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  • This photograph discovered by police would lead a heartbroken family to their love on missing for almost 40 years.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 creepiest photos linked to true crimes.


  • It was a horrifying plea for Heaven's sake catch me before I kill more.


  • I cannot control myself for this list will be looking at the most horrifying photographs that have come from actual crime stories which of these unsettled you the most let us know in the comments below number 10 Leonard Lake's cabin.

    我無法控制自己,因為這份名單將關注最恐怖的照片,這些照片來自於實際的犯罪故事,其中哪張照片最讓你不安,請在下面的評論中告訴我們,第10號Leonard Lake的小屋。

  • This photo is quite unassuming at first it's an aerial shot of a rubble strewn building with various crew members working amongst the debris.


  • It's a sight that millions of people see every day on their way to and from work, but this is actually the compound of Leonard Lake and it hosted some nightmare atrocities Lake and his accomplice Charles ng took their victims to this cabin in the Sierra Nevada foothills and committed horrible acts against them before ending their lives.


  • It's believed that the duo killed up to 25 people inside the cabin and authorities later found the likes of videotapes and human remains at the site Number nine Sharee Miller in July of 1980 for a man named William Bradford met Young Bartender Sharee Miller at the meat market in Los Angeles.


  • After convincing Miller that he was a professional photographer, he extended a proposition to take some photos of her.


  • She agreed and the two drove north into the desert of Bradford took various photographs of Miller who can be seen wearing a pair of denim shorts.


  • Soon after the photos were taken, Bradford killed Miller and took her body back to Hollywood where he abandoned it in an Alley.


  • Bradford was a predator who was out on bail at the time of Miller's killing.


  • She was just one of a potential 28 victims.


  • Number eight Dahmer's drum.


  • It's amazing how a story can re contextualize a picture.


  • This seemingly harmless photo depicts a blue plastic drum in the corner of an old room.


  • Nothing too strange or malicious until you realize what's inside the that it belongs to Jeffrey Dahmer, who was probably the most notorious serial killer in american history.


  • One of Dahmer's survivors took note of the drum while inside the house and noticed a very strong and unpleasant smell coming from it.


  • When Dahmer was finally caught, investigators uncovered the drum and found it was filled with hydrochloric acid and human remains.


  • Dahmer was going full, Breaking Bad and dissolving his victims inside the drum.


  • Number seven, john Lennon and Mark David chapman, A very famous photo taken by paul Gresh shows john Lennon, signing an autograph.


  • While a man in glasses, stands over his left shoulder.


  • Thousands of photos just like this were taken throughout Lennon's career, but this one is steeped in malice.


  • This photo was taken around five p.m. On the evening of december 8th 1980 nearly six hours late.


  • Lenin returned home and was shot by the man in the photo Lennon was shot and killed at about 11 o'clock last night outside his apartment building.

    列寧回到家中,被照片中的人射殺 列儂於昨晚11點左右在其公寓樓外被射殺。

  • The very same man he had given an autograph to earlier in the evening.


  • This of course is Mark David Chapman and he had been planning to kill Lennon for months.


  • While Chapman watched Lennon signed his album.


  • He knew he would kill him just a few hours later, number six Karen Springer here's five year old jerome Bruno's.


  • He finds this pair of women's shoes.


  • Something had made him pick those up throughout the late 19 sixties, a man named jerry Brito's killed at least four women in Oregon.


  • So he brings home this pair of women's shoes and And he begins to wear them around the House.


  • One of them was an 18 year old named Karen Springer.


  • On March 27, Brew Dose was wearing women's clothing and scoured a department store parking lot for victims.


  • He found springer and kidnapped her at gunpoint.


  • She was beautiful.


  • I said I'd take some photos of her.


  • Is that when you invited her in brew dose then took her to his personal garage and made her put on underwear.


  • While he took photos.


  • One of them has been released and shows a calm looking springer gazing into the lens, shortly after the photo was taken brew does killed Springer and put her body into the Willamette River.


  • Number five Ted's tools.


  • Few serial killers are as notorious as Ted Bundy.


  • His name is synonymous with evil and he may have killed up to 36 women throughout the mid seventies.


  • While detectives tried to track a man who slipped into a sorority house early yesterday and murdered two women, the killer struck first at the chi omega sorority house police say he was armed with a heavy oak log Bundy was arrested in the early the morning of august 16th 1975 by patrolman bob Hayward and when Hayward searched Bundy's vehicle, he discovered a treasure trove of suspicious material inside the Volkswagen beetle and later photographed for the world to see where the likes of garbage bags on ice, pick rope gloves, a ski mask and more unfortunately, there wasn't enough solid evidence to hold Bundy at the time and he was promptly released from custody.

