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Yes yes oh oh, I really like how the buns look.
Work it, yep.oh, Let me fix the buns. Oh the sesame seeds look great in this one. yes, yes, I love it. I love it. Now make me hate it.
Which filter should i even use? Walden, or Nashville? Walden, Nashville.
Border? No border.Let's go with border.
Hashtag hamburger, hashtag swag, hashtag turnt up, hashtag foodie, hashtag dbj, hashtag don't be jealous, hashtag i know you are jealous. hashtag going on a jog after this.
Are you kidding me? Catherine's back with Austin! They've broken eight times already.
Why did you still like her Facebook picture?
I don't like her picture. I like her shoes!
Zombies would be like "uhhh", dead people would be like "ewww"
Oh my God. This is so funny!
Guys guys guys throw over here. There're on B side. There're on B side.
Wait. Are you kidding me right now? You have to be kidding me.
You're playing video games right now.I took this day off so that we could spend time with each other. This is supposed to be "me and you" time.
(Screaming)Say goodbye to your XBOX, your Play Station, and your PC, no more distractions!
Work it. Yeah! Oh, let me fix the buns. Well then, a Nashville.
Well then... Give me the phone.
Excuse me, waiter, separate checks!



約會FB、IG用不停!你在跟手機談戀愛嗎? instagram facebook and vine vs social time

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