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  • we have to start sacrificing okay the mental and physical changes you go through are like no other and you begin to truly mourn the person you used to be like in stomach.


  • It's freaking 10 a.m. And I'm eating pizza in the morning.


  • Whenever I look at like breads, desserts and things like that.


  • Like I just want to throw up.


  • This is how I look in the morning in most days.


  • Now, editing this video.


  • I'm currently heading into my fourth month of pregnancy here in Japan.


  • So what you're seeing is the weeks leading up to the end of my first trimester which was a lot of nausea, vomiting, food aversions, pregnancy hormones and naps.


  • Usually at the seven or eight week mark of pregnancy, you register your pregnancy at your city hall, you receive a ton of free coupons for the hospital.


  • You choose to give birth that which is picked as early as possible and all the information about the incredible care you received during and after your pregnancy which I was very impressed by is told to me by the people at the city hall.


  • So today we're going to be doing that our baby book today, our free coupons for our doctor's visits which is really great.


  • So I'm super excited.


  • It's like legit official.


  • Now giving birth in Japan is around $5,000 usd only and the hospital visits although you still need to pay for them with the coupons that you receive.


  • It ranges between $20 to $150 per visit depending on the hospital and what procedures are done.


  • Pretty crazy how cheap it is compared to the us.


  • I'm impressed with everything that we talked about.


  • I'm just like you even get support after the birth.


  • Like someone comes to clean and cook and laundry and help with the baby and like I am just all I can stomach, it's freaking 10 a.m. And I'm eating pizza in the morning.


  • You receive a lot of ultrasound scans here in japan, which is super nice because the first trimester is a lot of anxiety but things are looking good and little bean is karate kicking already at my 12 week scan, although I've been in bed most days unable to edit the massive amounts of footage.


  • I have, my husband has been super incredible.


  • What did you say?


  • Uber mama, Uber mama is all about delivering food that you can keep down.

    Uber mama,Uber mama的宗旨是提供你能吃下去的食物。

  • I remember telling myself I'm going to eat so healthy, continue my workouts, start organizing our apartment, it's so much done now that I've decided to make more time for myself and this pregnancy and all of that went out the window at week seven when the vomiting and the nausea hit.


  • But we've been making efforts to get out of the house despite the intense summer we've been having here, which makes me grateful.


  • I won't be heavily pregnant during the hottest season.


  • You hear the cicadas?


  • They're singing the song of their people so loud.


  • There's a random palm tree here, usually went to the bathroom.


  • I don't know if you can hear me over this, but I have been so worried about this pain.


  • It's not like a bad pain though.


  • Like this is a dull pain in that one spot behind my belly button.


  • I just over thinking at all, just like, this is how my entire pregnancy is gonna be over thinking and worry.


  • I'm feeling really nauseous, which is also a good sign cause like I still have all these pregnancy symptoms.


  • I'm like walking and like trying not to feel like I need to throw up, but this is a good thing.


  • I need to get some vitamin D some fun because I don't go out enough if you just came out of the toilet, it was a successful trip to the toilet.


  • There's a lot of things that they don't tell you about being pregnant, that I'm learning along the way.


  • Like, am I stretching things, occasional spotting, chronic headaches, chronic constipation, not seeing a bump, sometimes until your second trimester and having to change your underwear quite often during the day, Every pregnancy is so different.


  • And there's a lot of people, especially on the internet that have something to say about it, but I'm learning as I go and listening to my doctors only and just taking it day by day, this journey so far, couldn't have been more different than what I imagined it to be and being away from your family abroad makes you appreciate your original home much more than ever during this time.


  • The mental and physical changes you go through are like no other and you begin to truly mourn the person you used to be because it's no longer a new chapter in your life.


  • It's a new, whole new series of stories.


  • So you go through a bit of a crisis and you really don't know what it's like until you've honestly lived this alongside all the difficult moments though there are a lot of good moment pregnancy is both scary and beautiful at the same time and probably the biggest transformation there ever was for women because you're not only growing a new life but a new version of yourself as well.


  • All of my plans dreams, priorities interest.


  • They all shifted in the blink of an eye and I'm curious to see where this new woman I'm turning into will go, we interrupt this video to share with you the new Tokyo treat and Sakura Co boxes.


  • Tokyo treat and Sakura Co.


  • Our subscription japanese snack boxes.


  • Tokyo treat has more seasonal limited edition modern day snacks and candy and the Sakura Co box has more of a traditional taste where you'll get a variety of authentic japanese snack items that include some japanese tea and my favorite, a table wear item within your box.

    Tokyo treat有更多季節性的限量版現代零食和糖果,而Sakura Co盒子有更多的傳統味道,你會得到各種正宗的日本零食,包括一些日本茶和我最喜歡的,在你的盒子裡有一件桌布。

  • For this month's theme, It's all about the fall season.


