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  • hello and greetings from the Black Forest during  our recent trip to Germany we did something that  


  • we don't often do and that's pick up a rental  car and embark on a road trip in this video  


  • we'll be exploring Charming Lakeside towns the  water was calm and just it's so tranquil we'll  


  • ride the cable car to the highest mountain  peak in the Black Forest we are on the cable  


  • car getting ready for the journey to go up  we'll hike in search of waterfalls this is  


  • exactly my kind of place right here we'll stay  at a Historic Hotel with ties to a famous Queen  


  • and we'll either filled black forest cake  because that's precisely what you do around  


  • these parts so hit that subscribe button and  join us on this fun road trip across Germany's


  • thank you he fits


  • what do you think of the new ride it's  awesome never been in a car that small halfway  


  • picking up our electric Mini Cooper we set off  towards our first destination ttj a small town  


  • in the Black Forest that sits on the edge of  a lake by the same name first things first we  

    位於黑森林邊緣的一個 小鎮 湖的同名冷杉首先,我們

  • found a place to have a quick bite we decided to  have flam cooken the name translates to pie baked  


  • in flames and it's sort of like a thin crust  pizza this was the dessert version with apples  


  • raisins and cinnamon Just What We Needed before  jumping into the sightseeing how was that lunch  

    葡萄乾和肉桂的甜點版本正是我們之前需要 的 跳進觀光,那午餐怎麼樣

  • thing oh that was fantastic it was just the right  amount of food you know I didn't want a big thick  


  • Pizza that kind of like puts you into an afternoon  Siesta that was perfect nice and light thin crust  


  • and the prices were very reasonable too 12 to  14 euros and it depended on what toppings you  

    而且價格也非常合理,12 到 14 歐元,這取決於你

  • got and something I will add for anyone ordering  flam Cookin for the first time it is super thin  

    得到了什麼配料,我會為任何第一次訂購 flam Cookin 的人添加一些東西,它是超薄的

  • crust so you can definitely eat your own  don't think like oh I'm gonna share this  


  • because you'll be hungry you can definitely  eat the whole thing I'd recommend trying the  


  • sweet one it was good and the name of the  restaurant I shouldn't forget it's called  


  • Zay Bleak so Lake View and you do get a nice Lake  View from there makes sense and now we're on our  

    Zay Bleak 所以湖景和你確實得到了一個漂亮的湖從那裡看是有道理的,現在我們在

  • boat getting ready for our next activity we are  doing a little boat tour of TT Zay Lake TTC yeah  

    船上為下一次活動做準備,我們正在乘船遊覽 TT Zay 湖 TTC 是

  • since the leak is the main attraction in ttz we  joined a boat tour aboard Titus which is a replica  

    的,因為洩漏是 ttz 的主要景點,我們參加了 Titus 上的乘船遊覽 羅馬廚房 的複製品

  • of a Roman Galley local Legend says the lake was  named after General Titus flavius bespasianis who  


  • was Roman Emperor from 69 to 79 A.D he is  believed to have camped here during one of  

    他是公元 69 年至 79 年的羅馬皇帝,據信他曾在

  • his many military campaigns he thought the place  was so beautiful that he named it after himself  


  • and so Titisee evolved into ttze how much is true  nobody knows but a cool spot to visit nevertheless

    ,所以 Titisee 演變成 ttze 有多少是真實的,沒人知道,但是一個很酷的地方,但是

  • what have we learned so far on the tour Sam  is admiring The Villa he's like what you're  

    到目前為止我們在旅行中學到了什麼 Sam 很欣賞別墅他就像你在

  • talking to me you're talking to me apparently  the water in this lake is so clean that it's  


  • considered drinking water because they don't  allow any motorized boats only electric boats  


  • also there's lots of fish here yep and see people  fishing on side of the banks yeah and also on a  


  • fishing boat and they're rolling up oh the other  thing I should mention too is that on the other  


  • side of the lake there's a whole bunch of camping  grounds they have people out in their campers and  


