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  • Hey, it's Nilay here at Apple's far out event where the company just announced the new iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    嘿,我是 Nilay,目前人在蘋果的「Far Out」活動,該公司剛剛宣布推出新的 iPhone 14、iPhone 14 Plus、iPhone 14 Pro 和 iPhone 14 Pro Max。

  • I just had a chance to play with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    我剛剛有機會玩了一下 iPhone 14 Pro Max。

  • It looks beautiful.


  • It's obviously is amazing purple color.


  • The real standout feature is the Dynamic Island.


  • That's what Apple is calling the new cut out around the front camera.


  • The big trick here is the OLED display around this pill shape cutout can actually move and resize around the camera and the TrueDepth sensor.

    最引人注目的是這個「藥丸狀切口」周圍的 OLED 顯示器可以在相機和真實深度攝影系統周圍移動和調整大小。

  • So you kind of get a hybrid of notifications and live widgets right on the screen at all times.


  • You can see here I just started playing some music.


  • I swipe up, the music player goes straight into the Dynamic Island.


  • I can add a timer, the timer also goes in the Dynamic Island.


  • Now I can quickly jump into either of those apps or quickly control either of those apps directly from the island.


  • You can also do things like start a voice memo, see those controls right in the Dynamic Island.


  • Apple says third party apps will be able to use the Dynamic Island.


  • It'll also play nice with the new live activity widgets in iOS 16.

    它還會搭配 iOS 16 中的新即時動態功能。

  • So all kinds of things on your phone are gonna be updating dynamically way more often.


  • The iPhone 14 Pro also has a new camera system.

    iPhone 14 Pro 也推出新的相機系統。

  • The standout feature here is a 48 megapixel sensor on the main camera.

    最吸睛的特色是一個主攝像頭上 4800 萬像素的感光元件。

  • Like other big sensors around the industry, Apple is pixel binning this to collect more light.


  • You usually get a 12 megapixel photo out of the end, but in ProRAW you can shoot the entire 48 megapixel image.

    通常照片會是 1200 萬像素,但在 ProRAW 中,你可以拍攝整張 4800 萬像素的影像。

  • Apple says it can also crop this sensor to deliver a true 2x zoom at optical quality that's still 12 megapixels.

    蘋果表示它也可以裁切感光元件來提供兩倍光學變焦,但仍維持 1200 萬像素的標準。

  • And of course you've got the true 3x telephoto on the Pro, so three true zoom modes.

    當然,Pro 上還有三倍廣角,所以總共有三種變焦模式。

  • We're gonna have to check on that crop quality.


  • Apple is also applying its Deep Fusion technology earlier in the image pipeline now with something called the Photonic Engine.


  • It says it can deliver at least 2x better performance in low-light and most of the cameras 3x in the main camera.


  • Of course, that's hard to test here. It's lit beautifully.


  • We'll get that out in the real world and check it out.


  • The other big news on the Pro is the Always On Display.

    關於 Pro 的另一個特點是 Always On Display 功能。

  • Apple says it's using a bunch of technologies to accomplish this, including a new ultra-low 1 Hertz refresh rate, and even lower brightness with a new kind of OLED technology it's using.

    蘋果公司說它正在使用一堆技術來達成這一目標,包括一個全新的超低 1 赫茲螢幕刷新率,甚至使用一種新的 OLED 技術來達到更低的亮度。

  • You can just see your lock screen widgets here, hit the button, it brightens right up, you're awake.


  • Obviously, Android phones have had this feature forever, but it's nice to see it come to the iPhone.

    當然,安卓手機一直都有這個功能,不過還是很樂意看到它出現在 iPhone 上。

  • The other big feature on the display is it can do up to 1,600 nits peak brightness now, which matches the studio display.

    Always On Display 功能的另一大特點是它最高可以做到可達 1,600 尼特峰值亮度, 和蘋果的 Studio Display 相當。

  • With some videos it can go up to 2,000 nits of brightness, just frankly incredible for a phone.

    在一些影片中,它的亮度可以達到 2000 尼特,對於一部手機來說這簡直是不可思議。

  • The iPhone 14 Pro you've got the new A16 Bionic chip.

    iPhone 14 Pro 已經有了新的 A16 仿生芯片。

  • Apple says it's its first four nanometer chip ever, and of course its fastest chip ever.


  • It showed us some charts, unlabeled axis, charts look great.


  • Apple also says in some operations, there'll be up to 20% faster than the A15 Bionic in the outgoing Pro.

    蘋果還表示,在某些操作中,其速度將能比即將發佈的 Pro 中的 A15 仿生芯還快 20%。

  • Apple obviously says battery life is improved.


  • The stat it's quoting is 29 hours of video playback time.

    它發表的統計數據是 29 小時的影片播放時間。

  • So we'll have to get this out in the real world to test it out.


  • Connectivity wise, still a 5G phone.

    從連接性來看,仍然是一款 5G 手機。

  • Apple is doing away with SIM trays here in the United States. They're all eSIM now.

    美國版的蘋果取消了 SIM 卡槽,僅支援虛擬 SIM 卡。

  • That means you activate the phone on whatever provider right from the phone itself.


