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  • Based on the CIA's data, the country with the highest life expectancy is Monaco, with an average of 89.5 years old.

    中央情報局的數據指出,人民壽命最年長的國家是摩納哥,平均年齡為 89.5 歲。

  • In the United States, it drops to about 80.

    在美國,這一數字降到約 80。

  • In Canada, about 82.

    在加拿大,大約是 82。

  • In the United Kingdom, around 81.

    在英國則是 81 歲左右。

  • Across the world, this number can fluctuate dramatically and drop all the way down to the low 50s in certain less developed countries.

    這個數字可能在全球大幅地波動,而在較低開發的國家則會降到約 50 歲後段左右。

  • But for the sake of this video, let's assume your life expectancy is on the higher side of the world's average,


  • and that you will have no incidents of health complications or tragedies, and that you'll live to 82 years old.

    而且假設你不會有健康併發症或悲劇的發生,並假設你會活到 82 歲。

  • 82 years on this planet as yourselfnot too bad, but that's from birth.

    作為自己在這個星球上活 82 年不算太壞,但那是從出生開始算起。

  • In terms of your remaining time in life, we have to subtract however old you are right now from 82.

    就你生命剩餘時間來說,我們必須從 82 歲中減去你現在的年齡。

  • For the sake of this video, let's say you are 22 years old, as that is generally an age when a lot of people fully begin their careers.

    為了這部影片之便,我們假設你現在 22 歲,因為這通常是很多人正式開始職業生涯的年齡。

  • After subtracting that, at this point, you now have 60 more potential years of life, which equates to 21,900 days, or 525,600 hoursstill not too bad.

    在減去那個數字後,你現在還有 60 年的潛在壽命,相當於 21,900 天或是 525,600 小時,還是不算太糟。

  • But if you get an average of 8 hours of sleep per night, 175,200 of those hours disappear, and you now have just less than what is equal to 40 years of waking life left.

    但如果你每晚平均睡 8 個小時,那些時間中會有 175,200 個小時消失,而你寫在只剩不到等同於 40 年的清醒人生。

  • That brings your life expectancy down 20 years.

    那讓你的預期壽命降低到 20 年。

  • That's kind of scary, but it gets a lot scarier if the following is true for you.


  • A 2017 survey indicated that about 50% of US workers described themselves as unsatisfied or unhappy in their job.

    2017 年的一項調查指出,美國約 50% 的工人描述自己在工作中不滿意或不快樂。

  • In another 2017 study conducted worldwide, when asked anonymously, 85 percent of workers admitted to disliking or hating their job.

    在 2017 年另一項全球研究中,當被匿名詢問時,85% 的工人承認不喜歡或討厭他們的工作。

  • At such a large percentage, it is rather likely that one of these people might be you.


  • Or perhaps you don't necessarily hate or dread your job,


  • but you find yourself rarely ever enjoying it or feeling inspired by it, and are always wishing for the weekend, always wanting the week to be over and for it to be Friday night.


  • If this is the case, and your life enjoyment is based almost entirely on the weekend, let's see what happens when we subtract all the weekdays from your remaining 40 years of life.

    如果是這種情況,而你生活的享受幾乎完全仰賴週末,讓我們看看從你剩下的 40 年壽命減去所有工作日會發生什麼事。

  • There is an average of 260 work days in a year, not including holidays.

    一年中平均有 260 個工作日,不包括節、假日。

  • After subtracting those across your remaining 40 years, your number of days goes from 14,600 all the way down to 4,200, leaving you with only about 11 years.

    在你剩餘的 40 年減去那些時數後,你的天數從 14,600 天一直下降到 4,200 天,讓你只剩下約 11 年。

  • But if you figure you'll retire at an average age of around 63, you might say that you should get some of those days back.

