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  • Last night, we were taping our show


  • when we got the terrible news that


  • Robin Williams had died, and


  • we acted pretty much, we were stunned

    當時我們都嚇壞了 十分震驚

  • And talked about it a little bit with Will Arnett here on the show


  • But it's an impossible thing to process, obviously


  • And here we are now 24 hours later


  • and it felt appropriate just to take a moment here


  • and talk about this absolutely incredible man


  • How he touched all of our lives


  • Yeah, really. –Such a fantastically funny guy and everybody knows that side of him

    沒錯- 大家都熟知他幽默到不可思議的一面

  • What I think a lot of people don't know and you're starting to hear all these stories come out


  • Is how he was crazily generous, he was so generous


  • Such a nice person


  • Yeah, and not just in a material way, but with his time

    對 而且 不只是物質方面 時間方面也是

  • I mean, you know, he's spent so much time entertaining the troops

    我是說 他犧牲許多時間帶給國軍歡笑

  • Which I didn't really know about, which means

    我原本並不知道這件事 也就是說

  • Cause he didn't talk about it


  • He didn't talk about it- He didn't talk, and he just did it

    他從不四處說嘴 而是單純地去做善事

  • You know, he didn't do it for publicity


  • He did it because


  • and I think the department in defense even

    我想 國防部甚至

  • issued a statement in gratitude for all the work he'd done for the troops

    頒了張感謝狀 感謝他對國軍的貢獻

  • He was generous in so many ways. He just set such a generous spirit as well

    他各方面都十分大方 擁有無私的靈魂

  • I knew Robin just in show business


  • and we did a few projects, benefits and things together


  • He'd been a guest on the show

    有次 他來上節目

  • And for my money, best talk show guest ever, probably


  • Just really brilliantly funny and

    妙語如珠 幽默好笑

  • that's obvious to everyone, what a brilliant talent he was

    顯而易見 他是個多麼機智的天才

  • But just as a quick example of what he was like


  • A bunch of years ago.


  • Five years ago I went through publicly, kind of a bump in the road and I was feeling a little low

    五年前 我遇到了瓶頸 有點情緒低落

  • Out of the blue,


  • Robin Williams buys me a bicycle


  • And it sounds like silly thing, you know


  • Like he was the first person to buy me a bicycle since my parents bought me a bicycle

    在我父母之後 他是頭個送我自行車的人

  • When I was 35.


  • But I was, you know, kind of low,

    當時 我正處於低潮期

  • and Robin loved to ride and I loved to ride


  • And he bought me a bicycle but this is so Robin Williams

    所以他送我一台 這就是羅賓會作的事

  • He bought me this bicycle


  • and he had it delivered to my house


  • And it was the most absurd bicycle you've ever seen


  • Yeah, it looked like a Mardi Gras parade.


  • It did! It was beautiful It did! It was beautiful and really top-notch

    真的!它很美 是台頂級腳踏車

  • Yeah, but it was bright orange and bright green and had shamrocks on it

    但車身是亮橘 亮綠色 上頭還畫著幸運草

  • So I called Robin up. I mean, who does that?

    我馬上打給羅賓 我是說 誰會作這種事?

  • I didn't know him well enough to justify


  • this kind ofYou didn't get me anything. And..

    這有點…連你也沒送過我什麼 而且…

  • I knew you had a bike


  • Yeah, so I called him up and I just said,

    對 所以我打給他 說

  • "Robin, I'm flooded by this bike."

    羅賓 這台腳踏車嚇到我了

  • And all he would say is that, "Well, I knew you ride and I knew you could use it"

    他只說: 嗯 我知道你愛騎車 這你用得到

  • And he went, "Does it look ridiculous? Does it really look ridiculous?"

    然後說: 它看起來有蠢嗎? 是否真得很蠢?

  • And I said, "Yeah, it looks ridiculous." And he went, "Good.

    我說: 對 看起來超蠢的! 他回道: 很好

  • Do you look really stupid riding it"


  • And I said, "Yeah, I'm gonna look stupid" and he's like,

    我說: 看起來一定超好笑 他就回說:

  • "Well, then that's good then."

    嗯 那就好

  • He had just that amazing spirit of fun.


  • The generosity, but also the fun at the same time.

    慷慨大方 同時也風趣好笑

  • And so often, I would just look at that silly bike and think,

    我常常看著那台白痴自行車 想著

  • "What a wonderful spirit! What an amazing spirit!"

    多麼美麗的靈魂! 這種精神太偉大了!

  • And we know now that he had his battles. He had his

    我們現在知道 他有他的仗要打 他有…

  • He's a… he's an


  • And I think he's very courageous. I think it's particularly courageous for someone

    我覺得這很勇敢 特別是對他這種

  • to be that generous of spirit


  • in the face of that kind of depression

    面對這種挫折 是非常勇敢的

  • Just such a lovely, special man

    他是個可愛 特別的人

  • We wanted to do one thing tonight, which is


  • you can talk about Robin or you can just

    可以談談羅賓 或是

  • let him have the floor


  • So we put together just a couple of, a few moments

    我們剪輯了一段影片 截取數個片段

  • from his visits with us over the years


  • And we thought it might just be nice to go back

    我們想 這會是個很棒的回顧

  • and have a visit


  • Let's do that right now


  • I had a parrot once and do not, in any form,

    我養過一隻鸚鵡 記住 千萬不要

  • put them in your bedroom cause you think it'd be lovely to wake up to the parrot

    把鸚鵡養在臥室 就算你想讓牠叫你起床

  • Because they hear everything


  • And there, you'll have the bird out and it'll one day be sitting there and you'll be thinking,

    如果養在臥室的話 有天 你坐著 想說

  • "what a lovely bird!" and it'll go, "Not in the ass!"

    這鸚鵡真可愛 然後鸚鵡說: 聽你放屁!

  • This is the hairiest man I've ever seen in my life


  • It is frightening. It is an amazing thing.

    這很嚇人 很神奇

  • I've actually been at the zoo and had monkeys go,

    真的 有次我去動物園 猴子跟我說

  • "what are you doing outside?"


  • Occasionally, I've had to do a thing where they, you know, for certain movies I've had to wax, and I had a lady

    偶爾 為了些電影 我得除毛 有個小姐…

  • You've done that actually? –Once.

    你真的除過毛? -除過一次

  • and it was like this woman, half way through she said, "Do you mind if I take a break?"

    那位小姐除到一半 問說 我能休息一會嗎

  • You feel like you should have like people on your back going,


  • Nobody knows


  • the trouble I've seen,


  • taking the hair off Robin


  • So I couldn't have a stiff drink,


  • Or maybe have a really long talk


  • for the executives at NBC.


  • *Beep* the bastards that can't take a joke!


  • *Beep* the bastards that can't take a joke!


  • He's the best talk show guest in the world. He's Robin Williams

    全世界最棒的脫口秀來賓 羅賓威廉斯

  • Thank you very much


  • The best talk show guest in the world


  • Robin, thank you for so many deliriously funny moments

    羅賓 謝謝你帶來這麼多歡笑

  • and for so much happiness that you brought so many people


  • We'll take a break. When we come back

    現在休息片刻 等廣告回來

  • Damon Wayans, Jr. is here. We'll see you in a second

    Damon Wayans, Jr.會在這裡 我們待會見!

Last night, we were taping our show


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