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  • Hello and welcome to Crouton Crackerjacks!

  • Today I'm going to show you how to make the classic club sandwich.

  • This double decker sandwich is out of this world.

  • These are the ingredients that you'll need...

  • so let's get started!

  • The first thing you're going to want to do is cook up some bacon.

  • I've got some pieces of thick cut bacon here.

  • And you're going to need 3 slices of bacon for each club sandwich.

  • And once your bacon is cooked the way that you like it, go ahead and remove it from your pan.

  • Set it off on some paper towels to drain completely. And that's really all the cooking

  • that you're going to need to do for this sandwich.

  • Next I'm going to take a tomato and I'm just going to cut the core out of this and get rid of it.

  • I'm going to slice this into kind of thin-ish slices,

  • uh, maybe just about a 1/4" or so. You don't want them too thick

  • because this is going to be quite a thick sandwich anyway.

  • Next I took 3 pieces of bread and I went ahead and toasted those off camera cuz

  • you don't need to be watching me toast bread.

  • And I'm going to take my bottom slice of bread here, or toast,

  • and I'm going to cover it with some mayonnaise there.

  • Now I do my club sandwiches a little bit different. Where I live, we order

  • them and get them a specific way and that's the way I like to make them.

  • So I'm going to start off with a layer of ham. And this is just regular smoked ham lunch meat.

  • I'm going to top that with some smoked turkey breast lunch meat.

  • And then a slice of mild cheddar cheese.

  • I'm going to take my second slice of bread.

  • Put a nice layer of mayonnaise on that.

  • And put it mayonnaise side down.

  • And again, take some more mayonnaise and smear that across that toast.

  • And now basically what you're going to do is make yourself a

  • B.L.T. right on top of that ham, turkey and cheddar sandwich.

  • So layer up your bacon there.

  • And then on top of that bacon, put yourself a nice piece of lettuce.

  • And then I'm going to put two slices of tomato right on top of that.

  • And again, smear some mayonnaise on

  • the bottom side of that top piece of toast.

  • And set it right up there on top.

  • Kind of press your sandwich down a little bit.

  • And then I'm going to take some of these frilly toothpicks. Because this sandwich is such a high stacked sandwich,

  • you're going to want something to keep these pieces together when you cut it. So,

  • I'm going to use the classic, what they use at all the restaurants around here.

  • Use the frilly toothpicks and put one on each side.

  • And then using a very sharp knife, I'm going to cut my sandwich right in half.

  • Turn it and then cut into quarters.

  • Now to serve this up, I'm going to do it just like they do it in the restaurants.

  • I've made up some french fries here. These are just

  • you know, frozen, store bought french fries that I made in the oven

  • and I seasoned those. I'm just going to put those onto my plate

  • and around the fries I'm going to arrange the four quarters of my club sandwich.

  • And there you go.

  • How to make a club sandwich the Crouton Crackerjacks way!

  • I hope you guys enjoy and thanks so much for watching!

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  • and we'll see you next time.

Hello and welcome to Crouton Crackerjacks!


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