    但是如果你認為自己大概會在平均 63 歲左右退休,你可能會說,自己應該可以得回一些扣掉的時日。

  • But if you also figure that in the US, the chance of having a disability or mental impairment is 68 percent for people over the age of 65,

    但如果你也考量在美國,65 歲以上罹患殘疾或精神障礙的機率是 68%,

  • then this age isn't exactly a time of your life to hold out for and claim as years filled with happiness and enjoyment.


  • So, in fact, I would argue that in terms of desirable life, we should actually take at least a portion of those days away.


  • First, let's give you them all back.


  • But then let's consider that after the age of 65, as you grow older and older, the likelihood of developing health conditions or having existing health conditions worsen only increases.

    但隨後我們考慮一下,65 歲以後,你隨著年齡增長,出現健康狀況或現有健康狀況惡化的可能性只會增加。

  • So, as a rough, generalized average, across all the years after retirement, all the way up until death, let's say a person has somewhere around 2 good, healthy, enjoyable days out of every 7.

    所以粗略計算退休後所有年份至死亡的概括平均值,假設一個人大約每 7 天有 2 天左右的良好、健康、愉快日子。

  • Now, you are exactly right back where you were, with 11 years of remaining life.

    那你現在就完全回到原點,只剩 11 年的壽命。

  • In living for the weekend, you went from what first sounded like a decent 60 years of remaining life all the way down to only 11.

    在只為週末而活的狀況,你從最初聽起來像是不錯的 60 年剩餘生命一路降到只有 11 年。

  • And as an extra kicker, what if you have weekends that aren't that good?


  • Weekends where you have to do things that you don't want to do, like house chores, yard work, dealing with annoying personal stuff, or even going into work to catch up on things.


  • That's at least another year or more off of your remaining life.


  • If you are 22, your waking life expectancy for (the) life you want to live is now equivalent to around the age of 32.

    如果你現在 22 歲,你為了理想生活而過的清醒預期壽命為相當到 32 歲左右。

  • Regardless of your age, who you are, what you do, or the exact accuracy of these numbers to your life, if you live for the weekends, the point holds true.


  • The idea that anyone would accept to live a life where this amount of it is wished away,


  • where such a huge quantity of time is spent not wanting that time to happen,


  • where such a small percentage is spent enjoying it and living in the moment


  • for anyone that has any sliver of hope in not living like this, it is borderline insanity to accept.


  • Sure, there are responsibilities we must attend to in life;


  • sure, there are things we're going to have to do that we don't always want to do;


  • sure, every day of our job in (our) career can't always be fun or how we want it to be,


  • but to work a job or be in a career or be at a company that you don't enjoy or find fulfillment inat least the majority of the timeyou're essentially signing away most of your life.


  • Life is extremely short.


  • If you do out all of the math and consider every little trivial or self-maintenance-oriented thing we spend time doing,


  • even if you love what you do for work and don't subtract all the weekdays from your remaining life, the time we have is still frighteningly short.


  • So, it truly is so important that we do not give it away, that we are careful and conscious of what we exchange it for,


  • that we do not let outside pressures from family, friends, or society convince us to just give it away blindly,


  • and choose jobs, careers, companies, or lifestyles that we don't personally enjoy or resonate with,


  • that we don't become easily distracted or persuaded by short-term glitz and glamour that we know we don't really need,


  • and that we try our best to avoid accepting anything less or making big mistakes that force us to have to.


  • If you feel like you are constantly wishing for the weekend only for it to come,


  • and then in a blink of the eye, it ends, and you're back at the same starting point on Monday, waiting for the weekend all over again;


  • if you feel like you are anywhere close to living a life where you dislike almost every day of what you do, throwing each day into the trash of wasted time,


  • perhaps you should spend some of your time trying to figure out how to make sure you don't waste any more of it.


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Based on the CIA's data, the country with the highest life expectancy is Monaco, with an average of 89.5 years old.

中央情報局的數據指出,人民壽命最年長的國家是摩納哥,平均年齡為 89.5 歲。

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