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  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 best R rated action movies for this list, we'll be looking at action thrill rides that made the most of that hard R rating.

    歡迎來到Watch mojo,今天我們將評選出十大最佳R級動作片,在這個名單中,我們將關注那些充分利用R級的動作驚險片。

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  • Number 10 Predator.


  • The predator franchise has been to a lot of places, including a brief dip into PG 13 territory with its first crossover with the alien universe For the most part however, these interstellar hunters tend to dwell within that hard our world of brutal violence and intense action.


  • The first film in particular is a testosterone field exercise in excess, focusing on Arnold Schwarzenegger's dutch and his crack team of tough guys as their rescue mission turns into a fight for survival.


  • Director john McTiernan and crew keep the violence raw and visceral while the jungle setting keeps predator always feeling uneasy and on edge # nine Kingsman, The Secret Service.

    導演約翰-麥克蒂爾南(john McTiernan)和工作人員保持了原始和內臟的暴力,而叢林環境使捕食者總是感到不安和緊張#9《王牌特工》。

  • Today, comic book adaptations are a dime a dozen, but the emphatic R rating is generally issued in favor of the wider commercial net cast by the PG 13 1.

    今天,漫畫書改編的作品多如牛毛,但強調的R級一般都是為了支持PG 13 1所投下的更廣泛的商業網而發行的。

  • There are exceptions, of course, with the Kingsman franchise reveling in the sort of over the top action set pieces that pride themselves on ridiculous physics and jaw dropping violence.


  • The first film, Kingsman, The Secret Service sets the tone for the series, stylish production and blackly comedic tone and balances traditional espionage tropes with action antics that edge dangerously close to self parody yet remain fun.

    第一部電影《王牌特工》(Kingsman, The Secret Service)為該系列定下了基調,時尚的製作和黑色的喜劇基調,並在傳統的諜戰套路與危險地接近自我模仿的動作滑稽之間取得了平衡,但仍然很有趣。

  • All the same.


  • Number 8, 1st Blood.


  • Although it should be said that Rambo two is where Sylvester Stallone's john Rambo character really hits all the action movie beats, fans tend to associate with the franchise.


  • The first film is nothing if not classic.


  • First Blood earns its all rating to only taking its time getting to that point.


  • Instead.


  • First Blood largely prefers to honor David morals original novel and its character study of Rambo as a damaged Vietnam war veteran, ah Rambo's eventual descent into trauma and subsequent actions upon the tormentors in town.


  • It's a different sort of violence.


  • It's the violence of the mind and the tragedy of what happens when a man attempts to return home from war only to find that home no longer feel safe.


  • It's over johnny, it's over, nothing is over nothing.


  • You just don't turn it off.


  • # seven, lethal weapon like I said, thin probably nothing.

    # 七號,致命武器,就像我說的,可能什麼都沒有。

  • It's perhaps the best buddy cop movie of all time.


  • One that nails every line every set piece in every character.


  • Trope in pitch perfect fashion.


  • We're talking about lethal weapon and it's required viewing for anyone who remotely considers themselves to be an action fan.


  • Mel Gibson and Danny glover make for the perfect mismatched pair with the family life of glover's murtaugh being juxtaposed against the shattered sanity of the unhinged martin riggs.

    梅爾-吉布森(Mel Gibson)和丹尼-格洛弗(Danny Glover)組成了完美的錯位組合,格洛弗扮演的穆爾陶的家庭生活與精神錯亂的馬丁-裡格斯的破碎理智並列。

  • Sure the jokes fly fast and furious here, but lethal weapon also never size from shocking violence.


  • Meanwhile, the final third of the film is a white knuckle thrill ride that almost makes you forget lethal weapon even had comedic moments.


  • # six Kill Bill Volume one.

    #六 殺死比爾第一卷。

  • Hey baby, how was school?


  • Quentin?


  • Tarantino fans are well aware of the director's pension for inserting as many references as possible to classic genre and exploitation cinema.


  • It's perhaps the Kill Bill movies that best distill this feeling into something that's equal parts originality and homage.


  • However, a perfect tribute to the kung fu boom of the 19 seventies.


  • Both Kill Bill volumes are fantastic.


  • But we have to admit we're partial to the first installment thanks to a couple of deadly set pieces, the fight between the Bride and the Crazy 88 is the stuff of legend, but the fact that there's still two more wild fights in the house of blue leaves.


