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  • When Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO in August 2011, he handpicked Tim Cook as his successor.

    當賈伯斯於 2011 年 8 月辭去蘋果公司執行長職務時,他親自挑選了蒂姆・庫克作為他的繼任者。

  • Cook had been with the company since 1998, and earned the reputation of being an operations mastermind,

    庫克從 1998 年開始便在該公司工作,並獲得了營運天才的名聲,

  • dramatically reducing Apple's on-hand inventory and delivering products to customers faster using a technique called "just-in-time manufacturing".


  • But his greatest work has been performed over the past decade as CEO, when Apple's popularity and growth exploded in a way almost no one expected.


  • This has led many people to wonder about the man behind the machineTim Cook,


  • and what he does on a daily basis to stay at the top of his game.


  • So, in this video, we're gonna take a peek behind Apple's curtain, and find out what a day in the life of Tim Cook is really like.


  • This is Greg with Apple Explained, and this was the last place topic of the previous voting poll, which means I shouldn't even be making this video.

    我是 Apple Explained 的 Greg,而這個主題是上次投票的最後一名,這表示我甚至不應該製作這部影片。

  • But I already started working on the script, so I'm just putting this out as a short bonus video for you guys.


  • Alright, now, let's start with Cook's morning routine.


  • He wakes up at 3:45 a.m., and spends about an hour going through some of the 700 to 800 emails he receives each day.

    他在凌晨 3:45 起床,並花費大約一個小時的時間閱讀他每天 700-800 封新電子郵件的一部分。

  • In an interview with Axios, he explained why, saying,

    在接受 Axios 採訪時,他解釋了原因。

  • "I like to ... go through user comments and things like that, and sort of focus on the external people that are so important to us."


  • For breakfast, Cook typically enjoys two scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, and sugar-free cereal with unsweetened almond milk.


  • Then, around 5 a.m., he goes to an undisclosed gym that's located outside Apple's headquartersfor maximum privacyand works out for an hour.

    然後在凌晨 5 點左右,他會去位於蘋果總部外一個未公開地點的健身房,在擁有最大隱私的狀況下鍛鍊一個小時。

  • In fact, Tim Cook is a self-described "fitness nut", claiming his regular exercise routine helps keep stress at bay,


  • which is probably important for someone in charge of running the most valuable company in the world.


  • Next, Cook visits a local Starbucks to read through more emails before heading to Apple Park.


  • Once he arrives at the office, his day is typically filled with meetings.


  • And despite his laid-back demeanor, Cook is known to have little patience for unprepared staffers.


  • In fact, workers who are scheduled to meet with Cook are first screened by their managers to make sure they're ready to answer all of his questions.


  • And Cook is known for asking quite a few.


  • Steve Doil, who used to work on Cook's operations team, said,

    曾經在庫克營運團隊工作的 Steve Doil 說:

  • "He'll ask you 10 questions. If you answer them right, he'll ask you 10 more. If you do this for a year, he'll start asking you 9 questions. Get one wrong, and he'll ask you 20 and then 30."

    「他會問你十個問題,如果你回答正確,他就會再問你十題。如果你這樣做了一年,他就會開始問你九個問題。 錯一個,他就會問你 20 題,然後是 30 題。」

  • One staffer who wasn't fully prepared was quickly dismissed by Cook, who simply said, "Next," as he flipped the page of his meeting agenda.


  • But I think the story that best illustrates Cook's expectation of excellence is during a meeting about Apple's poor performance in China.


  • Cook said, "This is really bad, someone should be in China driving this."


  • Thirty minutes into the meeting, he looked at Sabih Khan, an operations executive, and said, with no emotion, "Why are you still here?"

    會議進行 30 分鐘後,他看向營運主管 Sabih Khan、毫無感情地問:「你怎麼還在這裡?」

  • Khan immediately stood up, drove to San Francisco International Airport, and, without any luggage, booked a one-way ticket to China.

    Khan 立即起身、驅車前往舊金山國際機場,然後在沒有行李的狀況下,訂了一張去中國的單程票。

  • For lunch, Cook is known to stop by the company cafeteria and sit with random employees.


  • This allows him to hear from people in the company who might offer unique perspective outside the bubble of Apple's executive team.


  • Cook is also known to be the last person to leave the office, arriving home just in time to be in bed by 8:45.

    庫克出了名總是最後一個離開公司的人,到家時正好可以趕上 8:45 就寢。

  • That means he works about 12 hours a day while sleeping for 7.

    這表示他每天工作約 12 小時、睡 7 小時。

  • So, while Tim Cook has been criticized for being a much different CEO than Steve Jobs, the two have a surprising amount of characteristics in common,


  • like working long hours, focusing on their health, holding their employees to the highest standard, and always maintaining a balanced perspective on Apple by staying in touch with their everyday customers.


  • So, that is a day in the life of Tim Cook.


  • If you'd like to help decide which topics I cover in the future, don't forget to subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video.


When Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO in August 2011, he handpicked Tim Cook as his successor.

當賈伯斯於 2011 年 8 月辭去蘋果公司執行長職務時,他親自挑選了蒂姆・庫克作為他的繼任者。

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