then, we'll trek a short distance of the base camp, from where you can have an amazing view of the whole of the valley.


  • After some training at the base camp, we will then be ready for an acclimatization rotation, before pushing for the summit.


  • If you dream of summiting Everest or want to experience the unforgettable feeling of submitting (an) eight-thousander,


  • Manaslu should be next on your list.


  • [A new era in mountain guiding has begun.]


  • [Led by three of the most groundbreaking mountaineers of a generation.]


  • [In the only way they operate...]


  • [...from the front.]


  • [Elite Exped director, Nimsdai Purja, MBE]

    [Elite Exped 管理人 Nimsdau Purja(大英帝國員佐勳章獲得者)]

  • [Former UK Special Forces operator, 14 x 8,000m mountains in 6 months, first winter ascent of K2, 10 x mountaineering world records, Piolets d'Or award 2019]

    [前英國特種部隊操作員、6 個月內攀登 14 座 8 千米高山、首次冬天攻頂喬戈里峰、10 項登山世界紀錄、2019 年金冰鎬獎 ]

  • [Elite Exped director, Mingma David Sherpa]

    [Elite Exped 管理人 Mingma David Sherpa]

  • [Youngest person to climb all 14 x 8,000ers, first winter ascent of K2, 2 x mountaineering world records, Piolets d'Or award 2018]

    [攀登 14 座 8 千米高山最年幼登山者、首次冬天攻頂喬戈里峰、2 項登山世界紀錄、2018 年金冰鎬獎 ]

  • [Elite Exped director, Mingma Tenzi Sherpa]

    [Elite Exped 管理人 Mingma Tenzi Sherpa]

  • [First winter ascent of K2, 20 successful summits of 8,000m mountains, 8 Everest summits]

    [首次冬天攻頂喬戈里峰、20 次 8 千米高山成功攻頂、聖母峰攻頂 8 次 ]

  • [With unparalleled leadership, industry leading safety through meticulous planning and logistics, VIP experience as standard,]


  • [this is...]


  • [... above + beyond + adventure]


  • [Elite Exped]

    [Elite Exped]

  • [Always a little higher.]


Manaslu is the world's 8th highest mountain standing, at 8,163 meters.

馬納斯魯峰是世界第八高峰,海拔 8,163 公尺。

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超危險的馬納斯魯峰登山挑戰! (Manaslu Expedition with ELITE EXPED | NIMSDAI)

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