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  • In a world created by fat computer programmers, comes a film so epic, it increased ticket

  • prices three whole dollars.

  • Avatar.

  • Meet Jake Sully, a marine who is contacted by the government because his dead twin brother,

  • Tommy, was part of a secret scientific program that engineered expensive synthetic Avatar

  • bodies capable of being driven by human drivers when wired into a computer, but only if the

  • DNA genomes of the driver and Avatar body match, which Jake’s does because he’s

  • a twin.

  • So the government takes advantage of this fact by asking Jake to drive Tomy’s Avatar

  • body to a rich deposit of space coal called Unobtanium, which is sitting under a tree

  • called Home Tree, which is occupied by the native people called the Navi.

  • It’s kinda dumb.

  • Meet Neytiri. But more importantly, meet her side-bloobs.

  • Together, theyll learn: military bad.

  • Trees good.

  • Travel to a futuristic world of spaceships, Mech-Warriors and...

  • really crappy wheelchairs?

  • Follow along with a team of scientists who blend in with the natives by wearing the GAP

  • khaki collection.

  • Discover the Navi, a strong and noble race of blue Indians, fully in-tune with nature,

  • who are somehow helpless without the white man.

  • It’s actually kind of offensive when you think about it.

  • This December, prepare for three hours of eyeball twitching.

  • As youre force-fed the most obvious message ever.

  • "Theyre just goddamn trees!"

  • It will leave you wondering:

  • did I see her nipple?

  • Starring

  • the recycled plots from:

  • Dances with Wolves.

  • Pocahontas.

  • Last of the Mohicans.

  • An Inconvenient Truth.

  • Native American History.

  • And Fern Gully.

  • Papyrus.

  • Um, I mean, Avatar.

  • Ugh. We get it. Well recycle. Please, just make another Terminator already.

  • Tell us what movie you want to see as an Honest Trailer next and leave a comment with a word

  • you’d like to hear me say in my awesome voice.

  • For example, jazzersize.

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In a world created by fat computer programmers, comes a film so epic, it increased ticket


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誠實的預告片 - 阿凡達 (Honest Trailers - Avatar)

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