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  • Singles' Day in China is the world's biggest shopping event.


  • Think of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day on loop for days.

    想想黑色星期五、網絡星期一和亞馬遜 Prime Day 連續發生多日。

  • And now, Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant that created Singles' Day, wants to use its international platform, AliExpress, to help the event go global.

    而現在,中國的電商巨頭阿里巴巴創造了「光棍節」,希望用其國際平臺 AliExpress 推動活動走向全球。

  • From Poland to France and Brazil.


  • Alibaba is competing with other e-commerce platforms like Amazon to capture a larger share of the global market, which is expected to grow by $1.4 trillion by 2025.

    阿里巴巴正在與其它如雅馬遜的電商平臺進行競爭,企圖佔領更大的全球市場份額,而這個市場預計在 2025 年增長 1.4 兆美元。

  • So, to promote Singles' Day, Alibaba has hired an army of influencers around the world...


  • I love this color.


  • ... and beefed up its logistics.


  • But it has to tackle some challenges if it wants to take a bite off a bigger piece of the global e-commerce pie.


  • One of the first things Alibaba is doing to win over new Singles' Day consumers abroad?


  • Massive sales.


  • Discounts of up to, you know, 50 or even 70 percent are being offered, so, it's a very big event.

    它們提供 3 到 5 折的折扣,所以那是很大型的活動。

  • Vinci Zhang is an e-commerce analyst based in Shanghai who's been watching Alibaba for the past 7 years.

    Vinci Zhang 是一位在上海工作的電商分析師,過去 7 年都在觀測阿里巴巴。

  • So, the way it is doing that right now is basically competing on pricing, by offering cheaper prices as well as charging less fees for the merchants.


  • When foreign customers use AliExpress, they get direct access to Chinese factories and merchants.

    當外國客戶使用 AliExpress 時,他們可以直接聯繫中國工廠和商家。

  • The company is also speeding up global delivery during the international 2-day shopping event this year.


  • It said it's increasing charter flights from China to cities like Seoul and Paris to 100 a week, up from 80 flights.

    它說它正在增加從中國到首爾、巴黎等城市的包機數量,從 80 部班機增加到 100 部。

  • Alibaba said it's also installed 5,000 automated self-pickup lockers across Russia, Poland, Spain, and France to help cut delivery costs that would go to hiring fleets of delivery trucks and drivers.

    阿里巴巴也表示,它也安裝了 5,000 部自動自取儲物櫃,跨越俄羅斯、波蘭、西班牙和法國等地,以幫助削減用於僱用送貨車隊和司機的運輸成本。

  • Daniela Sena is one of the 400 influencers Alibaba has hired to promote Singles' Day abroad.

    Daniela Sena 阿里巴巴聘用的 400 名網紅中之一,目的是在海外推廣光棍節。

  • In China, live streaming is one of the most popular ways to shop.


  • And Sena is doing the same, but for a Brazilian audience.

    而 Sena 也在做同樣的事,但是為了巴西的觀眾。

  • She says the Chinese company is offering something better than other shopping platforms.


  • I think the fact that people can see us, we touch the product, we have the feedback of other people that already purchased the... the products as well,


  • it gives the audience a very personal communication.


  • But attracting buyers won't be enough.


  • If it wants to compete with Amazon, then I think, fundamentally, it needs to own more inventory.


  • And the bigger bulk items could become an issue.


  • Right now, the company lacks the infrastructure outside China to support those kinds of sales.


  • If we're talking about big air-conditioner or refrigerator purchase shipped from China, I imagine it will be very challenging for big u⏤home appliance manufacturers.


  • They are not going to, you know, sell directly in Europe and build a warehouse.


  • So, it's up to Alibaba if they want to, kinda, undertake that initiative.


  • Alibaba said it has opened up its platform to merchants in several markets already outside of China, and will continue to expand while also developing warehouses overseas to improve capacity.


  • It said AliExpress is at the forefront of its global strategy.

    它說,AliExpress 站在最其全球戰略對最前線。

  • And according to brokerage China Merchant Securities, China's outbound e-commerce market is expected to grow around 26 percent every year until 2025.

    而根據招商證券股份有限公司的說法,中國的出境電商市場預計在 2025 年時,每年增長約 26%。

  • Amazon did not respond to a request for a comment.


  • So, Zhang says Alibaba should stick to what they're good at, using automated warehouses, innovative ways to live stream and deliver packages to keep prices low.

    所以 Zhang 表示,阿里巴巴應該堅持做他們擅長的事情,使用自動化倉庫、創新的現場直播和送貨方式以保持低價。

  • I think that's where Alibaba's strength lies.


  • It's in its technology and logistics management.


  • If they are able to replicate that success to Europe, then maybe they can, you know, compete against Amazon from a different angle,


  • and, you know, and attract more people to ultimately switch to using Alibaba.


Singles' Day in China is the world's biggest shopping event.


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