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  • six ways to regulate yourself according to neuropsychology.


  • Specifically sourced from dr Nicole, a petrel.


  • Hopefully I said her name.


  • Right.


  • All right let's do it.


  • So if you're stressed, use the physiological sigh.


  • Andrew Huberman of the Huberman lab talks about this.


  • It is two.


  • Inhales quickly.


  • One long exhale.


  • If you're anxious, go for a walk.


  • When you're out for a walk, your eyes naturally look from side to side, which relaxes the body and deactivates our amygdala.


  • If you're sad, acknowledge your feelings validate yourself and then move your body to release endorphins.


  • If you're impulsive or angry, look out of the window but don't look at anything dilate your gaze.


  • This blunts nor adrenaline.


  • So you can think clearly if you have low motivation, focus on one spot on your screen for one minute and ignore everything else.


  • Pupil larry convergence increase focus and if you're feeling insecure, write down your strengths as logical thinking overrides your limbic system personally.


  • I find that anytime I need emotional regulation.


  • Writing down a list of what I'm grateful for journaling about my feelings breathwork specifically.


  • Wim Hoff's 10 minute beginner guide.


  • Going out in nature whether it's the park next door, driving down to the beach or moving my body with dance always helps pull me out of whatever negative emotion I'm feeling overwhelmed by and learning emotional regulation is one of the most important tools that we can have as adults and when we really think about it like whoever taught us how to self soothe how to calm yourself down.


  • Whoever gave you healthy habits of how to control your thoughts or feelings when life comes at you, like likely your parents did not unless you were blessed, in which case good for you.


  • But this is where we have to, the rest of us work on re parenting work by allowing ourselves to practice and master regulating our own emotional states and hopefully all of these neuropsychology hacks help.


  • I'm anaconda.


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six ways to regulate yourself according to neuropsychology.


由 AI 自動生成

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調節你的神經系統的6種方法(根據神經科學)。 (6 ways to regulate your nervous system (according to neuroscience))

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