  • Well, it's just the icing on the proverbial action movie cake.


  • Number five John Wick chapter three Parabellum We have to admit that the John Wick franchise was an awesome surprise when the first film bowled us over back in 2014, the O.

    第五位 約翰-威克 第三章 帕拉貝魯姆 我們不得不承認,當第一部電影在2014年讓我們俯首稱臣時,《約翰-威克》系列是一個了不起的驚喜,奧。

  • G does a great job at building the strange but awesome universe of hitman contract killers and their unique code of ethics.


  • Chapter two doubles down on this, laying the groundwork for the third chapter.


  • Parabellum in 2019 Wick is basically bulletproof at this point with regard to how the fans feel about these films, but at the same time they exemplify action cinema as art.


  • There's a beauty to the fight choreography to the point where it feels like we're watching a dance, a gorgeous deadly dance that feels so elevated above its contemporaries.


  • Yeah, number four Speed Pop quiz Hot shot.


  • There's a bomb on a bus.


  • Once the bus goes 50 mph, the bomb is armed.


  • If it drops below 50, It blows up.


  • What do you do pop quiz hotshot, where were you when speed was released in 1994.


  • It's one of those action flicks that simultaneously revered and underrated.


  • At the same time, speed makes the most out of a great idea that of a mad bomber holding an entire moving bus hostage with an explosive that's set to go off.


  • Should the bus fall under 50 mph, keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are great together on screen while Dennis Hopper is an absolute madman as the demented Howard Payne.


  • What do you do?


  • You're so smart, right ship with a plan cause I'm smarter.


  • The film is a lean mean action machine that wastes no time once it gets going and sticks with you long after the credits roll.


  • The less said about speed two cruise control.


  • However, the better # three Terminator 2 Judgment Day.


  • Get down.


  • What do you do when you're tasked to top what's easily one of the finest sci fi action hybrids of all time.


  • Well, if you're a writer, Director James Cameron, you release terminator two judgment day and you change the game again.


  • T two leans a bit heavier on traditional action tropes while retaining the heady sci fi of its predecessor.


  • The special effects take center stage here though, utilizing technology that was cutting edge at the time and honestly still looks pretty damn great.


  • Today go.


  • There's also an approachability to the characters and an incredibly quick pace that makes terminator to feel like the summer blockbuster.


  • It truly is an R rated thrill ride that somehow feels like it was made for everyone.


  • Still a vista baby.


  • # two Mad Max, Fury Road.


  • Yes.


  • If George Miller threw open the gates for the post, apocalyptic boom with the original Mad max in its 1981 sequel, The Road Warrior.


  • Then consider Fury Road to represent Miller's return to the throne I live, I live again.


  • The film was a breath of fresh air during a time when excessive C.


  • G.


  • I.


  • And lazy, shaky cam choreography seemed to be everywhere.


  • Fury Road was having none of that and instead brought things back to wild production design, practical effects and the sort of imaginative visuals that made the film feel like it came from one of Miller's fever dreams.


  • The movie possesses an almost fetishistic worship of the wheel in honoring of octane and a devotion to delivering one of the most unique action movies to ever hit the silver screen before.


  • We name our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions, Beverly Hills cop in a class all its own face off john woo.


  • Does America true lies a crossover success for Schwarzenegger and Jamie lee Dirty Harry.


  • The 70s conflict that defined a decade.


  • You've got to ask yourself one question.


  • Do I feel lucky?


  • Well do you punk escape from new york, john Carpenter's dystopian sci fi action banger.


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  • Number one Diehard, Welcome to the Party Pal.


  • Forget the debate about whether or not Die Hard is a christmas movie because what it is, what it really is is an all rated action masterpiece.


  • Set the holiday trappings aside, ignore Bruce Willis is undeniable charisma and quotable quips and Die Hard is still awesome.


  • Forget all the trivia, you know, pay attention to the pacing, the characters and the urgency of the violence and it still works brilliantly.


  • Die Hard is just a case of correct execution at the correct time with the right people doing their best to make the best movie they could.


  • There's a reason why this franchise is still so beloved by so many.


  • Die Hard is perfect.


  • Do you agree with our picks.


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Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 best R rated action movies for this list, we'll be looking at action thrill rides that made the most of that hard R rating.

歡迎來到Watch mojo,今天我們將評選出十大最佳R級動作片,在這個名單中,我們將關注那些充分利用R級的動作驚險片。

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