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  • Elon musk now runs five firms.


  • The billionaire said monday that he had made himself ceo of twitter, the social network he just bought for $44 billion musk already ran Tesla rocket firm, SpaceX, Brain chip startup neuralink and tunneling firm.


  • The boring company.


  • He had already fired former twitter boss, Parag Agrawal and other top executives.

    他已經解僱了前twitter老闆Parag Agrawal和其他高管。

  • Now he's also dissolved the board and is the sole director of the company.


  • Twitter declined to say how long musk would stay ceo or whether he planned to find a new chief.


  • The man himself said in a tweet that dissolution of the board was just a temporary move but didn't elaborate further, musk has moved fast to put his stamp on the company.


  • He has said he'll review how people are verified and may charge for use of the coveted blue tick awarded to some users.


  • His teams have also been meeting with employees to investigate twitter's software and figure out how it works though some staff said they had had little communication from musk and we're using news reports to piece together what was happening, analysts fear running five firms could prove too much though.


  • Tesla stock is down around a third since musk first said he planned to buy twitter.


Elon musk now runs five firms.


由 AI 自動生成

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