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  • The election just ended.


  • But I look like I've aged 10 years as votes rolled in from across the country on Election Day donald trump said something truly incredible when asked on news nation about how much credit or blame he should get for the election results.


  • Watch I think if they win I should get all the credit and if they lose I should not be blamed at all.


  • Yes, he really said that and no, no, he wasn't kidding.


  • He would quite simply like to have his cake and also eat it too.


  • In trump's world.


  • All good things are the direct result of his actions.


  • While all bad things are definitely someone else's fault.


  • He's forever telling himself a story in which he is the forever hero fighting off the losers and the haters were dragging him down.


  • That was me fighting people off a case in point this tweet from Maggie Haberman of the new york times quote trump is indeed furious this morning, particularly about Mehmet Oz and is blaming everyone who advised him to back Oz, including his wife describing it as not her best decision according to people close to him.

    這是我與人爭吵的一個例子,紐約時報的Maggie Haberman在推特上引用了特朗普今天早上確實很生氣,特別是關於Mehmet Oz,並指責所有建議他支持Oz的人,包括他的妻子,據他身邊的人說,這不是她最好的決定。

  • It was his wife's fault.


  • The data tells a very different story.


  • So Trump was viewed favorably by just 39% of voters according to the exit polling.


  • While 58% saw him in an unfavorable light, those numbers put him below Joe Biden who was at 41% favorable, 56% unfavorable and there are other numbers in that same exit polling that suggests Trump was a drag on Republican candidates.


  • All told 28% of voters say Their vote was to send a message of opposition to the former president, just 16% said their vote was a way to support Trump.


  • Put the polling numbers aside and there's still lots of evidence that Donald Trump's fingerprints were all over this election and not in a good way for Republicans.


  • He endorsed candidates in gubernatorial races in Pennsylvania, Maryland Illinois and Michigan who all lost convincingly as they they struggled to develop a winning general election message in the Arizona governor's race election Denier and trump Endorsee Kari Lake is locked in a tight race.


  • Now on the Senate side, trump's record was slightly better while Oz lost in pennsylvania has endorsed candidates won in north Carolina and Ohio in Georgia.


  • The race between herschel walker and Senator Raphael Warnock is going to a december 6th runoff in Arizona.


  • The Senate race between trump backed blake mast and Senator Mark kelly is too early to call Dito Nevada, where Adam Laxalt, who has trump's endorsement faces Senator Catherine Cortez masto, but it's a decidedly mixed record thus far as the Wall Street Journal noted in an op ed headlined trump is the Republican Party's biggest loser, quote trump.


  • The Republican candidates failed at the ballot box in states that were clearly winnable and quote that message will sting trump mostly because it's the truth.


The election just ended.


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