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  • So this summer we went to London and we went at the beginning of july from june 30th to july 2nd and the temperatures were actually really nice.


  • I actually enjoy these cooler temperatures as opposed to really hot temperatures like in the eighties it was mostly, I would say comfortably in the seventies and mornings were cold, you know, it could get to like 55 degrees in the morning so you don't have to dress warm in the morning.


  • But the daytime was so pleasant.


  • I really, really liked the London weather during this time, but we wanted to share what we wore while we were there for what?


  • 3 to 4 days.


  • On the first day we did two things in the early morning, we did a tour of the changing of the guards and then after that we went to Westminster Abbey.


  • So for the changing of the guard since it was early in the morning, I wanted to dress warm because it was an outside tour but we would be walking for about an hour and a half and I wanted to make sure I was comfortable.


  • So so I did wear a trench coat, a trenchcoat, I would say in England is fantastic.


  • It's perfect for the chilly mornings and also I think it caught up in some light rain, it comes in handy.


  • So I wore this with some black slacks and these are very light weight, not too heavy and they're a little bit high waisted and they're also cropped a little bit at the bottom.


  • So it gives you this nice relaxed look and not like this business.


  • See look to you and then on top I wore a T shirt which is a very simple white t shirt Now, even though this is simple, it is um, a really nice one that I wear all the time because it was made especially for me, which you can tell on the tag here.


  • So it's made for you.


  • Candy.


  • It's something that amazon has recently started doing is where they make custom t shirts for you.


  • But with your phone, it kind of scam and your body and it tells you what size you need to wear and where to cinch in basically it is very custom made.


  • And even if you get the first one and you don't quite like the way it fits, you can return it for free and then they will redo to make exactly the way you want it.


  • So that's what this shirt is.


  • I wore this quite a bit actually when I was in London and then um, because I get cold really easily under the trench coat on top of the t shirt, I actually wore this card.


  • Again, it might be a little bit overkill for some people, but for people like me who get cold really easily, that's what I wore.


  • And then for shoes I wore these sneakers from Adidas and these are the stan smith edition, which are really popular and I can see why because they are super comfy and if you're worried about having shoes that are too narrow, this is perfect because I'm like in between narrow and wide, I would say I'm not too wide and not too narrow and I feel like these were the perfect pair of shoes to wear all day in London.


  • So I wore some jeans, of course, I love paige jeans.


  • If you're looking for comfortable jeans, paige jeans is the way to go.


  • It's a little bit more on the expensive side, but sometimes they could have sales and I found a good deal on amazon one time.


  • So look on amazon too.


  • But yeah, so I just wore these dark jeans, I think these dark jeans several times in London, but we're that with a white shirt underneath, just a heart, it's like a basic t shirt with a red heart and um, I don't know, I kind of like these colors with the black blazer because it reminded me of London, I felt like these are London colors.


  • So this shirt I got on amazon, it's an amazon essentials brand and it came in a two pack.


  • I actually really like these shirts, I got a medium size, but I feel like I, I could have got a small to make it fit a little bit better on my body, but I mean it's a very comfortable shirt, very affordable and I really do like the feel of it too.


  • Oh yeah, definitely has stretch, like these types of shirts and for the blazer, this is actually not the boyfriend blazer but more fitted blazer and it's by french mov I believe you have french mob.


  • I bought this from one of those, I think it was from stitch fix where you try on clothes and if you like it then you buy it.

    我從其中一個地方買了這個,我想是stitch fix,在那裡你試穿衣服,如果你喜歡,你就買下它。

  • So this is where I got that from, didn't wear it for probably like a couple of years because I think when I bought it it was like right before the pandemic and I never really had anywhere to wear it to.


  • So this time I was like, this is perfect for London and it did look great in photos because like I said, it's more fitted, so it gives you a more slim figure and I, this is very comfortable.


  • I wore it throughout the whole day from morning to evening and it was just right, so yeah, that's what I wrote for that.


  • And for the shoes, I think the whole time in London I wore these white sneakers with everything.


  • So these are the cole haan white sneakers that I always wear on my travels because it's lightweight, it's comfortable and it basically matches anything.

    所以這些是我在旅行中經常穿的cole haan白色運動鞋,因為它很輕,很舒服,而且基本上可以和任何東西搭配。

  • So then when we went to Westminster Abbey, I did change up my outfit a little bit, I took off the slacks, which by the way, I forgot to mention these are for Margaret.


  • Oh larry, great high waisted slacks.


