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  • Americans consume a lot of meat.

    - 美國人消費了大量的肉類。

  • Factory farming is responsible for about 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


  • One of the biggest challenges that the human population is facing today is: creating food at a scale that does more good for the planet and is affordable, healthy, and delicious for humans.

    - 最大的挑戰之一是人類今天所面臨的問題 正在創造大規模的食物 為地球帶來更多好處並且對人類來說是負擔得起的、健康和美味的。

  • Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have transformed people's perceptions of plant-based alternatives to meat.

    - 像Beyond Meat這樣的公司和 "不可能的食物 "已經改變了人們的生活。 對基於植物的肉類替代品的看法。

  • But my fear is that in trying to solve for one problem, which is protecting animals, they're creating a new problem, which is this sort of Frankenstein, unhealthy, overly-processed product.

    - 但是,我擔心的是,。在試圖解決一個問題。 這是在保護動物,他們在創造 一個新的問題,那就是這種弗蘭肯斯坦,不健康的。 過度加工的產品。

  • AKUA is a sustainable food company on a mission to replace harmful industrial food production with regenerative ocean farming, starting with a healthy seaweed called Kelp.

    - AKUA是一家可持續發展的食品公司肩負著取代有害工業食品的使命 用再生性海洋養殖生產。 首先是一種叫做海帶的健康海藻。

  • Consumers know these big food companies aren't⏤are not worth trusting and definitely not worth eating, and, so, they're looking for healthier options.

    - 消費者知道這些大食品公司不值得信任,也絕對不值得吃。 是以,他們正在尋找更健康的選擇。

  • We just need to create food that's clean label, healthy for you, and is non-destructive for the planet, too.


  • And, yeah, we're not gonna be killing animals in the process.


  • Stop making this so complicated.


  • I just, like, can't stop eating; I'm addicted at this point.

    - 我只是喜歡,不能停止吃。在這一點上,我已經上癮了。

  • Yeah, when like, you know, you don't really pay yourself money, it's good to eat your free product.

    - 是的,當像,你知道。你並沒有真正給自己錢。 吃了你的免費產品就好了。

  • Courtney Boyd Myers is the co-founder and CEO of AKUA.

    - Courtney Boyd Myers他是AKUA的聯合創始人和CEO。

  • I wasn't one of those kids that dropped out of college to start a company.

    - 我不是那些孩子中的一員從大學輟學開公司的人。

  • I thought people that went to business school were so boring.


  • I was a creative writer and poetry major.


  • And I turned the corner on 30 and suddenly had this realization of my future granddaughter asking me,

    我在30號轉角處並突然有了這樣的認識 我未來的孫女問我。

  • "Grammy, what were you doing when the world was burning?"


  • I looked at the context of climate change and I thought, "Alright, there's a lot of different solutions out here."


  • But the one that I was personally most drawn to was food.


  • Food is a major culprit for a lot of the devastation we're seeing to the environment today, and I knew that there was a way to create a food company that could potentially reverse climate change.

    食物是造成很多破壞的主要罪魁禍首我們今天看到的是對環境的影響。 我知道,有一種方法可以創建一個食品公司這有可能扭轉氣候變化。

  • Through a friend who was farming seaweed in Connecticut, Courtney learned about the economic and environmental benefits of growing kelp for food.

    - 通過一個朋友他在康涅狄格州從事海藻養殖。 考特尼瞭解到經濟和環境方面的問題。種植海帶作為食物的好處。

  • Unlike anything that you eat or drink today, kelp is a zero-input crop.

    - 不像你今天吃的或喝的任何東西。海帶是一種零投入的作物。

  • It doesn't require dry land, fresh water, fertilizer, or feed to grow abundantly.


  • And it's growing via photosynthesis, so it's sequestering carbon.


  • So, I thought, "Ding, ding, ding; this ticks every box in the type of company I wanna start."

    所以我想,"叮,叮,叮這符合每一個盒子的要求 在我想創辦的公司類型中。

  • But her enthusiasm and lack of experience meant a rough start.