    當偵探們試圖追蹤一名昨天凌晨溜進聯誼會所並殺害兩名婦女的男子時,凶手首先在奇奧米加聯誼會所出手,警方稱他手持一根沉重的橡樹木 邦迪於1975年8月16日清晨被巡警鮑勃-海沃德逮捕,當海沃德搜查邦迪的車輛時。當海沃德搜查邦迪的車輛時,他在大眾甲殼蟲車內發現了一個可疑材料的寶庫,後來還拍下了照片,讓世人看到了冰上的垃圾袋、挑繩手套、滑雪面具等,不幸的是,當時並沒有足夠的證據來關押邦迪,他很快被釋放。

  • Washington missed you.


  • Utah gave you away.


  • Colorado lost you.


  • I'm gonna fry you.


  • He went on to kill again before he was finally captured for good in february of 1978 number four, the columbine class picture, It's pictures like this that prove the volatility of life.


  • You never know the types of people.


  • You're literally sitting beside parents hug your kids, Pray to pray that be happy that you're with them.


  • Kids grab your friends, hold them tight and never be mad at people because it could happen in a second that they'll be gone.


  • This photo shows the columbine high school class of 1999 in the top left corner, some boys can be seen making gun gestures with their hands too.


  • Two of these boys are eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who just weeks later would enact the historic columbine attack on april 20th 1999.


  • Harris and Klebold killed 13 at their high school.


  • The perps would also take their own lives, bringing the total body count to 15.


  • Even more were injured and columbine became an international talking point number three Rodney Alcala is photos a vicious man who killed at least eight.


  • Rodney Alcala is famously known as the dating game killer as he once appeared on the titular game show.


  • Between takes, he might find him skydiving or motorcycling.


  • Please welcome Rodney Alcala While searching his home and his personal storage locker investigators found over 1000 photographs, many of which depicted people in sensual poses.

    請歡迎羅德尼-阿爾卡拉 在搜查他的家和他的個人儲物櫃時,調查人員發現了1000多張照片,其中許多描繪了人們的性感姿勢。

  • 120 of these photos were eventually released to the public in the hopes of identifying the subjects.


  • The released photographs are not explicitly sensual in nature, but merely depicts people, mainly young women posing in artful manners.


  • The san Antonio police refused to take a missing persons report on chris because she was an adult.


  • It's unclear how many of these subjects were killed by Alcala, but at least one missing persons case that of 28 year old Christine thornton was solved with the help of the photographs, her smile shared by a tragic list of young women and girls who trusted a charming stranger only to discover a dark secret that began back in the fall of 1968.

    目前還不清楚這些對象中有多少人是被阿爾卡拉殺害的,但至少有一個28歲的克里斯蒂娜-桑頓(Christine Thornton)的失蹤案在這些照片的幫助下得到了解決,她的笑容被一眾年輕婦女和女孩分享,她們信任一個迷人的陌生人,卻發現一個始於1968年秋天的黑暗祕密。

  • Number two, A message from the lipstick killer.


  • Later that morning in the bedroom, police found a crumpled up ransom note left by the culprit.


  • It read got $20,000 ready and waits for word.


  • Do not notify FBI or police bills in fives and tens.


  • While his conviction is controversial, the lipstick killer is thought to be Illinois criminal William Herren's.


  • The lipstick killer got his name from a particularly creepy crime scene and this crime scene was famously photographed Francis Brown was killed inside her apartment and the perp left behind a message for whoever came across her body scrawled on the wall in lipstick were the words for heaven's sake, catch me before I kill more.


  • I cannot control myself.


  • Unfortunately, the killer did indeed strike again kidnapping and taking the life of the young Suzanne Degnan.


  • This occurred just one month after the death of Brown.


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  • Number one Ed jean's house.


  • The inspiration behind numerous fictional killers like norman bates and leatherface Ed Geen is a notorious body snatcher who fashioned himself one nightmarish house geen would dig up corpses from graveyards around Plainfield Wisconsin and use their bones and skin to make household objects.

    眾多虛構的殺手如諾曼-貝茨和皮臉背後的靈感 艾德-吉恩是一個臭名昭著的搶屍者,他把自己塑造成一個噩夢般的房子 吉恩會從威斯康星州普蘭菲爾德附近的墓地挖出屍體,用他們的骨頭和皮膚來製作家用物品。

  • When authorities searched jean's house, they found the likes of garbage bins, upholstery, bedposts, bowls and lampshades, all of which were made from human remains.


  • Many photos were taken of jean's house, most of which depict a horribly cluttered space filled with trash and furniture.


  • It's eerie to think how much of that stuff was made out of the recently exhumed.


  • Perhaps the scariest picture is that of a chair upholstered with old and leathery looking skin.


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This photograph discovered by police would lead a heartbroken family to their love on missing for almost 40 years.


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