  • it looks like a fun lively place to go camping  now let me tell you about the hotel we stayed  


  • at because it's not often that a hotel is the  destination so after the boat tour we drove to  


  • Hofgut Sternen Germany which is a Historic Hotel  in the Black Forest the hotel has had its fair  

    黑森林的歷史悠久的 Hofgut Sternen 德國酒店,這家酒店擁有相當

  • share of famous guests including Marie Antoinette  who stayed here in May of 1770 when she was on  

    多的著名 酒店包括瑪麗·安托瓦內特在內的客人於 1770 年 5 月在

  • her way to Paris to marry King Louis XVI there's  even a mural on the hotel depicting her arrival  

    前往巴黎與國王路易十六結婚的途中 住在這裡, 酒店甚至還有一幅壁畫描繪了她的到來

  • of course much has changed since then but we love  the rooms which were bright and modern yet still  


  • cozy but we didn't linger too long we dropped  off for bags and went out to explore because you  


  • wouldn't believe what's just behind the hotel guys  we have made it to our next attraction it is a gem  


  • and it is right behind the hotel we are staying  I cannot believe this but I'm about to show you  


  • the Ravenna Viaduct prepared to be blown away oh  how cool is that my gosh it is beautiful it is a  


  • Stone Arch Bridge you can actually see trains  going across every once in a while and yeah I  

    石拱橋,你實際上可以看到火車每隔一段時間穿過 是的 ,我

  • was just reading a little bit of info apparently  back during the war they blew up this bridge so  


  • it had to be rebuilt but it is impressive and  it gets the name Ravenna from the French ravine  


  • um because we are kind of close to the  border with France check that out what


  • what

  • I don't know what to tell you other than this  is exactly my kind of place right here such a  


  • cool Forest we've got Mossy stones of  river flowing through old Fallen logs  


  • just so much Greenery and it feels so fresh  and so cool and the air is so crisp and it's  


  • just so beautiful the sun is starting to  go down so we've got like that really soft  


  • golden light all diffused coming through the  leaves and the trees penetrating the foliage  


  • it's amazing so so happy to be here like this  for me is right up there with the trip that we  

    ,真是太棒 了 很高興能像這樣在這裡對我來說,我們

  • did to the German Alps to Berchtesgaden National  Park I'm putting the Black Forest right up there  


  • just love it and we're just starting like  we're just getting into the forest it's amazing


  • back at the hotel we also stopped by their  famous cuckoo clock the largest in the Black  


  • Forest Highlands complete with life-sized dancing  figures that emerge on the hour they even have  


  • a cuckoo clock shop so if you're looking forsouvenir to take back home you know where to go  


  • oh and then it was dinner time they have a few  different restaurants on site but we ate at in  


  • the main building it is dinner time friends  we have been working up an appetite that hike  


  • was just perfect because not only was it an  appetizer of what's going to come with the  


  • black forest here in German but it also kind of  made me hungry too so we've arrived here at the  


  • hotel restaurant the menu was extensive but what  we decided to do was go for the four course meal  

    酒店餐廳,菜單很豐富,但我們決定做的是四道菜 我們開始吃的

  • we started off with some wine white for me  and red for Sam and if I can share one piece  

    飯 給我一些白酒,給山姆喝紅葡萄酒,如果我可以

  • of advice for anyone traveling in Germany it's  to not fill up on the bread and no matter how  


  • delicious it is did we follow our own advice no  but man the meal that followed was so good and  


  • we were kind of stuffed but back to the four  course meal first we had a regional wild herb  


  • salad with cream cheese and an apple chutney next  was a creamy paprika soup with rosemary oil and  


  • dried chilies the main was pork tenderloin with  sauteed mushrooms and a rich Gravy Sauce with a  


  • side of mashed potatoes and lastly for dessert  creme brulee with lingonberries everything was  


  • Exquisite truly a feast of a meal and  a restaurant we would highly recommend  


  • good morning guys it is day two we have just  arrived at our first destination of the day we  


