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  • what's up everybody I am Tiffany Renee.

    大家好,我是Tiffany Renee。

  • I am absolutely in love with the versatility of black hair.


  • My last five years, I really grew to like love my hair step into like my black womanhood more because my hair was like a statement on site, so that's my hair story now, I want to hear some of yours, so tell me why you feel like caring for your hair is important to you.


  • I mean, that's a loaded big question.


  • Um for a long time, I don't think I actually cared for my hair, I cut it very short so I can move fast and do the things I needed to do.


  • And I think about two months ago, three months ago actually, I was speaking with a great friend of mine and she said she had a wash day and I was like, what are you doing this?


  • She said, you just stay home and take care of yourself.


  • And I said, I need some of that.


  • And it was just like a thought process of taking care of your hair is just an extension of you write and the things that you do to make sure that you feel good, your hair is alive and these nourishment, all the things and taking that time that I was pouring into myself.


what's up everybody I am Tiffany Renee.

大家好,我是Tiffany Renee。

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