  • Providers have been locking these down, so we'll have to see how that works out in the real world.


  • Apple's also adding its new emergency SOS satellite system where you can hold the phone up to the sky and send text messages to emergency providers.

    蘋果公司還增加了新的緊急 SOS 衛星系統,你可以把電話舉向天空,並向緊急服務機構發送簡訊。

  • That's a complicated system we'll get into more on the site.


  • Video wise, the camera has some new modes.


  • It's got action mode, which is a hyper stabilized mode.


  • It actually uses that full sensor and overs scans, and then crops it down to stabilize the video.


  • You also can shoot in 4K 24 and 4K 30 in Cinematic Mode now.

    你也可以在電影模式下以 4K 24 和 4K 30 拍攝。

  • You can see here Cinematic Mode did not like all of these faces.


  • We'll have to test that out as well.


  • The iPhone 14 Pro starts at 999.

    iPhone 14 Pro 的價格為 999 美金起。

  • The 14 Pro Max starts at 1,099.

    14 Pro Max 的價格為 1099 美金起。

  • Both can be configured up to one terabyte of storage.

    兩者的容量都可以達到 1 TB。

  • Pre-orders start on September 9th.

    從 9 月 9 日開始預購。

  • They ship on September 16th.

    於 9 月 16 日出貨。

  • We'll be back soon with a full review.


  • Apple also announced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, which has a 6.7 inch screen.

    蘋果還發布了 iPhone 14 和 iPhone 14 Plus,iPhone 14 Plus 有一個 6.7 英寸的螢幕。

  • These have the same A15 Bionic chip as last year's Pro models.

    和去年的 Pro 模型一樣,這些都有相同的 A15 仿生芯片。

  • The screens can get up to 1,200 nits of peak brightness.

    螢幕的峰值亮度可以達到 1,200 尼特。

  • The iPhone 14s also have improved cameras.

    iPhone 14 系列的攝像頭也有改進。

  • The main camera is still a 12 megapixel sensor but it's got smaller 1.9 micron pixels, and an f/1.5 aperture lens.

    主攝像頭仍然是 1200 萬像素的感光元件,但它有更小的 1.9 微米像素,和一個 f/1.5 光圈的鏡頭。

  • Apple's also using its Protonic Engine tech it just introduced.


  • That puts that Deep Fusion Sweater mode earlier in the process, you get two times better low-light performance on most of the cameras, two and a half times better performance on the main camera.

    透過提早在影像處理中使用「深度融合」,在大多數相機上低光性能改善了 2 倍,主攝像頭的性能提高了 2.5 倍。

  • The front camera on the iPhone is really important.

    iPhone 的前置攝像頭真的很重要。

  • It's also been improved here.


  • It's now f/1.9 with auto-focus for the first time.

    首次採用 f/1.9 的自動對焦。

  • Apple says you get 38% better low-light performance.

    蘋果表示可以獲得優 38% 的低光性能。

  • Video also gets the new Action Mode, which uses the full sensor and is supposed to give you gimbal-like stabilization. We'll have to check that out.


  • And of course the iPhone 14s can now shoot in Dolby Vision HDR, which is very cool.

    當然,iPhone 14s 現在可以在 Dolby Vision HDR 中拍攝,這很酷。

  • The big feature of the iPhone 14 Plus though is the new satellite emergency SOS system where if you're out in the wilderness away from connectivity and something bad happens to you,

    然而,iPhone 14 Plus 的最大特點還是是新的衛星緊急呼救系統,假設你在沒有訊號的荒野中,發生了一些不好的事情,

  • you can hold your phone up to the sky, connect directly to a satellite, and send a text message to an emergency provider.


  • If that emergency provider doesn't accept text messages, Apple actually has relay stations where Apple staff will accept your text messages, call the emergency provider and pass messages back and forth.


  • That feature will be free with the new iPhone 14 for two years.


  • We have to see how much it'll cost after that.


  • The weirdest thing about this event is that almost every video had a car crash in it.


  • Apple's got a new feature on the phones and the watch where it can detect car crashes and alert emergency services and your emergency contacts.


  • iPhone 14 starts at 799.

    iPhone 14 的價格為 799 美金起。

  • The iPhone 14 Plus starts at 899.

    iPhone 14 Plus 的價格為 899 美金起。

  • You can order them on September 9th.

    你可以在 9 月 9 日開始訂購。

  • The smaller iPhone 14 you can get on September 16th.

    小支的 iPhone 14 可以在 9 月 16 日拿到。

  • The larger iPhone 14 Plus arrives on October 7th.

    大隻的 iPhone 14 Plus 將於 10 月 7 日抵達。

  • It's been three years since there was event in the Steve Jobs Theater, let alone an iPhone event, and it is nuts to be back here.

    蘋果已經有三年沒有在史蒂夫賈伯斯劇院辦過活動了,更不用說 iPhone 發佈會,能回到這裡感覺真是太讚了。

Hey, it's Nilay here at Apple's far out event where the company just announced the new iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

嘿,我是 Nilay,目前人在蘋果的「Far Out」活動,該公司剛剛宣布推出新的 iPhone 14、iPhone 14 Plus、iPhone 14 Pro 和 iPhone 14 Pro Max。

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