  • Um I changed it out for a pair of jeans and these are from made well these are high waisted as well a little bit um I guess I'm a little bit short, it's like ankle length jeans.


  • So I wore this with the T shirt, I think I took away the cardigan was starting to get warmer and we're going to be inside Westminster Abbey, which is, you know, it's a little bit stuffy when you're indoors, but I still kept the trench coat.


  • So that's the only thing that I changed was basically the pants when we went to Westminster Abbey.


  • Did you wear the same thing the entire time?


  • Okay.


  • Yeah.


  • Okay.


  • Change for me, the next day we went to Hampton Court Palace and I did not change outfits.


  • I pretty much were the same thing I wore the prior morning, but for the changing of the guards, because one I didn't wear it all day, so I don't think it was, it wasn't dirty to me.


  • So I wear the same shirt, same slacks, cardigan, and the trench coat.


  • I did change my accessories a little bit though, I did bring a a bandoleer strap or this is a I think vandal it.


  • Um So you can carry your phone like this or if I wanted to wear it across my body, I change it out for a longer strap.


  • This is a very bold piece.


  • Heavy duty.


  • It's very heavy duty, but it looks cool.


  • So yeah, so sometimes I wore it like, like this, so yeah, um that's what I do sometimes if I'm wearing the same outfit, but I want to change it up a little bit.


  • I kind of change out the accessories and I also wear the same shoes because those shoes are super comfortable, which I'm glad I wore those shoes because yeah, when you spend all day walking around getting on trains and then doing a whole museum it gets really tiring.


  • So it's definitely good to have really comfortable shoes.


  • And I wore the these wide lead, wide leg linen pants.


  • They're from banana republic and they are very comfortable.


  • These are going to be my new go to pants.


  • I think it's very stylish and you can wear it with crop tops because it's high waisted too.


  • So you can either, you know, put your shirt underneath the pants or you could wear a crop top with it in both ways, look really great.


  • Uh so with this on this particular day I wore a tank top, this is from amazon the drop and I just put it underneath the pants and then over top in the morning it was cold.


  • So I wore a jean jacket actually, I think throughout the day I did wear this jean jacket because like I said, London weather during this time is very pleasant.


  • So having a jean jacket was just fine throughout the day and and um for kicks, if you would like a stylish pin to go along with your jacket.


  • Candy and I both got this royalty corgi pin while we were there.


  • So if you would like to add a little accessory, there you go.


  • It was for London's platinum jubilee.


  • I think these are like these special pins that they came out with special editions Krista and I, whenever we travel together, it's really hard to get photos together.


  • It's always, I take a picture of her or she takes a picture of me and we don't really ask other people to take photos for us one because we're kind of picky about the way the photos taken and to you just never know, like, I don't know sometimes I'm concerned that someone would just like walk off with our camera and we have really expensive cameras.


  • So what we do usually is we go on Airbnb experience and we book a photography session with a photographer.


  • So that's what we did when we went to London and for this day, we both picked out outfits specifically for this photo shoot and I actually had a little bit of a hard time figuring out what to wear because the temperature is kept on fluctuating from and I knew it was gonna be pretty warm this day because the sun was out.


  • So what I ended up wearing was I still kept my trench coats, I wanted a classic trench coat in the photos because I feel like trench coats are so London underneath the trench coat.


  • I wore these white stretch denim wide leg pants and these are from Zara and then I wore this silk top from how do you say Crystal Quince quince?

    我穿了這條白色彈性牛仔闊腿褲,這些都是來自Zara,然後我穿了這件絲質上衣,怎麼說呢,Crystal Quince quince?

  • We think we think it's quince.


  • So I had the tank top tucked into the pants because they're high waisted sometimes during the shoot I would have the coat on and other times I wouldn't all the other days I wore my Stanley smith, Adidas sneakers.


  • But for this photo shoot, I wanted to wear something a little bit more.


  • I want to say elegant, even though these are casual.


  • I feel like it's a little bit more on the elegant side compared to my other sneakers, which are a little more casual.


  • Again, these are casual.


  • But what I like about these is it's a really soft material and I don't have to wear socks with these because it's such a soft material and this is machine washable.


  • So I know you can see like there's some stains on it now from when I was wearing it, but I can just like toss these in the washer.


  • Um, so I'm gonna be doing that when I get home.


  • But these are the shoes that I wore super comfortable and then for me the same thing, I went very casual and I wanted to be, I don't know, I want to be as London e as possible.


  • So I wore jeans again, like I said, I wore these jeans um just about every day.


