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  • Hey ambitious professionals, it's linda Rainer of linda Rainer dot com guiding you to a career in life you'll truly enjoy and as you know, I have been taking a bit of a break from my channel from social media and I am now back into it so slowly and steadily and I'm excited because for today's video I will be talking to malika, one of my top notch resume students who actually lives in Tajikistan, this is a country that I've actually never heard of until today.

    嘿,有抱負的專業人士,我是linda Rainer dot com的linda Rainer,指導你在生活中找到你真正喜歡的職業,如你所知,我已經從社交媒體的頻道中休息了一段時間,現在我又重新回到了頻道中,所以我很興奮,因為今天的視頻我將與malika交談,她是我的一個一流的履歷學生,實際上住在塔吉克斯坦,這是一個我實際上從未聽說過的國家,直到今天。

  • We're super excited to talk to her, She is going to share with you her story on how she struggled with getting interviews, struggled with getting a job offer for over a year until she discovered top notch resume and then what she was able to do to get her current job offer and to switch career paths from finance into operations.


  • So if this is you, if you're struggling to get the job that you want and you want to learn more about how malika was able to do it, then we are going to get started.


  • Okay, I'm super excited, so Malika, thank you so much for joining me here today.


  • Thank you.


  • It's nice to see you and meet you in person.


  • Yes, well I'm very excited to speak to you too because you're coming from a country that I have never even heard of and somehow you're able to get into touch with with my team and our course and you're able to land your dream job.


  • So I'm, I really want you to share your story malika with everyone, can you tell us a little bit about what was going on before you discovered top notch resume?


  • What was your job search like?


  • Uh it was over a year or even a bit more that I was searching for a job.


  • I wanted to switch from uh as you mentioned from finance from administration to more operation.


  • Uh so I was applying maybe to about 10 job applications from which uh 4-5 I was shortlisted.


  • I passed the test but I failed the interview.


  • So this was my struggle.


  • I couldn't understand what is the reason because uh even if I followed up with the interviewers, they didn't give me any feedback about how I did in the interview.


  • So I didn't know anything about it and I didn't know what to do.


  • Got it.


  • Okay, so you were over a year struggling you got to some interviews but then you wouldn't get the job offer.


  • So let's talk about um that that process, what do you think was the biggest issue with with your resume that you weren't getting passed to the job offer stage.


  • Uh To be honest, I didn't even think that the problem was in resume because you know, I failed the interview, not the short listing, but when I watched your several videos, I actually was subscribed to your Youtube channel for maybe four years or so maybe even more five I think.


  • So I was regularly watching your videos and in one of the videos, you mentioned that uh even even if you fail the interview resume is very important because uh the interviewers will look at the resume at the interview stage.


  • That was a really big switch in my head and I thought that is very important then then I should do something with my resume.


  • Oh my gosh, okay, I'm so glad that you brought brought that up because that is exactly what I tell people all the time and people don't believe me that just because you got the interview doesn't necessarily mean that means oh I'm good, I don't need to do anything with my resume.


  • That means my resume is perfect.


  • That's not the case.


  • Sometimes they'll give you an interview because your resume is just good enough to get the interview and then they'll say okay let's just let's just meet her, let's see what happens.


  • But when they're in the interview stage it's a different environment, a different game at that point.


  • Because now they're really being um cautious, they're really being analytical, they're looking at not just you, but they're also looking again at the resume and this time they're going to analyze that resume in much more detail.


  • And so if you and the resume still don't line up perfectly, then yes, unfortunately you're not gonna get past past the interview around, you won't even get the job offer versus if your resume looks really good.


  • So um so okay, that's great.


  • So then you discovered my channel, Well you already have been subscribed to my channel.


  • That's fantastic.


  • And then what made you sign up for top notch resume?


  • Another failure?


  • If I can say that from the interview that I received, I thought that um, you know, when you, when you contribute to something, especially if, if contribute to yourself, then it will bring the returns, you know, it will contribute to to your business well being as well at some point and to my knowledge as well.


  • So I decided to contribute, I talked to my husband about it and he said yes, do it, it's good.


  • So um, so I decided to go with the course and I'm very happy with that.


  • Yes, well I'm so happy that you, that you signed up for the course as well.


  • Yeah.


  • So the idea of contribution meaning if you invest in yourself, that's what you're exactly.


  • Yes.


  • I mean this investing, yes, investing to yourself will bring the, will bring the results for sure.


  • I can say amazing.


  • What would you say is the biggest aha or the biggest, you know lesson that you learned from taking top notch resume.


  • I really like the course because uh it is very uh the way it is made, it's very clear simple but it's in that way that you don't need to add anything but you don't need to remove anything.


  • It's just up to the point and all the sentences, all the, the structure of the resume that is presented is really good.


  • I really liked it.


  • I liked the core structure and the structure for the resume that was offered from you.


  • It's really good awesome.


  • I'm so I'm so happy to hear that.


  • What would you say was the difference in the reactions of the hiring manager when you know before you showed them your resume or you would go to the interview with your old resume.


  • What was the difference in how they reacted to the new resume when you met with them in the interview?


  • First of all I would like to say what was the reaction of myself?


  • I felt much more confident.


  • I realized that I didn't um I somehow had low how can I say myself low confidence you know And I found out that I'm a really good professional what I do already.


