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  • Hey, there! Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko!


  • This is the show where I answer questions that you have about your world and my world!


  • Let's see what the first question is… 


  • "Will I ever feel real love?" 


  • QBot, give me a question that  the audience asked, not you.


  • A Random Reaper Leviathan Toaster asks:

    觀眾 A Random Reaper Leviathan Toaster 問:

  • Dear, BlockoCan getting soap in your eyes actually blind you?

    親愛的 Blocko,肥皂跑進眼睛會失明嗎?

  • Getting soap in your eyes may hurtlot, and there's a reason for that.


  • I brought my friend Eyesic here to help me with this demonstration.

    我的朋友 Eyesic 會來幫我示範。

  • He's a blocky character with eyesand he's horrifying, but we still love him.


  • No, no, no... don't smile. The eyes are enough!

    不不不... 不要笑。眼睛就可怕了!

  • In an effort to protect themselves from dangerous foreign objectsyour eyes are extremely sensitive.


  • The pain is caused by the difference in pH between your eyes, which haveneutral pH of 7,

    疼痛是因 pH 值差異引起的,眼睛 pH 值為中性的 7。

  • and the soapwhich are typically basic with a pH of 7.5 to 9.

    而肥皂通常是鹼性的,pH 值在 7.5 至 9 之間。

  • Shampoos, on the other hand, are slightly acidic.


  • If either one gets in your eyes, in  addition to irritation, your eyes may water or turn red.


  • After rinsing them with water, they should start feeling better.


  • But luckily, soap products are tested to make  sure they're non-toxic.


  • So, you won't go blind.


  • Thank you Eyesic. We're done here.


  • Oof. Those eyes!


  • Second question up! Let's do this QBot

    第二個問題,來吧 QBot!

  • Amir asks, "Dear, Blocko. How much can you eat before your stomach bursts?"

    Amir 問:親愛的 Blocko,在胃爆裂之前,能吃多少東西?

  • Generally, the stomach can hold up to 1.5 liters of food and drink.

    一般來說,胃可以容納 1.5 升食物及飲料。

  • At this pointyou'll be feeling uncomfortably fullbut you'll be fine.


  • Some reports even show  that 3 liters of food won't cause any damage.

    一些報告甚至顯示,吃 3 升的食物不會造成任何損害。

  • But, beyond this point, your stomach is at full capacity and unable to expand any further.  


  • This is when your gag reflex will activatemaking you vomit the contents of your stomach, like Triangle Bob just did.

    這時就會觸發作嘔反射,讓你吐出胃裡的東西,就像三角形 Bob 這樣。

  • Uh, Greeg, don't eat that. No. What are you gonna argue?


  • I'm sorry. Back to the video.


  • If for some reason you don't throw up and make it to around 4 or 5 liters,  

    但如果基於某種原因,你沒有吐,並吃到了 4 或 5 升。

  • the pressure from all that food can rupture your stomach.


  • A hole will open up in the wall of the stomach and the food can leak out into your body, which can cause infectionpain, and death.


  • So, please, don't try it.


  • And now it's time forquestion about me and my world!


  • Ellyphant asks, "Dear, Blocko. How are you and Circlia doing? Have you gotten married yet?"

    Ellyphant 問:親愛的 Blocko,你和 Circlia 怎麼樣了?你們結婚了嗎?

  • Good question! We're actually doing amazing. We haven't gotten married yet!


  • But we are soon, and you're all invited!


  • I did asked Triangle Bob to be my best man.

    我有請三角形 Bob 做我的伴郎。

  • He criedFainted. Hit his head. Ended up in the hospital.


  • Woke up. Cried again. Got hit in the throat byrogue hospital pigeon. His voice changed again.  


  • Woke up in a different hospital. Cried some more, and then passed out.


  • It was really sweet.


  • I even caught him practicing his best man speech. You have to listen to this...


  • Hey, there, Blocko! Welcome to my speech! I used to be mean to you, but now you are best friend to me!


  • I know I fall downlot, bad thing happen to me every day,  


  • but you are always there to give me a hug and say nice things, like "It'll be okay." and "Please shower."


  • My favorite member of BTS is J-Hope because his eyes are very amazing.

    BTS 裡我最喜歡的成員是 J-Hope,因為他有雙漂亮的眼睛。

  • He kinda trails off at the end there for a bit.


  • I won't show you all of itbut let's just say... it's adorably nonsensical.

    我不會讓你看整段,只能說... 全是可愛的胡說八道。

  • Straight from his triangle-shaped heart.


  • So, do you have any questions about your world and my world?


  • Ask away in the comments and use #dearblocko so i can find it!

    在評論中使用 #dearblocko 提問,這樣我就能看到!

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  • Check out the amazing work done by Lifespan.iothe team that powers life nogginlinks down in the description!

    也看看支持生活金頭腦的 吧,連結在描述欄中!

  • As always, my name is blocko, this has been life noggin. Don't forget to keep on thinking!

    老樣子,我叫 Blocko,這是生活金頭腦,別忘了持續思考!

Hey, there! Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko!


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