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  • Some people in my neighborhood have already put up their Christmas lights.


  • Come on man.


  • Barack Obama is in high demand right now.


  • The former president is all over the campaign trail in the final stages of the 2022 race and he's relishing his role, forcefully taking it to republicans wherever he goes.

    這位前總統到處參加 2022 大選前最後階段的一系列競選活動,而且他很享受自己的角色,無論到哪裡都會強行向共和黨人發難。

  • In Arizona, where former TV news anchor, Kari Lake, is running for governor, Obama equipped this:


  • "If we hadn't just elected somebody whose main qualification was being on TV, you can see maybe giving it a shot.


  • In that same speech, Obama said this about Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters,


  • "If you were trying to create in a lab, a wacky republican politician; It looked a lot like this guy."


  • Of the fact that a number of members of Nevada, Republican Senate nominee Adam Laxalt's family have endorsed Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Obama said this,


  • "You know, we all might have a crazy uncle, you know, that kind of goes off the rails,


  • but if you've got a full thanksgiving dinner table, and they're all saying you don't belong in the US Senate when the people who know you best think your opponent would do a better job.


  • That says something about you."


  • And in Georgia, Obama said this of former NFL running back Herschel Walker's lack of experience as a politician,


  • Let's say you're at the airport and you see Mr. Walker and you say, "Hey, there's Herschel Walker, Heisman winner, let's have him fly the plane."


  • You probably wouldn't say that.


  • Obama's performance is a reminder that he is among the most naturally skilled politicians, if not the single most naturally skilled politician of his generation.


  • And he remains quite popular with the Democratic base and even many swing voters.


  • In a pew poll at the end of 2021, 35% of people named Obama as the best president of the last 40 years, which was ahead of Ronald Reagan at 23%, and yes, Donald Trump at 17%.

    在 2021 年底的普選中,35% 的人將歐巴馬評為過去 40 年中最好的總統,超過了隆納·雷根的 23%,當然還有唐納·川普的 17%。

  • Among Democrats and Democratic Leaners in that poll, the numbers were even more decisive, with 59% saying Obama was the best president of the last four decades.

    在該民調中,民主黨跟共和黨支持者的數字更具決定性,59% 的人認為歐巴馬是過去 40 年中最好的總統。

  • The truth of the matter is that Obama is the best and really, if we're being honest, only democratic surrogate who can go anywhere in the country and step for any kind of candidate.


  • That's definitely not true of President Joe Biden who's got low approval numbers and has limited his campaigning to heavily democratic areas where he still remains a draw.


  • It's also not true for Bill Clinton, who, at this point, has been out of the presidency for more than two decades.


  • It's not true for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, either.


  • Both of whom is liberal policies don't sit well with the more red-leaning states across America.


  • It's not clear, of course, how much of an impact Obama will have.


  • Lake could well win the Arizona governor's race; Laxalt is in a dead heat in Nevada; Walker has weathered a series of allegations regarding relationships with women that might have ended other candidates' campaigns.


  • Just because voters like Barack Obama doesn't mean that they will vote for the democrats that he has chosen to endorse.


  • The national winds are clearly blowing in the face of democrats, and not even Obama may be able to change that reality.


  • But his presence on the campaign trail and the performances that he is putting in are a stark reminder that he is by far the best surrogate the party has, and he hasn't lost much of his edge from his years outside of the White House.


  • And that is the point.


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Some people in my neighborhood have already put up their Christmas lights.


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