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  • - What the hell is he doing? - He's plowing under his corn.

  • Why?

  • Ty Cobb called him the greatest left fielder of all time.

  • He said his glove was the place where triples go to die.

  • - Could he hit? - Could he hit?

  • Lifetime average .356, third highest in history.

  • Why'd they call him "Shoeless Joe"?

  • When he was in the minors...

  • ...he bought a new pair of spikes and hurt his feet.

  • In the 6th inning, he took them off and played in his socks.

  • The players kidded him, called him "Shoeless Joe" and the name stuck.

  • He's going to lose his farm.

  • Damned fool.

  • Then in 1919, his team the Chicago White Sox...

  • ...threw the World Series.

  • - What's "threw"? - It means they lost it on purpose.

  • Gamblers paid them to.

  • Except Shoeless Joe.

  • He did take their money, but nobody ever proved he did one thing...

  • lose those games.

  • If he threw it, how do you explain that he hit .375 for the Series...

  • ...and committed no errors?

  • I can't.

  • Twelve hits including the Series' only home run...

  • ...and they said he's trying to lose?

  • It's ridiculous.

  • The commissioner of baseball suspended eight of the players...

  • ...including the great Shoeless Joe Jackson, for life.

  • What's "suspend"?

  • It means they never let him play the game again.

  • My father said he saw him years later...

  • ...playing under a made-up name in some 10th-rate league in Carolina.

  • He'd put on 50 pounds, and his spring was gone from his step...

  • ...but he could still hit.

  • Dad used to say nobody could hit like Shoeless Joe.

  • I think that's the first time I've ever seen you smile...

  • ...when you mentioned your father.

  • I have just created something totally illogical.

  • That's what I like about it.

  • Am I completely nuts?

  • Not completely.

  • It's a good baseball field, Ray.

  • It's kind of pretty, isn't it?

- What the hell is he doing? - He's plowing under his corn.


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