  • So I have 15 more years, 15 plus years of working experience.


  • So I got a lot of confidence in myself after reading my own resume after the course.


  • I was perfectly fine with myself.


  • And then uh I was offered a job on the 1st 1st application, the first application after the course I got the job.


  • So this is this is the answer to the question how the HR team reacted to the resume.


  • Yes.


  • Yes.


  • Well okay that is I'm so happy you you mentioned because I didn't even ask what was your reaction?


  • I mean I just just I just brushed over that but for you to say you felt so much more confident after reading your new resume and then I think in a sense maybe that confidence was you know, uh sort of transferred over into the interview because you knew yes, I am the right fit for this job.


  • And maybe the way that you spoke, the way that you answered their questions that just transferred over.


  • So you already knew the resume was great and you just had to show up and be yourself and feel good about who you were and what you brought to the table and that was enough for them and you got the job offer.


  • So that is amazing.


  • Congratulations to you.


  • So why don't you tell the audience if it's okay with you a little bit about what you do.


  • So you said that you were able to switch career paths.


  • It's not just that you you just got any job, you switch from finance to operations, which a lot of people want to be able to do.


  • They want to switch from different industries or they want to switch careers altogether.


  • Um How do you, how were you able to do that using the course?


  • Uh to be honest, uh in the operations, I worked in education section.


  • So I had a little experience in education as I mentioned, I have been teaching english language for six years in my home country and also I have, I have taught tragic language at the university of texas at Austin?


  • So I had a little experience in education.


  • So how how do you do that?


  • You just pick up your background, the places which relate to the job application, this is what I learned.


  • So I did that I picked up from my background what was related to the job that I was applying and that worked perfectly fine to to move to switch from finance to education section operations awesome.


  • You are such a good student, you listen to everything that was taught in the course.


  • That's great, that's great.


  • Yes that is what you're gonna learn in top notch resume for anyone that is interested.


  • If you want to switch career paths you're gonna be able to do what malika was able to do which was to identify what are the key skills, the key traits, the key responsibilities that you already possess that are directly related to the new job and the new industry that you want to get into because even though you might not be doing that exact job right now there are still um similar or the same types of skills that you possess that could be transferred directly over.


  • Um and malika is a great example of that.


  • Um So I want to ask you, I guess one final question before I let you go malika, would you recommend for anyone that's on the fence on whether they want to take this course this program top notch resume if they want to learn how to improve their resume, would you recommend it to them?


  • What would you say to them?


  • Yes, I highly recommend the course because my result is a good ex explanation of recommendation for this.


  • And also I would like to mention that um my my income also raised so the money that I spent it was just returned to me so quickly and also by now my previous salary is multiplied to two.


  • So this is a really good result for me.


  • So I really recommend the course.


  • Uh I find it I'm a picky person.


  • I don't like when when people talk a lot and not to the point.


  • So this course was just exactly what I really like.


  • It's really helpful uh investing to yourself will bring returns for sure thank you malika for sharing that.


  • I didn't even realize that your income doubled.


  • You just said that right?


  • Your salary doubled.


  • Amazing.


  • So that's the thing, it's all about investing in yourself and then hopefully that will uh create the results that you need for yourself.


  • And and your income could could result as what malika has happened which is double in in its amount.


  • So um thank you so much Malika for sharing your story with us.


  • Is there anything else that you want to say to everyone watching?


  • I would like to say that um always go forward and invest yourself or learn more.


  • Don't stop, don't be disappointed if you are not accepted offer the job All of that is a good ex experience which will leave to your final final goal, invest yourself just go forward and I would also like to thank you so much linda for the course.


  • Uh it really brings the results so it's really good.


  • You're doing really good job, thank you so much for that and thank you for today's interview as well.


  • Oh yes.


  • Oh Mallika thank you, thank you so much for sharing your story.

    哦,Mallika 謝謝你,非常感謝你分享你的故事。

  • I'm so happy that um people are able to hear this and hopefully this gives them the encouragement that yes investing in yourself is important and that it will help you with your career and getting you on the path that you need to be on.


  • Um so thank you again malika for your time and thank you for watching.


  • If you are interested in pursuing top notch resume or my other course top notch interview, then feel free to head over to my website linda rainer dot com.

    如果你對追求一流的履歷或我的其他課程一流的面試感興趣,那麼請隨時前往我的網站linda rainer dot com。

  • There are buttons there that you can click on and you can check out my free workshops, my free resume mastery workshop as well as my free interview strategy workshop to help you get started.


Hey ambitious professionals, it's linda Rainer of linda Rainer dot com guiding you to a career in life you'll truly enjoy and as you know, I have been taking a bit of a break from my channel from social media and I am now back into it so slowly and steadily and I'm excited because for today's video I will be talking to malika, one of my top notch resume students who actually lives in Tajikistan, this is a country that I've actually never heard of until today.

嘿,有抱負的專業人士,我是linda Rainer dot com的linda Rainer,指導你在生活中找到你真正喜歡的職業,如你所知,我已經從社交媒體的頻道中休息了一段時間,現在我又重新回到了頻道中,所以我很興奮,因為今天的視頻我將與malika交談,她是我的一個一流的履歷學生,實際上住在塔吉克斯坦,這是一個我實際上從未聽說過的國家,直到今天。

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