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  • What's up?


  • Everybody I am Tiffany Renee, I am absolutely in love with the versatility of black hair.

    大家好,我是Tiffany Renee,我絕對愛死了黑髮的多功能性。

  • My last five years, I really grew to like love my hair step into like my black womanhood more because my hair was like a statement on site.


  • So that's my hair story.


  • Now, I want to hear some of yours.


  • So let's get into the nostalgia of black hair.


  • Like tell me about a time when you were younger and you had a meaningful moment or a meaningful person that helped you like shape your narrative around how you feel about your black hair.


  • Um well that's interesting and kind of multifaceted.


  • I think growing up in the south, straight hair was the big thing, like there was no natural hair 20 years ago when I was in college or or it was definitely forbidden when I was small enough to be in elementary school.


  • So it was always a situation where if you had to go somewhere, you always had to straighten the hair.


  • I went to the beauty shop like most of us like once a week or always for special occasions, but it was never something that I, So by the time I got old enough to really control my hair, I was like no, this isn't it, like very early in the game.


  • So at that time when my mom was sort of allowed me to kind of do my own hair, I was probably like first starting high school and this is early 90s, so like I washed my hair now and I wear it embraced and at a point in time, I would never have never have been seen outside in protective hairstyles.


  • At this point, child is part of the look.


  • Okay?


  • So if you see me with four Platz and the cap on, then that's what it is for the day and that's it.


  • So at this point in my life, like 25 30 years into understanding what hair is to me, I fully accepted whatever it comes in.

    是以,在我生命中的這一點上,就像25 30年來對頭髮的理解,我完全接受了它的任何形式。

  • Like I'm not, I do not limit myself to what my mother or my father or my grandmother always wanted me to do in terms of representing what my hair should look like.


What's up?


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