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  • we now go to Peter Griffin for you know what?

    我們現在去找Peter Griffin,你知道嗎?

  • Really grinds my gears.


  • Thanks tam.


  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 family guy moments that made fans rage quit.

    歡迎來到Watch mojo,今天我們將盤點我們選出的讓粉絲們憤怒不已的20個家庭聚會時刻。

  • Well hopefully they would have enjoyed the ride.


  • I don't know man, I think you piss a lot of people off that way for this list.


  • We're looking at the scenes and episodes so downright frustrating that viewers decided to switch channels or quit the show entirely.


  • Which family guy seen grinds your gears rage in the comments below number 20.


  • The long Conway twitty cutaway.


  • Normally the Conway twitty cutaway gags are funny distractions from awkward moments while also paying tribute to the late country singer yikes.

    通常情況下,Conway twitty的插科打諢是對尷尬時刻的有趣轉移,同時也是對這位已故鄉村歌手的致敬呀。

  • Looks like I need a distraction.


  • However, when Peter tries to distract Lois in the juice is loose, they show a full three minute segment of Mr Twitty performing.


  • I see the want to in your eyes, not only does the diversion not work, it also takes a sizable chunk out of the episode and feels more like cheap filler.


  • Unfortunately, no matter how iconic the running gag is, this is a prime example of too much of a good thing.


  • We're not even sure Mr Twitty himself would have approved Conway Twitty says cut it out.

    我們甚至不確定Twitty先生本人是否會準許Conway Twitty說切掉它。

  • Just write a joke.


  • Number 19 brian switches per political ideologies for a long time in the show's history brian acted as the conscience of the griffin family.


  • He was a cynical liberal ist leaning left with his antics including weed legalization and jabs at George W Bush.


  • Oh my God, they just elected him out of pity because they think he's mentally challenged kind of like we did with George W.


  • Bush.


  • Huh?


  • Right I guess I guess brian in excellence in broadcasting brian does a complete 1 80 aligns himself with rush Limbaugh.

    對了,我想我想布萊恩在卓越的廣播中布萊恩做了一個完整的1 80與Rush Limbaugh保持一致。

  • A premier american conservative.


  • Oh my God, rush Limbaugh was right all along conservative republicanism is the answer Good, good for brian.

    哦,我的上帝,Rush Limbaugh一直都是對的,保守的共和主義是答案 很好,對Brian來說很好。

  • Through this moment brian's ideology became less about what he believed in and more about how he could pretentious lee laud his intelligence over everyone else.


  • What did you think of the movie titanic horrible.


  • One of the worst movies ever made.


  • How about Slumdog Millionaire overrated?


  • Just a terrible movie cocktail.


  • Actually not a bad film, you know as classically structured cinema cocktail was one of the best films of its era.


  • Of course this made you lose any kind of respect for the character, but it's not the last controversial moment featuring the anthropomorphic canine number 18 diaper eating family guy has a consistently outlandish and hilarious tone throughout, but it isn't afraid to get serious when it needs to.


  • The season eight episode brian and Stewie is such an episode featuring the iconic duo getting stuck in a bank vault and going to some dark places.


  • Dogs are supposed to be able to instinctively live with purpose, not even have to think about it.


  • Just born like that, but I wasn't, you know, I've tried to find meaning in my life and I just, I just can't.


  • A lot of fans love this episode for showing development in the pair's relationship.


  • So it's a shame the writers ruined it with this disgusting and unnecessary moment.


  • If the poo were to be removed.


  • What is it?


  • What are you driving at?


  • Eat it, What?


  • Eat my poo brian.


  • It goes on for a long time and makes viewers genuinely uncomfortable.


  • Maybe that was what they were going for.


  • But if you hate gross out humor, this quite possibly made you switch channels and miss out on what else the episode had to offer.


  • Oh my God, what?


  • It's all on tape, it's all on tape, Oh my God, Oh that is going to be on youtube Number 17.


  • Time filling gags and morbid premise for many fans, the golden age of family guy had long passed by the time season 17 rolled around, just like how the Conway twitty gag felt like the show was just padding for time.

    對許多粉絲來說,時間填充的插科打諢和病態的前提,在第17季到來時,《家有兒女》的黃金時代早已過去,就像Conway twitty的插科打諢一樣,感覺該劇只是在為時間做鋪墊。

  • Con Harris suffered the same problem throughout the premise of brian Stewie and quagmire trying to inherit elderly women's four fortunes is morbid enough, but what might have made you lose interest was something much more straightforward.


  • The episode felt dragged out like there wasn't much there, especially during the long name joke, Who is she?


  • That's Margaret Woolworth Carrington von schumacher Chanel asked her Livingston come to Saint exupery Mountbatten Windsor Armani Roosevelt von trapp Wiccan ham hearst Montgomery Rothchild, johnson and johnson twins worth dolce Gabbana Vons wigger, second Montgomery.


