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  • This is a story about a man who crashes his plane in the Sahara Desert. As he attempts

    這是個關於一位男人在撒哈拉沙漠墜機的故事 當他試圖

  • to repair his plane, he encounters a little prince with golden hair.


  • The prince shares that he is from a distant planet, a small planet with a rose and three


  • volcanoes. The prince then shares that he has travelled from planet to planet, meeting

    三座火山 而後小王子說自己在星球間旅行,遇見

  • different and unique individuals.


  • The man is dying of thirst and the prince suggests that they walk in the desert to find


  • a well. They eventually find a well and the man's thirst is quenched.


  • In the end, the prince returns to his planet and the man returns safely to civilization.


  • The majority of the story is immersed in a sense of isolation and solitude. The prince

    這故事充滿了孤立寂寞的感覺 小王子

  • travels alone from planet to planet, each planet is occupied by one individual, and


  • the man crashes his plane in the desert.


  • However, the story's essence shifts from solitude to friendship when the prince learns what


  • it means to be "tame" from a fox. The fox explains that to tame someone or something

    從一隻狐狸那裡學到「馴服」的意義 狐狸解釋說:「馴服某樣東西

  • means to set it apart from the others like it, to treat it special and as an individual.


  • The prince realizes that the rose on his planet is unlike any on Earth and he learns to cherish


  • it, leading to his return to his planet.


  • The author also uses satire and caricatures to portray how different adults may view life.


  • As the prince travels from planet to planet, he meets people who are characterized by their


  • extreme flaws, such as the proud king, busy banker, drunk, and lamplighter. Each of these

    有嚴重缺陷的人,例如:驕傲的國王、忙碌的銀行家、酒鬼和點燈人 他們每個人

  • individuals views their world and the surrounding stars differently.


  • The author spends a lot of time talking about the stars. Stars can represent life and in

    作者花了許多時間討論星星 星星可以代表「人生」,而在這故事中

  • this story, the author illustrates that stars, or life, have different meanings to different


  • people. The prince views the stars as something that is free and to be enjoyed by everyone.


  • He encourages the man to view the stars as little bells. But by the end, the author proposes

    他鼓勵男人將星星看做小鈴鐺 但在故事尾聲,作者則認為

  • that the stars can represent tears and sadness.


This is a story about a man who crashes his plane in the Sahara Desert. As he attempts

這是個關於一位男人在撒哈拉沙漠墜機的故事 當他試圖


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小王子 (The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery (Review) - Minute Book Report)

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