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  • This place is not really safe if the lock is outside

  • I feel like... I feel like with my special eyes would see something suspicious

  • There must be a button hide in some where

  • Maybe under the bar

  • Or... Or there is some speakers listening to us say a specific special keyword password

  • and then they will let us out

  • Maybe you can unlock it with a smartphone

  • Alexa open the door

  • Hey Alexa, open the door

  • Let us out

  • Hi, I'm Cortana

  • Well, we are dead, it's Cortana

  • Hi, I'm Cortana

  • Hi, I'm Siri

  • Hi, I'm Siri

  • Kiara: Hi, I'm Cortana Cali: Hi, I'm Siri

  • At least you guys do seem to have a little...

  • a little smart...

  • smart friend down there

  • Wait, there is a Siri?

  • It's called Archebold

  • Calli: Your personal butler Gura: Hey Archebold, I've been kidnapped call 911

  • Calli: You got it, calling 911 Gura: Call in the SWAT Team

  • Hello?

  • Hey Ar.. Ar.. Archebold

  • This is the Mython police department

  • Hello?

  • Can we get two...

  • Large...

  • No

  • Number 9

  • No

  • Focus, you focus

  • Do you kids ever learn to stop calling us?

  • God Damn

  • Calli: They hang up Ina: I was gonna call the cops

  • Why you always gonna eat burger, it's not good for you

  • I like McDonalds

  • I was gonna cook healthy pasta

  • Watoto will grease up now

  • OK, do it

  • I'll help you Watoto, let me... let me grease you up

  • Watoto has to be naked

  • Watoto takes off his shirt and gets all oiled up

  • with the hot with the um... Olive oil

  • Hello 911

  • Cali: Hello, Archebold here. Would you like me to call 911? Ina: 911, I can't breath

  • No, that's OK Archebold. Thank you

  • Archebold, play Baewatch

  • You got it

  • Now playing Baewatch theme

  • Archebold plays the Baewatch theme

  • Would you like to... Would you anything else?

  • No Archebold, thank you

  • You can change my settings anytime

  • Hey Archebold, change language settings to italian

This place is not really safe if the lock is outside


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