  • Sakura Co celebrates october as being the harvest season.


  • Farmers all over the country are busy gathering the fruits of their labor.


  • And a major center of agriculture since centuries ago is Ibaraki Prefecture where visitors will find themselves almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fresh produce.


  • So we have snacks from Ibaraki, like the Ibaraki puffed rice, carrot and T fused with sentia and macha.


  • That is sure to provide a full taste to your afternoons with Tokyo treat.


  • We have all the Halloween vibes with spectacular snack in where they provide all the seasonal Halloween treats you'd find in japanese convenience stores and shops across the country.


  • Japan is known for really making Halloween its own and from what I've seen and experienced here, it's a blast.


  • You'll get snacks in this box like sweet potato kitkat bars, sweet potato being one of the most popular fall flavors here and chew jelly, sparkling grape soda, a flavor is so intense.


  • It'll send shivers down your spine.


  • Unfortunately, I couldn't eat a lot of these snacks since I developed a soy allergy and because I have extreme nausea right now.


  • Um, so I'll be giving these snacks to friends but I did find a couple that I'm able to try for you here today.


  • Everyone, its future Keli.


  • So at this point I am 12 weeks pregnant.


  • Let me tell you has not been fun I've been throwing up most of the time and I can't stomach a lot of things but I do want to try a couple of these things and take a bite.


  • I'm gonna give these things to friends and husband and all of that stuff.


  • Um The one thing that I'm gonna try today are these sour gummies.

    嗯 我今天要嘗試的東西是這些酸味軟糖。

  • It's one of the things that came in the box.


  • I don't know if you can see that have little monsters on it.


  • So I just wanted to taste test a couple of things.


  • There's only one thing in the soft taco box that I can have.


  • Um So I wanted to share that with you today but I just wanted to show you these are so cute.


  • I mean these would be great to like hand out for like Halloween candies to, I don't know if parents would be like, I don't trust that candy but oh my God, it's so sour that packs a punch with the sound.


  • I like sour candies though.


  • If I had to choose any kind of candy would be something like this.


  • So this snack came into Sakura Co box and it is like a carrot snack.

    是以,這種零食進入了Sakura Co的盒子,它就像一個胡蘿蔔零食。

  • I don't think it tastes like carrot.


  • They look like little pebble things like this.


  • They look like kind of like fruity pebbles but they look white.


  • More white.


  • Yeah, it's like a good snack to have when you just want to like munch on something doesn't have much of a taste but it is very good.


  • Use the code kelly to get $5 off your first soccer Taco box or Tokyo treat box.


  • Good morning everyone.


  • So I don't know if you can hear me but I just woke up, this is how I look in the morning and most days now I have been feeling so nauseous with literally everything that I eat and it sucks because I'm hungry but I'm also like super nauseous at the same time, I don't even know how to explain it.


  • Like it's just like I made tacos yesterday and I looked at it and I was like, I don't want to eat this but I was hungry because my stomach was growling and so I started eating it and I felt fine and I was like actually felt better after I was eating.


  • But then every time I go to eat something else like throughout the day or like for breakfast or something, I just, I wanna gag.


  • I wanna gag.


  • Like every time I can't even, I used to eat oatmeal like almost everything single morning, I don't even want that.


  • Like it just makes me wanna gag when I think about it or yesterday I was craving T.


  • G.


  • I friday's chicken tenders.


  • My cravings are like all over the place and I don't know if like cravings appear early or later the last night without me knowing made a reservation for T.


  • G.


  • I Fridays, but now I'm like like I want the chicken fingers, but I also want the buffalo chicken tacos, but when I think about it, I'm like, but I also, I'm like, oh my God, I want that.


  • Look at the mini pizzas you can make and the sushi, it, I do not want this, but it looks super cute at the dessert set.


  • We have lots of these, the Kashi.


  • Is that what it is good?


  • Alright.


  • Everything is making me want to vomit whenever I look at like breads or desserts or things like that, like I just want to throw up this pregnancy.


  • I've avoided desserts and sugar like the plague because it's the thing I'm craving the least.


  • All I want is fatty foods or spicy things.


  • It's the only thing I keep down.


  • But it's so funny because I look at a crispy cream that I used to love and I'm like, nope.


  • Even the smell, since your smell is basically heightened during this phase, makes me want to run away.


  • We have to start sacrificing.


  • Okay, look how cute this is.


  • Oh my God, look at how cute this is.


  • Oh my God, it's cute.


  • Don't they have nice stuff here?


  • Like this little carpets.


we have to start sacrificing okay the mental and physical changes you go through are like no other and you begin to truly mourn the person you used to be like in stomach.


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