  • London and I wore the same tank top that I wore the Hampton Court Palace because I didn't sweat at all and this still smell good.


  • I wasn't stinky and over this, I wore this oversized light jacket.


  • It's very different and unique from any other other jackets that I've worn.


  • And I thought it kind of gave like this cool casual look with the jeans and simple top.


  • Um, and then when it got hot I would just take this off and have, you know, a simple look with the jeans and the tank top because it did get hot at times during that shoot because this was the hottest day in London which was, you know, the high seventies, which is still like great weather.


  • But when you're walking around and you know, moving and with all these crowds around you, it does get a little bit warm.


  • And the sun was actually at that day to which most of the days was cloudy and it was really sunny that day.


  • It was.


  • And then also um with my outfits, a lot of my outfits, I would wear my bandoleer with this strap.


  • This is the wide strap and this is the one where you can attach things like your keys or your ipod case, which I have here and I like to do this a lot.


  • So when I want to listen to something on my phone, I can just have my ipod with me take it out and listen to it on the train or something.


  • So this is always nice to have when traveling.


  • So the last thing that we did in London was stopped by the borough market because I've heard that this place is the place to go if you're hungry and if you want some of the best food in the city and they're right, there was a lot of good food and lots of choices.


  • Yeah.


  • And a lot of variety.


  • Like cuisine is not just, you know, typical London food.


  • There's asian food, indian food.


  • Yeah, it was, it was a great selection of cuisines there.


  • So this is like the same day we did the photo shoot.


  • So we're kind of hot because it was pretty warm throughout the day.


  • So we changed and I wore this quince 100% linen dress.


  • This is the same company that candy got her silk shirt from and like she said, I don't know if she mentioned it earlier, but they're very affordable prices for the type of fat, high quality fabric that was like, didn't you show this or something?


  • She's wearing it?


  • That's what it was.


  • So yeah, she's wearing the same dress.


  • And um I have this and brown this color and in black because I love it so much.


  • It's very comfortable and it works in many situations.


  • So I wore this with the jean jacket because as we went outside the clouds came in and it did get a little bit cold.


  • So so we had to have some type of jacket over our clothing.


  • So I wore my usual jean jacket with this and my white sneakers and it was very comfortable.


  • I liked walking around in this and then I wore, I switched out my pants and I decided to put on some just regular blue denim jeans and these are from made well if you haven't heard of made well they make a lot of different types of jeans and I love their fit.

    我喜歡穿著這個走來走去,然後我穿上了,我換了褲子,我決定穿上一些普通的藍色牛仔褲,這些是來自Made well,如果你沒有聽說過Made well,他們製造了很多不同類型的牛仔褲,我喜歡他們的合身。

  • One thing I really liked it there jeans is that they, it's almost 100% cotton.


  • Not quite like I think they have like a 1% of lasting.


  • So if you're looking for genes with just a little bit of stretch, may dwell is a really good company um because I like stretch but I don't want too much stretch if that makes sense.

    是以,如果你正在尋找只有一點點彈性的基因,May dwell是一家非常好的公司,嗯,因為我喜歡彈性,但我不想要太多彈性,如果這有意義的話。

  • But uh these are one of my favorite pair of jeans right now in my closet and then I wore a white shirt underneath and this is from, it's the same one from amazon, the made for you t shirt and then on top I threw on a blazer blazer.


  • Actually worked out pretty well for a lot of situations in London, it's great for layering and then for um a purse I just carried this purse that I got, it's actually got this on Ebay but the brand is called a Nina being, she makes really great staple pieces that I feel like this purse matches anything, but it's a camera, it's called a camera bag and you can actually, if you wanted to take off the strap and switch it out, which I really liked.

    事實上,在倫敦的很多情況下,它很適合分層,然後對於嗯錢包,我只是帶著這個錢包,它實際上是在Ebay上得到的,但這個品牌叫做Nina being,她做了非常棒的主食,我覺得這個錢包可以匹配任何東西,但它是一個相機,它叫做相機包,實際上你可以,如果你想脫下帶子,把它換掉,我真的很喜歡。

  • So that's what we wore in the beginning of july and London.


  • If you're looking for what to wear in july, I hope these outfits gave you some ideas on what to wear during that time.


  • If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and if you want to watch more of our videos, please subscribe to our channel.


  • Thanks for watching.


  • Bye.


So this summer we went to London and we went at the beginning of july from june 30th to july 2nd and the temperatures were actually really nice.


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