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  • (Highest-Paying Jobs in the World)


  • If you want to work your way to becoming a millionaire, then you're in luck if you have one of these high-paying jobs.


  • That said, getting a good paycheck also comes with a lot of hard work and dedication.


  • So, let's find out if you have what it takes to land one of the jobs on this list.


  • Number 10, marketing manager.

    第 10:行銷經理。

  • As a marketing manager, you'll be responsible for the brand's profile and awareness.


  • Your role will usually entail monitoring budgets, managing a team of employees, launching campaigns and analyzing their results.


  • If you're a people's person with creative ideas, you'll excel in a marketing role.


  • Number 9, corporate lawyer.

    第 9:企業律師。

  • If you're an aspiring lawyer, consider specializing in corporate law as it pays exceptionally well.


  • As a corporate lawyer, you'll counsel businesses on their legal rights and responsibilities while also handling any legal issues like liability, ownership, employment, and contracts.


  • Number 8, IT systems manager.

    第 8:IT 系統經理。

  • In today's technological world, IT workers hold great power and responsibility, which is why IT system managers are among the highest-paid workers.

    在現今技術當道的世界中,IT 工作者擁有巨大的權力和責任,這就是為什麼 IT 系統經理是收入最高的職員之一。

  • They are an integral part of any business model whose primary responsibility is to protect the office network from malware and hackers while solving company-wide technical issues.


  • Number 7, engineering manager.

    第 7:工程經理。

  • Engineer managers are in charge of supervising different projects and liaising between their clients and their staff members.


  • While this position is high-paying, it can only be obtained with years of experience.


  • So, you'll need a degree as well as time spent on the job.


  • Number 6, CEO.

    第 6:執行長。

  • Got a great idea, funding, and years of business experience?


  • Why not invest in your own business and become the CEO?


  • You'll be responsible for leading the company's various departments, making vital business decisions, and leading the company culture and ethics.


  • Number 5, dentist.

    第 5:牙醫。

  • If you're dedicated to giving someone the perfect smile, then you should consider becoming a dentist.


  • While it's among the top 5 highest-paying jobs in the world, you will need to go through dentistry school and gain lots of experience before you can start earning the big bucks.

    雖然這是世界上收入前 5 高的工作之一,但在開始賺大錢之前,你需要從牙醫學校畢業並獲得大量經驗。

  • Number 4, orthodontist.

    第 4:齒科矯正醫師。

  • Similar to a dentist, an orthodontist is responsible for aligning teeth, treating dental disorders, and fixing crooked smiles.


  • While orthodontists go through the same training as dentists, they will also need to complete a post-graduate orthodontics course.


  • Number 3, physician.

    第 3:內科醫師。

  • As a physician, you will generally be working in a doctor's surgery and act as a patient's first point of contact when they have a medical issue.


  • Through four years of studying and by completing a residency program, you'll obtain a wide array of knowledge that can help treat a simple cold or a rare disease.


  • Number 2, surgeon.

    第 2:外科醫生。

  • Surgeons are highly-trained medical professionals who perform surgical procedures.


  • The surgeries will vary depending on your chosen field that you've specialized in.


  • That said, the job is not easy, and you may be required to perform long surgeries that are a matter of life or death.


  • Number 1, anaesthesiologist.

    第 1:麻醉師。

  • Like surgeons, anaesthesiologists are trained physicians who specialize in perioperative care.


  • They're responsible for administering the anaesthesiology to ensure that patients are asleep during the surgery.


  • It usually takes up to 13 years to qualify as an anaesthesiologist, so there's no surprise that it's one of the highest-paid professions across the globe.

    通常需要長達 13 年的時間才能獲得麻醉師的資格,所以它是全球收入最高的職業之一也不足為奇。

  • As you can see, high-paying jobs require extensive studies and experience.


  • To succeed in one of these positions, you'll need to be up for the challenge.


  • If you're looking for a less stressful job, check our expert lists on to help you find a suitable position.

    如果你是要找一份壓力較小的工作,請查看我們 上的專家名單,幫助你找到一個合適的職位。

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(Highest-Paying Jobs in the World)


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