  • There are plenty of elongated jokes like this throughout the series, but the punchline wasn't funny enough to justify the setup.


  • Barrington chatsworth, big league, chew chesterfield, kensington Booth Bishop, Long bottom, Nottingham, meister burger burger, meister tutor, Hapsburg, Rockefeller Onassis number 16 DVD commentary.


  • When a show becomes a staple of american television, you can experiment and get creative with episodes while some of these break, the formula concepts have done reasonably well.


  • You can't handle the ball from season 17 did not.


  • An episode plays out as expected in front of us, but the difference is the fictional cast of Griffin's gets frustrated while recording DVD commentary.


  • They're not even going to explain how we all got stuck season 16.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, suddenly the family is stuck in the banister slats brian seriously while there are plenty of funny fourth wall breaking moments, it proved a little too hard to follow for some.


  • As a result, the episode became one of the lowest ever rated on imdb.


  • There wasn't a single final straw.


  • As many user reviews claimed it was too dull to finish pointing to a decline in the show's overall quality number 15 Peter saving the whale when Peter gets promoted to forklift operator at work.


  • He naturally starts having too much fun with his new vehicle.


  • He tries to use it to rescue a beached sperm whale, only to accidentally imp pale the poor mammal.


  • Step aside, I'll handle this, give me some room afterward.


  • Were subjected to a whole minute of peter trying to dislodge the creature, only for it to fall completely apart in a grotesque display as blood and organs topple out of the carcass while we should maybe give props to the art directors and animators for not missing any gruesome details, fans were too busy gagging at the scene and feeling disheartened over the poor whales suffering your whale come Number 14 Verne and Johnny every now and then in the first few seasons, the action would be interrupted by two Vaudevillian performers named Vern and Johnny.


  • While Vern tried and usually failed to entertain viewers, Johnny was just there to play him off on a piano.


  • Do not ask where the piano comes from now that's rich play me off Johnny while their antics were mostly harmless fans got tired of them disrupting the episode.


  • And even then, producer David Goodman admitted that they'd used the duo way too much.


  • The gag was finally laid to rest when Stewie shot them to death in season five and aside from a few brief cameos, they haven't bothered us since number 13, making fun of President trump family guy and its various animated sitcom competitors have never shied away from taking shots at high profile figures.


  • Political satire is an essential part of our media but unfortunately trump guy wasn't an excellent example of it in this episode.


  • Peter assists then US President donald trump, getting into all sorts of shenanigans as his press secretary.


  • This country needs stronger border security.


  • Our border security is the strongest in the world.


  • What we need is to take care of our Children.


  • I can't get an erection.


  • You think giving them amnesty is fair to the people who are already here contributing to the economy, tried all the herbs.


  • The episode is obviously taking shots at the man in his various controversies, but many fans found his depiction lazy.


  • It was a pretty gross depiction at that, but the last straw for some was when he makes advances towards meg oh please every president since Washington has done this, some might have quit this episode for making fun of a president they admired while others just got agitated by the cheap humor number 12, jesus is a virgin, the episode I dream of jesus in which the son of God has made a fully formed character is one of the most beloved episodes of Seth McFarlane show, but a follow up appearance in the 2000 year old Virgin became one of the most hated Alright, jesus.

    這是一個相當噁心的描述,但對一些人來說,最後一根稻草是當他向Meg示好時,哦,請問自華盛頓以來,每一位總統都這樣做,一些人可能因為取笑他們欽佩的總統而退出這一集,而其他人只是被12號的廉價幽默激怒了。耶穌是個處女,《我夢見耶穌》這一集中,上帝之子已經成為一個完整的角色,是塞斯-麥克法蘭節目中最受歡迎的一集,但在2000年的《處女》中的後續出現成為最令人討厭的一個 好吧,耶穌。

  • Nowadays everything is done on the internet.


  • All right, so we got to get you on facebook, let me just close a couple of these windows.


  • Here we go, sorry, I was up late last night and the house to myself in season 13, Peter tries to get the Lord and savior laid, eventually trying it with lois but overall the episode was criticized for being edgy to garner more viewers while lacking the substance to keep people laughing.


  • And if there was a rock bottom moment for the episode, it's the unfunny instance when jesus, real middle name is revealed.


  • I don't know man, jesus, Hitler christ sounds weird.


  • So just go with age.


  • Yeah.


  • Number 11, Stewie's therapist, Stewie has a lot of issues so it's no surprise that a visit to a child psychologist sees him sharing a lot of secrets and insecurities.


  • Towards the end of the session.


  • However, the doctor starts having a heart attack and ask Stewie to hand him his medicine.


  • But Stewie refuses.


