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  • I was 8 and my brother was about 10.

  • We really wanted to go camping without any adults.

  • My parents agreed as long as we trained.

  • We were living in the Arctic, so it

  • was cold temperatures and storms and blizzards and bears.

  • But we wanted them to succeed in their little mini first outing.

  • We wanted to raise the kids, giving them the confidence

  • to do impossible things.

  • You learn to do things yourself

  • because we need to be able to deal

  • with the worst case scenarios.

  • The reality is if it's blowing 100 kilometers an hour

  • and it's a storm, we're out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Nobody's coming out to get you.

  • My parents knew that as well.

  • There's no rescue operation if something bad happens.

  • There's no Hollywood grand finale.

  • We'll be frozen.

  • We'll be dead.

  • We'll be eaten by a polar bear.

  • Go.

  • So this ice behind us is quite impressive to look at,

  • but it's not very impressive when

  • we're traveling through it.

  • We weren't that far out when I remember my brother

  • had this, like, shock.

  • What do you see from up there?

  • Mostly more ice.

  • We wanted to cross the Boothia Strait.

  • Looking out at it, it seemed like a really bad idea.

  • But we knew if we pushed across, which was the quickest

  • way, there's the risk that somebody

  • would fall through the water and just disappear out there.

  • So we're going to camp the night and see if it solidifies.

  • A detour would add about 500 kilometers

  • to our total trip, which would put us in jeopardy

  • of running out of snow and ice.

  • So we started the day in good hopes

  • that we could get to the other side.

  • See, that's a fox.

  • There's something out there.

  • Birds don't make that [BLEEP] sound.

  • Which would be neat to see an Arctic fox,

  • but at the same time, foxes tend to follow polar bears.

  • Polar Bears are a huge risk anywhere in the Arctic,

  • especially around open water 'cause

  • that's where they hunt seals.

  • Our biggest fear was having a polar bear encounter in camp.

  • We had a bear fence--

  • basically, a tripwire, which would hopefully wake us up.

  • They're so quiet, they can sneak up on anything.


I was 8 and my brother was about 10.


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在北極狩獵(Hunted in the Arctic | Edge of the Unknown on Disney+)

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