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  • And then next is from Celi Ch.

  • Thanks for the stream and the game Ollie

  • Celi Ch. are you a Vtuber?

  • Oh, you're a clipper

  • I thought you are a Vtuber with your name and all

  • You clip a lot of HoloEN too

  • When are you going to clip me?

  • Are you going to clip me?

  • You know yesterday I actually watched a little of Watame Senpai stream

  • She got one minute in bi... in uh... big blue

  • She got 1 minute and 30 seconds ish isn't that

  • way too much like...

  • Oh wait... everyone is about one minute too

  • 1 minute 40 seconds

  • Chat: The shortcut on this track isbit mind-blowing

  • Really?

  • Wanna see it

  • I want to see the short cut

  • let's watch and study

  • they're at the edge

  • They're what?! they're constantly drifting, what?!?

  • Let's do it

  • I'm going to do it

  • Big Blue!!!!

  • I can finally put all my trainings

  • Okay okay okay, save it in mushroom, save the mushrooms, save the mushroom

  • Save it for last save it for last

  • Come on ollie

  • This is your turn

  • Do you really want to get beaten by all of these...

  • One... One moment please... One... One moment

  • I practiced so hard for it

  • I spent one hour

  • On this damn... Big Blue...

  • It was supposed to be my course

  • Hello, I'm back

  • you

And then next is from Celi Ch.


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瑪利歐賽車玩到哭的Ollie問烤肉MAN會否剪她的片([CC英文字幕]瑪利歐賽車玩到哭的Ollie問烤肉MAN會否剪她的片【Kureiji Ollie/HoloID中文】)

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