    - 但她的熱情和缺乏經驗意味著一個艱難的開始。

  • I was so excited, and any person that walked through the door and said, "I wanna work on this with you,"

    - 我是如此興奮和任何走進門來的人說。 "我想和你一起解決這個問題。"

  • I said, "You can be a co-founder! You can be a co-founder! You can be a co-founder! You want some equity? Here's some equity; let's go."

    我說,"你可以成為聯合創始人!"。你可以成為聯合創始人! 你可以成為聯合創始人! 你想要一些股權嗎? 這裡有一些股權......我們走吧。"

  • Oh, my God, what a rookie mistake.


  • Two people have left the company before we even launched, and they left with, like, over 10% equity, which is a lot.

    有兩個人離開了公司在我們還沒有啟動之前。 而他們離開的時候,好像有超過10%的股權,這是一個很大的數字。

  • And it's really tough explaining to investors when you've made that kind of mistake.


  • Starting a company is really difficult.


  • I had no idea; in fact, if I had known, I probably wouldn't have run so quickly into it.


  • - Look at the seal! - Seal.


  • Oh, my gosh; hi!


  • Good morning!


  • In 2018, we launched a Kickstarter.


  • We raised a small funding round, and that allowed us to launch our first product, kelp jerky.


  • But if you're going to create a food product, make sure someone knows how to make it.


  • Our kelp jerky, no one knew how to make it.


  • We got kicked out of three co-packers in our first year.


  • AKUA was struggling, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

    - AKUA正在掙扎。然後COVID-19大流行病襲來。

  • We realized that kelp jerky probably wasn't gonna be that go-big-or-go-home type product that help scale our mission.

    - 我們意識到,海帶肉乾可能不會是那樣 不成功便成仁 這有助於擴大我們的任務。

  • We knew we needed to pivot towards this kelp burger, this symbol of the American food system.


  • But we had no money at this point.


  • Courtney's co-founder, Matt, had to develop the burger recipe out of his parent's rural Pennsylvania kitchen.

    - 考特尼的聯合創始人,馬特。不得不開發出漢堡的配方 從他父母的賓夕法尼亞州農村廚房出來。

  • They were forced to mail thousands of samples across the country to gather product feedback.


  • But their customers were willing to pay to try their new burger.


  • We definitely had tons of melted kelp burgers show up andor not show upso, it was a mess.

    - 我們肯定有大量的融化的海帶漢堡出現了,並且 或不出現,所以很混亂。

  • But those 22,000 kelp burgers brought us in over a 100,000 dollars in revenue.

    但是,這22,000個海帶漢堡包把我們帶入了超過 a 100,000美元的收入。

  • We realized we have to make food products that people know how to make because these manufacturers, they don't like to be innovative.

    我們意識到,我們必須製作食品人們知道如何製作。 因為這些製造商。他們不喜歡創新。

  • That's not in their business model.


  • Our kelp burger, on the other hand, is much easier to make.


  • The kelp burger will launch to the public with direct-to-consumer sales and placement in select New York restaurants.

    - 海帶漢堡將向公眾推出與直接面向消費者的銷售。 並在選定的紐約餐館進行投放。

  • Our sales team has a strategy called the Sinatra strategyif you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.

    - 我們的銷售團隊有一個策略叫做Sinatra策略,如果你能在紐約,你可以在任何地方做。

  • Our early customers are definitely living on either coast.


  • And I think we've got a lot of work to do to educate and familiarize the rest of the country around why it's so great to eat seaweed.


  • My hope for the future would be for every human being to ask questions about what they're eating.


  • Where did it come from?


  • How is it grown?


  • Was it grown in a way that serves both my health and the planet's health, too?


  • With AKUA, yes, we're creating food products; yes, we're working with farmers.


  • But we hope more than anything that our products can start to create these subtle mind shifts and that'll translate into other areas of their life, too.

    但我們更希望我們的產品可以開始創造 這些微妙的思想轉變,將轉化為 也進入他們生活的其他領域。

  • Mind shifts start in the mouth, and if we can move people's stomachs, we can move their minds.

    思想的轉變從口中開始。以及如果我們能夠移動人們的胃。 我們可以調動他們的思想。

Americans consume a lot of meat.

- 美國人消費了大量的肉類。

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