  • I don't understand why aren't you getting my medication?


  • It's true that Stewie is a sadistic little toddler and has killed plenty of times.


  • But this is especially shocking because he didn't even get his hands dirty.


  • I'm not going to get it.


  • Is this because I made you wait?


  • It's because I can't have anyone know the real me.


  • Instead, he elected to ignore the pleas of someone who only wanted to help him and let the poor therapist suffer a slow agonizing death taking all of Stewie's secrets with him to the grave.


  • Number 10, male sexual assault is disregarded humor can be a great way to bring awareness to serious topics in the real world, but the family guy team handled this one poorly.

    第十,男性性侵犯被漠視 幽默可以是一種很好的方式,讓人們認識到現實世界中的嚴肅話題,但《家有兒女》團隊對這個問題處理得很糟糕。

  • Oh no, I dropped my pencil.


  • Oh I'll get it for you in.


  • Peter ass mint.


  • Peter gets blackmailed and inappropriately harassed by his boss Angela.


  • The episode plays out very cynically with one particular moment between Peter and lois hitting a sore point for male victims.


  • Peter, a woman can't sexually harass a man.


  • Why not?


  • I don't know, it just doesn't make any sense.


  • I mean guys like being touched by women, it's not harassment if you like it, but I didn't like it.


  • Well this highlights a real problem with these cases.


  • The episode ends trying to create sympathy for the perpetrator.


  • I just wish one person was able to find me attractive.


  • That's not too much to ask is it?


  • No, it was a bizarre episode and even weirder for the late Carrie fisher to be playing the role of an aggressor when she was a silent champion to victims of such crimes.


  • Number nine, Stewie gets herpes.


  • This moment removed any shadow of likability for brian griffin.


  • After seeing a blood brothers ritual on television, Stewie asks brian if they can share blood in the same way brian accepts knowing full well he has a transmittable disease and ends up getting Stewie infected.


  • The show pulls no punches, showing disgusting hard to watch imagery relating to the condition.


  • That's crazy.


  • There's no way I gave you herpes then how do you explain this while Stewie has been horrendously hurt before in episodes like brian Griffin's house of pain.

    我不可能給你皰疹,那麼你怎麼解釋,而Stewie以前在Brian Griffin的痛苦之家這樣的劇情中也受到過可怕的傷害。

  • The difference here is the perpetrator shows no remorse for his actions?


  • It transforms brian's character into an insensitive jerk which we saw hints at just episodes before with brian's a bad father and you know what's weird, you're on a show, I'm a writer, it's almost like the universe is trying to I don't know, make us work together or something, I don't know.


  • Number eight lois cheats on.


  • Peter, Lois and Peter have never had the best marriage in the world, but they've always stuck together no matter what.


  • However, this episode destroyed any respect you had for the matriarch of the griffin household.


  • Peter has been neglected and insulting Lewis recently so she attempts to get with meg's boyfriend.


  • Anthony.


  • The action of cheating on Peter is terrible enough, but what's worse is her interaction with her daughter afterward.


  • It was an awful thing that I did.


  • I never meant to steal him from you.


  • Is that what you think?


  • You stole him from me?


  • Are you kidding?


  • You couldn't steal him from me?


  • Well I do know a few things Megan clearly if I wanted him, I could have him, Lewis doesn't face any consequences for her actions and instead lays all the blame on Peter and how the hell could you do that to me?


  • Because Peter, you've been making me feel old and fat and unattractive and worthless, how do you expect me to respond while it is a complex situation, it doesn't shine a very nice light on Lewis's character.


  • Number seven Peter in the boston marathon while the rest of the episode, turban cowboy was nothing to boast about.


  • The worst moment came when Peter recalled how he won the boston marathon, turns out he drove his car to the finish line, killing everyone in his path.


  • I'm bob Costas here with boston marathon winner Peter Griffin.


  • It was an uninspired joke at the time, but then tragedy struck one month later with the boston marathon bombings, Fox pulled the episode from the airwaves and streaming services and professional conspiracy theory and tragedy troll Alex jones went so far as to blame family guy for inspiring the incident.


  • While that was quite a stretch anyway, you look at it, the gag was in poor taste, especially in retrospect, number six Meg the martyr, She's constantly tormented at school and her own family treats her like garbage in season ten's Seahorse seashell party, she's finally had enough and tears chris lois and Peter a new one.


  • You're my mother and you took a child trust and smashed it into bits in a 17 year long mission to destroy something that you killed a long time ago.


  • The scene is unbelievably cathartic, until Meg sees the way the family turns on each other and decides to allow herself to be their lightning rod.


  • Maybe if I feel bad they don't have to.


  • This could be seen as a noble act on paper, but it really shows how toxic and dysfunctional the griffin family is if they have to rely on Meg's misery to stay somewhat stable.