  • are in Schluchsee schluchis a beautiful Lake  check it out over there we're gonna go for a  

    在 Schluchsee schluchis 一個美麗的湖 看看那裡 我們要去一個

  • nice little walk enjoy some views and see where  the day takes us we've got lots of plans lots  

    不錯的小散步 欣賞一些風景,看看我們今天去哪裡 我們有很多計劃 很多

  • of places to visit but we're starting the  morning off with the cool relaxing stroll  


  • Sam of course needs his sunscreen because redhead  so he's just getting ready for that slathering up


  • is the largest lake in the black forest and if  you're up for a hike there's actually a trail  


  • that follows the perimeter of the lake however  we decided to do something different yes we  


  • rented a rowboat and we couldn't have asked  for a better morning to go out on the water  


  • well we have just rented a row boat


  • uh we need to figure out how this works forwards  forwards yep Samuel is going to be the runner  


  • and I'm just gonna sit here relax and  enjoy the view right yeah this is great

    推進 的

  • so a little row boat update that was a lot of  fun did you enjoy it oh I loved it thanks for  


  • the hard work yeah I mean it was easy the  water was calm and just it's so tranquil  


  • to tell you the price before I forget it's  15 euros for a half hour 25 Euros for a full  

    在我忘記之前告訴你價格很平靜,半小時 15 歐元,一小時 25 歐元,

  • hour and it's just a really good time so  yeah fun activity in the Black Forest yep  


  • foreign  

  • so we just went on a short little drive and now  we have arrived in the town ofSankt Blasien and  

    所以我們只開了一小段車程,現在我們到達了聖布拉辛鎮 ,

  • of course the first place we found was  this Square where there's a sculpture of  


  • Saint blasius decapitated head because  he was a martyr the town is named after  


  • him and the cathedral that we're about to  go visit is also named after him foreign


  • foreign


  • so we just finished visiting the cathedral  the Dome super cool building it's all white  


  • inside just very bright minimal colors on the  the paintings and the dome but what's unusual  


  • about this building is that well it has one of the  largest domes north of the Alps really enjoyed the  


  • visit worth checking out if you find yourself  in this little town hey how was that visit I  


  • was impressive I can't believe the size of that  cathedral in a small town like it just felt like  


  • this is something that should be like in Munich  or yeah I really enjoyed it and it's just it's  


  • so peaceful inside of there it is it was really  fun to walk around and now onwards to lunch and  


  • lunch place is right across from the cathedral  not going for it at all that's great that's great

    午餐的地方就在大教堂的對面 根本不去那太好了那太好了

  • thank you okay we're at the restaurant sure  are so we've typically been having apples early  


  • but this time we're having rhubarb shortly  yeah I'm really excited for this because I  


  • really like rhubarb and pies I may have had  this as a drink before but I can't remember


  • that has some tartness and has a kick to it  I love it I actually prefer this to the Apple  


  • shortly this is my new favorite shortlist  friends my meat dumplings have arrived check  


  • this out it's in a soup yeah lots of bacon on  top the broth has a nice Aroma let's try that


  • nice thick dumplings love the bacon and tasty  broth to go along with it and I like that it's  


  • not too huge of a portion we'll be able to  have some cake later on in the meanwhile I  


  • got myself the goulash I wanted somethingbit smaller because there is cake to be had


  • time for the main event here we go I might  even tackle this we need a bit of everything  


  • the chocolate layer the cream the cherries the  black forest cake in the Black Forest here in  

    巧克力層 奶油 櫻桃 德國黑森林的黑森林蛋糕

  • Germany I hope we should have a bit more later  tonight are we gonna make a whole video with  

    我希望今晚晚些時候我們能多吃一點 我們要和

  • black forest a cute taste test well that was  lunch I really enjoyed it a lovely setting  

    黑森林一起製作一個完整的視頻 一個可愛的味道測試很好 那是午餐 我真的很喜歡 河邊 的一個可愛

  • next to the river super popular very busy very  busy um I love coming to this town this is a  

