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The only thing you have to know about the iPhone 6 plus is that is a big iPhone. Really big iPhone.
After years of mocking samsung and other super name giant phones, Apple’s finally came to clear the demands of the normal screen.
And it turns out that the iPhone with a huge screen is pretty great!
The iPhone 6 plus is enormous.
Although it’s similar size of the Galaxy Note 3, it feels bigger than the Samsung when you hold it.
It’s taller and thinner and getting your hand all the way around isn't easy.
Between the size and the slippery-curve aluminum edges, I prefer using an Apple’s leather case.
This might be the first iPhone that is better in the case, actually.
I’m not a big fan of the weird antenna lines and protruding camera lens at the back at the phone, and the case hide all those things nicely.
Of course, the reason that this thing is so big is the 5.5 inch 1920 by 1080 retina HD display, which looks fantastic.It’s the highest pixel density screen Apple’s ever shipped on a phone.
And it’s definitely brighter and sharper than the previous retina displays.
It’s not as supersaturated as Samsung screens but it looks far more accurate, especially when you're taking photos.
Until apps updated to support of the bigger screen, you can definitely see some fuzziness since your phone just makes everything about it all gets bigger.
Even the menu bar gets bigger, which makes it feel like you're using a phone for old people.
Blown up apps looks fine for most part, but some get pretty fuzzy-looking. Gmail is particularly bad.
But I expect much software developers to update their apps really soon.
But you don't need these updated apps to appreciate the screen right away.
It’s just so big and gorgeous, and browsing webs and watching video on it is a joy.
Videos, in particular, is terrific. I watch the packer’s game for couple hours in the six-plus and never thought about switching to a TV.
It’s that good!
Of course watching video on any big screen phone is great.
So it’s up to Apple to figure out how to take better advantage of this new size.
It’s in between an iPhone and iPad. It’s starting slowly.
Apps are all updated for a bigger screen to take advantages of the new features that make the iPhone 6 plus almost like a smaller iPad.
There’s a new two column in landscape that shows you more information in various apps,
and a new landscape keyboard includes air keyboard and dedicated cut, copy, and paste buttons.
It’s all very useful, even the icon, mis-pasted button, is terrible.
Seriously, this is awful. Come on!
Once that all apps are taking advantage of the size properly, I can't see ever using my iPad mini again.
The iPhone 6 plus is almost as big, has an awesome screen, also my phone, which is a huge advantage.
And iPhone 6 plus battery seems to last forever.
If you're a frequent traveler, the 6 plus is no-brainer.
The six plus also has a killer new camera, which is now so good that I can't imagine using a point-shoot camera ever again.
It’s still 8 mega-pixels but Apple’s added what it calls focus-pixels for faster focusing.
It really works!This thing takes pictures fast. It can also take 240 frames per second slow-motion-video, which is awesome.
And the six plus has optical image stabilization, which makes it even better in low light than the iPhone 6.

It’s just an amazing little camera.
But apart from the huge screen and terrific camera grades, the iPhone 6 plus is still very much an iPhone.
iOS8 offers a wealth of new improvements of the basic experience of using iPhone, but there’s nothing drastically new here.
Apple Pay looks like you'll be the first successful mobile payment system ever, but it’s not ruling out for a month or so.

And new features like wifi calling and voice of LTE might finally bring voice calling into the modern era. 

But the carriers have to support first.
 So right now, the iPhone 6 plus’s really just an iPhone with the huge screen.
If there’s what you are looking for, you should get one. You won't regret it.
But eventually, the iPhone 6 plus is a potential to be much more.
After being on a road for a few days, I found myself using it for everything.

My laptop, my iPad remain safely tucked away in my back.
This is the future founds into future Samsung and others have been chasing for a while.
The iPhone 6 plus might be late to the game, but it’s off to a great start.


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