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  • Yes yes oh oh, I really like how the buns look.


  • Work it, yep, oh, let me fix the buns. Oh the sesame seeds look great in this one. Yes, I love it. I love it. Now make me hate it.


  • Which filter should I even use? Walden, or Nashville? Walden, Nashville.

    要用哪個濾鏡效果呢?是 Walden 好呢?還是 Nashville?用 Walden 效果,用 Nashville 效果....

  • Border? No border. Let's go with border.

    要加邊框嗎?不要好了... 還是加邊框好了。

  • Hashtag hamburger, hashtag SWAG, hashtag turnt up, hashtag foodies, hashtag dbj, hashtag don't be jealous, hashtag I know you are jealous, hashtag going on a jog after this.

    標記「漢堡」、標記「SWAG」、標記「超 high」、標記「美食家」、標記「DBJ」、標記「別忌妒我」、標記「我知道你在忌妒我」、標記「吃完要跑跑步」。

  • Are you kidding me? Catherine's back with Austin! They've broken eight times already.

    你在跟我開玩笑吧!?Catherine 和 Austin 復合了!他們已經分手八次了耶!

  • Why did you still like her Facebook picture?


  • I don't like her picture. I like her shoes!


  • Zombies would be like "uhhh," dead people would be like "ewww."

    殭屍會是 "uhhh" 死人會是 "ewww"。

  • Oh my God. This is so funny!


  • Guys guys guys throw over here. There're on B side. There're on B side.

    大家大家丟過來。他們在 B 區,他們在 B 區。

  • Wait. Are you kidding me right now? You have to be kidding me.


  • You're playing video games right now. I took this day off so that we could spend time with each other. This is supposed to be "me and you" time.


  • I have had... (Screaming) Say goodbye to your XBOX, your Play Station, and your PC, no more distractions!

    我受夠... (尖叫) XBOX 拜拜,PS 拜拜,PC 拜拜,不要再有干擾了!

  • Work it. Yeah! Oh, let me fix the buns. Walden or Nashville.

    好了,耶!喔,我修一下麵包,好了,用哪個濾鏡好呢? Walden 或 Nashville。

  • Walden... Give me the phone!

    用 Walden 好了... 手機拿來!

  • Excuse me, waiter, separate checks!


Yes yes oh oh, I really like how the buns look.


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