    的環境 超級受歡迎 非常忙碌 非常忙碌 嗯 我喜歡來這個小鎮 這是一個

  • great little place yes yeah but before we start  talking about the town I'm gonna tell you the  

    很棒的小地方 是的 但是在我們開始談論這個小鎮之前 我要告訴你

  • price of the meal because people always ask  that came to 30 Euros and we basically had  

    這頓飯的價格 因為人們總是問到 30 歐元,我們基本上吃了

  • one appetizer a main a dessert two drinks and we  shared everything because we feel like sometimes  


  • we overdo it when we each get our own Mane yeah  to be honest that's a really good strategy we  


  • found when we're in Europe is that we if you getmain or sorry an appetizer I mean in dessert yeah  

    發現 的一個非常好的策略 '在歐洲是我們如果你得到一個主菜或開胃菜我的意思是在甜點中是

  • it's split between two people you kind of get  a little taste of everything exactly you don't  


  • feel like you're gonna be needing a siesta  afterwards yes you can continue sightseeing  


  • without crashing after all that sugar so  yeah that was good yeah enjoyed our visit  


  • and we are continuing on to a little hike andwaterfall yes the Adventure Continues see you soon  


  • continuing our Black Forest Road Trip we drove  to mention to enjoy a bit of nature this is  

    繼續我們開車提到的黑森林公路旅行,享受一下大自然 這是

  • a really Scenic area with forested mountainssweeping Valley and Greenery all around another  

    一個真正的風景區,有森林覆蓋的山脈 廣闊的山谷和周圍

  • nice thing about this hike is that it's very  light and easy but offers big rewards if you  

    的綠色植物 這次徒步旅行的另一個好處是它非常輕便,但是如果您

  • drive your car up to the very last parking lot  across the road from alpof ambassafal you'll  

    將車開到馬路對面的最後一個停車場,您將獲得 豐厚的回報 從 alpof ambassafal 出發,您將

  • reach the waterfall in less than five minutes  alternatively if you can handle about 30 minutes  

    在不到 5 分鐘的時間內到達瀑布,或者如果您可以

  • on foot you can park in the lot just before  that and enjoy a Scenic walk through the valley  

    步行約 30 分鐘,您可以在此之前將車停在停車場,然後在山谷中漫步,

  • okay so we are now going to do the Manson  Menzenschwand Schwarzwald Stube schwandor  

    好吧,所以我們現在要做Manson Menzenschwand Schwarzwald Stube schwandor

  • walk apparently this is going to lead us  to a waterfall by the same name so yeah we  

    walk 顯然這將把我們帶到一個同名的瀑布,所以是的,我們

  • just parked in a little actually no the big  parking lot for Germany in a big parking lot  

    只是停在一個小停車場,實際上沒有德國的大停車場 嗯,在鎮邊的 停車場

  • um at the edge of town and now we're walking  on this road that we thought it was just for  


  • pedestrians but we've seen cars come through here  just never know what you're gonna get in Europe


  • oh shoot yeah we gotta go back no yeah yep oh  yeah yeah we forgot didn't pay for parking yeah  

    哦,是的,我們必須回去 不 是 是 哦 是 是 我們忘了沒付

  • you know what maybe we bring the car then since  we saw someone else driving oh another car coming  


  • how's the trail how are you enjoying  this walk I love it it's probably about  

    費 這裡比在陽光下涼爽

  • 10 degrees cooler in here than it is out in  the open sunlight it's so refreshing and it's  

    約 10 度,令人 耳目一新

  • a beautiful little nature trail I love that  the waterfall is actually not just one main  

    ,這是 一條美麗的小自然小徑

  • area there's a couple sections to it we first  arrived and we're like oh wow that's it but  


  • no it's a trail that continues on further  upward and I also noticed there was a few  


  • other paths you could take so I think  you could do quite a bit of hiking here