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  • Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone, page 3

  • Morality does not need religion as its groundSo far as morality is based upon the conception

  • of man as a free agent who, just because he is free, binds himself through his reason

  • to unconditioned laws, it stands in need neither of the idea of another Being over him, for

  • him to apprehend his duty, nor of an incentive other than the law itself, for him to do his duty.

  • At least it is man's own fault if he is subject to such a need; and if he is, this

  • need can be relieved through nothing outside himself: for whatever does not originate in

  • himself and his own freedom in no way compensates for the deficiency of his morality.

  • Hence for its own sake morality does not need religion at all (whether objectively, as regards

  • willing, or subjectively, as regards ability [to act]); by virtue of pure practical reason

  • it is self-sufficient.”

  • Interpretation Kant tells us here that morality comes from

  • man's freedom and reason, as the free choice of a rational being to bind himself by the

  • moral law he learns from his reason.

  • Since this freedom and this reason are the sole grounds of the moral law, we require

  • the existence of God neither (a) for the discovery of our duties, nor (b) for incentive or motivation

  • to do our duty.

  • That is, divine revelation is not necessary for us to know the moral law (e.g., we do

  • not need the Ten Commandments to know that stealing is wrong) and the incentives and

  • disincentives of heaven and hell are not necessary for us to have sufficient motivation to perform

  • our duty.

  • Revelation might serve as a crutch for morality in civilizations or individuals who lack the

  • full development of moral reason, but this is a deficient and hopefully temporary situation.

  • Both objectively and subjectively, morality does not need religion.

  • It proceeds from pure practical reason.

Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone, page 3


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Kant: Morality Does Not Require Religion (Quote & Interpretation)

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